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  1. James Tilley

    Also gutted to see James Tilley leave. He was probably our most improved and consistent player last season. The broom sweeping our club is getting dirtier by the minute and does nothing but put Hornets in a very poor light.
  2. Bloomers

    You are missing the point entirely. Irrespective of their playing abilities the issue is the way they have been dealt with by the club!! It's disgraceful and certainly puts our beloved Rochdale Hornets in a terrible light within the rugby league family.
  3. Alternative Heroes of Hornets

    I would wholeheartedly agree with those two players but as I selected players who were NOT in The Heroes Team I obviously couldn't select them. There are more great players missing from my list such as Martin Hall Martin Strett Danny Sculthope Mick Baxter Andy Sullivan Dean Longeran Johnny Noon etc but in the end it's a personel choice
  4. Alternative Heroes of Hornets

    Here is my alternative team with out using any of the Heros team. 1. Kevin Harcombe 2. Henderson Gill 3. Matt Calland 4. Mark Nixon 5. Norman Brelsford 6. John Woods 7. Phil Bancroft 8. Bill Holliday 9. Phil McKenzie 10. Neil Cowie 11. Terry Fogarty 12. Bill Sheffield 13. Tony Halmshaw Coach Kel Coslett. All Subjective
  5. Challenge cup

    Does anyone know any details regarding our challenged cup tie with Mayfield? Will the game be at Mayfield or will they consider switching the game to Spotland. Also will it be played on the Saturday or the Sunday & at what time? It would be helpful to know match details ASAP both from a spectators point of view & to publicise the fixture in the rugby league and local press. It is an ideal situation to fly the rugby league flag in Rochdale. Let's no miss this golden opportunity!!
  6. Dual Registration

    If that's true it's no surprise really considering Alan Kilshaws connections there. Would still like to see Hornets go it alone this season
  7. Dual Registration

    Just read on Twitter that St Helens are not continuing with Dual Registration next season. Can anyone confirm this please. If this is correct should we find another partner, or go it alone? From my personal view going it alone would be the preferred option.
  8. 2016 Squad.

    Looks a good squad. Anyone any news on Danny Bridge re- signing? He was immense for us last year.
  9. Jono smith

    Thanks Mick. Just wanted clarification from the original poster. I wonder where he got the 8 match ban information from?
  10. Jono smith

    Hi Rossco123 Just a point of interest. It's the first time an eight match ban has been mentioned. Could you please post details about this. An excellent signing for Hornets. Always a handful when playing against us, and happy he's now one of us!!!!
  11. Who next?

    It has to be Matt for me as well. Proven coach as this level and his teams play fast open attractive rugby. My only hope is that Saints don't have to much of an input into this appointment. After all we are Rochdale Hornets not Rochdale Saints!!! We need the board to be strong and pick the best man for the job irrespective of any outside possible influence. Now is the time to move on and look to promotion back to the Championshi in 2016.
  12. Tol

    Many thanks to Ian for his hard work and especially our promotion. But now we need to move on. My hope is that the board take their time to elect the right man. The right man being someone with experience of this division and the ability to get Hornets promoted, playing attractive open free flowing rugby. And please let us not be too influenced by St Helens and make the appointment independently of them. After all we are Rochdale Hornets and need to stand on our own two feet in my opinion. Here's hoping for a successful 2016.
  13. Confused

    The reason why we're playing on Saturday is the Hornets players asked for it so they could have Sundays with their families. At last confirmation that the tail is wagging the dog!!! I was always under the impression that supporters who buy season tickets join lotteries become members and sponsor players where the ones who mattered. Apparently at Hornets this is not the case. To be honest Saturdays are a no no for me personally but I find it insulting to the other clubs striving to make the playoffs that Hornets have decided to play a day earlier. In my view all games at this crucial stage should be played on the same day. We do our club no favours by being out of step!!
  14. Interesting results

    Regarding reaching the playoffs it's a simple equation. Win all of our remaining matches and we qualify for them. We can do it!!! Come on you 'Nets Onward Hornets Onward
  15. London Skolars date changed.

    I also expect to miss the odd game but not because of changes to dates and days which are beyond my control after I have purchased a ticket!! All I ask is that the board don't make changes halfway through the season. As I said before because of my commitments on Saturdays I can't attend and to miss 5 games from 11 at home makes the season ticket a very unattractive proposition.