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  1. The club has no money no chance of our better players staying
  2. Sincere condolences to all associated with Batley RLFC and in particular Archie's family and friends. I am sure I speak for all Hornets fans.
  3. Thunder and lightning Result stands
  4. Match abandoned at 46-0. 8 minutes left. Replay next Saturday?!!!!!!!
  5. There were one or two members at the last AGM who were less than impressed with Mr Pratt, for the life of me ,I can't understand why?.Like you I think he has done a fantastic job getting the ex players on board. The turnout on Sunday was brilliant.
  6. There has been a past players association for 20 years plus and many of them have attended Hornets games throughout that period whoever the coach was.
  7. Spoilsport....... It was great to see our legends of the past, sadly one or two not in the best of health, Tony Pratt deserves enormous credit for his role in the Past Players association, at the moment we only have nostalgia to cheer us up. Well done Tony.
  8. For good by the looks of it.
  9. Unbelievable, letting him go and to of all clubs Oldham, really rated Declan, he has a further year on his contract, I'm afraid it's a bit of a shambles at Hornets, who makes these bloody decisions?
  10. Toronto Wolfpack's future league games for this season will no longer be on Sky..I suppose that saves us watching another humiliation, on 17th August.
  11. Got my doubts that we will even have a side next season, unless there is some substantial investment in the club.
  12. Defence was quite awful, for the first time having a few doubts about Matt's tactics.
  13. Rochdale FC match against Bradford abandoned at halftime today, pitch unfit. Dewsbury fans check before travelling, don't want a repeat of the York fiasco.
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