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  1. Is there anywhere that shows full league tables including points for/against the NCL and BBC don't seem to show it
  2. It's 8pm on Sat night and the NCL Website shows only 2 results from today and the table has yet to be updated what the hell is going on, oh and if your still unaware Siddal beat West Hull 40-2
  3. Suspected spinal injury and heavy concussion to one of the pilks players, colission going for a high ball, took nearly an hour for ambulance to arrive so referee abandoned match because of time constraints, pilks where leading 12-0 at the time 25 mins played
  4. Mayfields Sheridan must be in with a shout. If Shaun and Scott are nominated looking at the season stats I would be highly surprised if Lewis wasn't the other nominee
  5. Miners,is it fact or a rumour that Scott OBrien has retired from playing.According to NCL website he is only 29 As far as I can remember Scott was retiring after last year's final, and taking a coaching role, don't know what happened but could see the rumour being true
  6. Well its that time of year again so I know that Shaun Garrod has once again been nominated for premier does anyone know who the others are and who is your player of the season
  7. smile


    was always scheduled for this sat, only changed it when they found it clashed with England match, I have no interest in England match.
  8. smile

    Conference Challenge Trophy Final

    speak for yourself I have no respect for them
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    England lions

    Siddal in 2003 and 2004 were champions and didn't have a player picked for England, things have changed since then we now have 5 going to fiji this year
  10. With only 12 teams in the prem division is it time to go to a top 4 playoff (33% of the league) or stick with a top 6 playoff (50%) of the league had a few discussions about this this season both hold merits just looking for opinons, mine is change to 4
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    Ncl grand final

    why are we playing the Grand final on a Sunday, we play Saturday all season means lads have to book a day off work to celebrate
  12. smile

    Ncl grand final

    Its supposed to be on sat 22nd Oct, watch them move it to the Sunday when I can't make it
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    Two Dockers players sent off both for dissent yesterday, both yellow carded then wouldn't shut up so both changed to red
  14. Lastly his biggest mistake was taking no action to the Siddal player who spit at the Mayfield centre which resulted in the first mallee of the day and a yellow card for the Mayfield guy who took exception to his team mate being spat at. I belive Siddal had a player put in the sin bin as well, and you seem to have forgotten the deliberate attack on the knee while being stood in the tackle which actually started the melee when the player took exception to someone trying to end his career