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  1. I think the moderator has now removed the posts. The offender had obviously never heard of Geoff Pryce and his family.
  2. Been reading the Racism & Rugby League Topic in the General forum and a certain contributer from a certain club states that York amongst 5 or 6 clubs have been historically against signing quote 'non-white' players! When asked for evidence he states 'living through the 70s 80s + 90s'! People cannot go around making statements like this without proof. Im seething.
  3. Yes the Yorkshire Gazette have a report Sat 25/3/1899 available on the British Newspaper Archive website.
  4. Not sure what the local paper was then. Yorkshire Gazette or maybe Herald?
  5. INL reached the 1st round in 1910 and as GB120 states York Groves United reached the 1st round again in 1911 getting a thumping away at Dewsbury. Two of York Groves Utd squad ended up signing for Leeds RLFC. Albert Dennis Leeds Rhinos Heritage #261. Then Leonard Leckenby #267 who had moved to York Leeman Wanderers then signed for Leeds. Sadly Len Leckenby was killed in action during The First World War and is buried in France. His name is on the war memorials outside Nestle and in Rowntrees Park as he had been working in the starch room at Rowntrees before enlisting although he had also worked as a butler.
  6. The info that have says that Groves gave up home advantage and played at Wigan.
  7. I will give you the year. 1899.
  8. As ive had loads of time busy doing nothing just lately Ive been geeking out on some social history, specifically local rugby league history and unearthed some gems of info. So im going to ask a question ' Which club where the first York amateur club to reach the Challenge Cup 1st Round Proper?'
  9. Thanks for writing this. Con and Rene were brilliant people and im glad to have known them. I remember some of Cons Welsh mates came to the Punch once in the 80s and we had a great crack with them.
  10. Boyny


    Still alive and kicking but very very bored. Not had a pint for 50 days ,never drank at home, always prefered the pub. Need a fix of live rugby badly.
  11. Boyny

    New stadium

    meanwhile...york city council pay off Chief Executive with a £400,000 goodbye kiss...
  12. Jeez i thought i saw it but convinced myself otherwise. Hope its ok after that fire.........
  13. Sonny Bill Williamson born 1912 died 1965. brilliant Blues harmonica player. Check him out on YouTube.
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