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  1. Will tell you when we've signed them.
  2. Bloody hell hope he doesn't upset 100% Hornets, they gave our last chairman enormous grief
  3. If it was the official supporters club I would, they do a superb job, it was the arrogant way they changed the club colours that got up my nose, it was a massive own goal on their part attracting ridicule. They could have carried out any protest without making fools of themselves and losing sympathy from other supporters, that wouldn't have happened if they had been affiliated to the parent club, I have no problem at all with their enthusiasm or fund raising commitment. So if it happens under the new regime I will gladly join.
  4. It dates back to 1920s was originally to benefit local Hospital charities, played continuously throughout the 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s then has become a bit ad-hoc since.
  5. Why not become the official Rochdale Hornets supporters club?
  6. You are right of course, I just hope the new board gets better support than some of them gave the old board.
  7. I don't think it's unreasonable to talk about a new board and even someone as blinkered as yourself must see the irony. Had the protest not been so vehement then the current board may well have had the support of all 4 of the old board who recently resigned and that would have brought much needed stability and expertise and a 9 person board Just a final observation, why don't 100%Hornets affiliate themselves as the official Hornets supporters club, instead of presenting themselves as some independent group, they are hardly independent when they have members on the current board.
  8. So after all the fallout and protest after the previous AGM opted for a 6 person board instead of 9. All the various postings, protest against directors, changing club colours...yes you've guessed it......Hornets have appointed a 6 person board with at least two of the prominent protesters elected...you really couldn't make it up.
  9. Don't know why they are bothering, just nip in the Flying Horse and pick the board in there
  10. Thanks for that Baron, the Lad probably thought I was trying to link TLCRF80mins somehow to some protest group?
  11. I said ," maybe"..the word also appears in the Oxford English dictionary and is quite clearly defined on Wikipedia. Gareth Walker's observations in my opinion sum up well the issues that have gone on at our club and he has no axe to grind with anyone.
  12. Gareth, I championed on this forum many times , that the protest group should have taken on board your offer to mediate, to move the AGM fiasco forward, nothing from the group as far as I know was ever forthcoming, which to be quite honest didn't surprise me, one word sums up their position now, on seeing the collapse of the current board ," Schadenfreude" now I wonder where I got that word from?...a speciality of TLCRF80mins maybe?
  13. What else would you call the past season.....a bloody success!!!!!!!
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