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  1. Really disappointing performance, this game was to define how well we have progressed from last season's debacle. Alas we have fallen short, we can only hope we recover and give a performance at Workington next week.
  2. Larry as far as I know the heritage room is still at Spotland, the club used to show sponsors around, pre match, articles and artifacts were on a special site on the club's website, as I say perhaps the current chief executive could tell us the reasons those activities have ceased, I am presuming and I go back to my original post, that there little interest.
  3. My point is the club used to, but no longer does. Ask them for the reason the heritage site has gone.
  4. Sadly no.one is really interested in the past. you would have thought a group like those excellent fundraisers 100% Hornets might support that event, but talking to some one who attends every year, apparently they don't, which is very sad. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
  5. London Highfield, Streatham and Mitcham, Acton and Willesden in the 1930s failed as have many other Southern teams.
  6. Totally agree, the history of clubs and the memories of fans, were always in the programme, it's an absolute disgrace that the majority of clubs are ignoring fans wishes.
  7. Looks like we will get further than Man. City next season
  8. You could put money on Spotland being unfit ñext Sunday and the Coventry ground being like a bowling green.
  9. When you enter the club website and bring fixtures up, it shows postponed against the Coventry game, anyone know what is going on?
  10. Will tell you when we've signed them.?
  11. Bloody hell hope he doesn't upset 100% Hornets, they gave our last chairman enormous grief??
  12. If it was the official supporters club I would, they do a superb job, it was the arrogant way they changed the club colours that got up my nose, it was a massive own goal on their part attracting ridicule. They could have carried out any protest without making fools of themselves and losing sympathy from other supporters, that wouldn't have happened if they had been affiliated to the parent club, I have no problem at all with their enthusiasm or fund raising commitment. So if it happens under the new regime I will gladly join.
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