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  1. Carried the post pads but won't stay on to help us in the play offs?
  2. The news about Sheridan, the indiscipline and Penky jumping ship ( surely he could have retired after the play offs) just about scuppers any chance of promotion, we really do shoot ourselves in the foot time after time.
  3. Gary Thornton is an excellent coach with honours in Rugby League, let's see what he can do first.
  4. Absolutely ridiculous the loan system, I dont know how many of our players will be suspended for the forthcoming games, but to allow clubs ( not only Hornets ) to just go and get loans to make the numbers up, is making a mockery of the system.
  5. Discipline a disgrace, we knew Swinton would wind us ip and we fell for it hook, line and sinker.
  6. When you look into the statement from the football club, we simply didn't dot the I's and cross the T's regarding the Fiji match.
  7. Other issues you can argue about, but England v Fiji failure, from the perspective of the football club statement looks down to Hornets.
  8. To be fair the Football Club has stated that no agreement regarding costs was ever set out last year for the original fixture, so no comparison can be made on the current costs, surely that is something Hornets should have agreed on 12 months ago.
  9. Well thank God for that, why didn't they tell us in the first place instead of causing speculation and animosity between fans. It was apparent all along with the tactics they were using, that was what the football club were after. Time to start looking for a new ground. Sad really.
  10. Wow.... then it's back in Hornets court to tell us what the agreed fee was last year and what the football club are asking now. That will at least allow the spectators of both clubs to make their own judgement as to whether or not the increase was reasonable or not.
  11. I am purely guessing here, if the football club put out a statement it will be to the effect that " due to the possibility of litigation we were unable to negotiate with the Rugby club on this issue" As I say just a guess. If it does turn out to be a constructed campaign against Hornets, then no doubt the football club's sponsors may like to consider their position. One of Hornets strengths is that they have a very strong sponsorship team, it has to be to cover running 4 teams.
  12. I have no wish to see them relegated at all. I just want to know, why couldn't the football club add on say 10-15% on from the original cost of last season to compensate rising costs. Forget the ongoing match to match dispute with Hornets this was a prestige event for the Town of Rochdale. I would hope that the football club puts out a statement of it's own on the matter. As with the other issues we have only heard one side of the story.
  13. Rivalries apart this is a massive Own Goal, my only question to both the football club and Rochdale Hornets is what has changed from 12 months ago?. The match was postponed late on so I would presume all the costs, staffing etc had been sorted out between the 2 clubs. Sposorship was sold out there would be considerable takings at the bars The Fiji community in Rochdale will be devastated. The fact that it's being played at Salford is some compensation but what a poor indictment of our towns sport.
  14. I'm pretty sure the former Rochdale Chairman who negotiated the original lease, would not have expected things to turn as sour as they have. Let's face it, there have been a lot of fiery characters on both boards over the past 30 odd years of sharing Spotland, but always managed to sort matters out. We just have to accept that the current regime at the football club is not inclined that way.
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