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  1. Cheers and don't worry we will fight to get him out .
  2. And my 8yr old disabled son has a season ticket. And this man thinks it's acceptable to mock disabled people . He will be getting an email requesting a refund .
  3. For those who see the light

    Over 700 now
  4. Help Save York City Knights

    The club last year asked supporters if they wanted to buy shares at £250 . Fans took up the offer yet no share certificates were sent out and therefore have effectively lost their money .
  5. Next Season

    City play Saturdays and we play Sundays so there won't be a problem surely with a ground share . Very very rare football play on a Sunday .
  6. RLWC 2013

    Are all the games on premier sports ? Got tickets for a couple of games but would be nice to watch lesser teams and some of the players we don't normally get to see .
  7. General manager

    Have we any clue as to who will replace Ian Wilson ?
  8. super Tickets

    I have already asked with no reply unc g !!
  9. well done knights 80 minute performance and thats what u get

  10. Hunslet on Sunday

    Rochdale v york off . It dont look good for many games today !!!