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  1. Greece elected not to play in Euro B in 2021... the winner of which would be promoted to Euro A.... Serbia won and thus earned the right, the same right Spain et al all have previously earned.
  2. I'm reliably informed that you will be surprised.
  3. Not seen it and couldnt say if that was factual or not.
  4. Turkey Greece LIVE stream: youtu.be/n_baxByZLfg UK - 11:00. / Turkey & Greece - 13:00 Following is Turkey v Bulgaria Men at 1500 local time.
  5. Alex Walmsley, Brian Carney definitely. Andy Raleigh a good example of a student player moving on but was in an academy originally. Dozens of players have re engaged with the game at Uni and gone on to play pro. Its such a good breeding ground.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFL_President's_Cup This returns in 2022 following a hiatus for men due to Covid in 2020 and 2021 and there will be a three way women's comp between the Teacherd, Armed Forces and Students.
  7. Its a bilateral friendly. European Rugby League's competitions earlier in the month used Steedens.
  8. She was born in Auckland if memory serves correct from when I met her in tge past.
  9. One of them is Dewsbury according to website..... www.rlfowc2013.com
  10. Buy positively it will be an excellent, competitive tournament! GB, Aus and World Champs Fiji. Looking forward to it.
  11. The RFL Competition Trophies Up For Grabs This Year: World Club Challenge - Melbourne Blackpool 9s - Halifax Northern Rail Cup - Batley RLC Premier - St Albans RLC Regional - Northampton RLC National - Warrington Championship 1 - York Championship - Halifax Super League - Wigan / Saints Looks like a fairly even split.....
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