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  2. Mel Mason

    Ann is my cousin and was Mel's 1st wife.
  3. Mel Mason

    Mel now lives in London.
  4. snowy memories

    I remember well the Saints game when they delayed coming out in the 2nd half. We were calling the Saints, cowards etc. and when they finally came out expected them to want to play tig and pass and just get through the game. How wrong we were. Although nothing to do with snow I also remember another home game, I think against Bramley. Aftera few minutes and the score 0-0 fog could be seen floating in from the railway and descended on the stadium completely obscuring play for about 10 mins. I was stood on the terracing on the 10 yard line at the PO road end with Rovers playing towards the railway end and we could just about see the 25 yard line. When the fog lifted we were 4-0 up, 2 penalty goals I think. We knew we had scored twice when we same a couple of the Rovers players lining up for a kick off. After about 10 mins it drifted away, not completely, that's how I remember it but do not remember the final score. Must have been in the late 60's early 70's.
  5. Family Stand

    Cheers Gaz
  6. Family Stand

    Just had a walk down to the cricket field and round the back of the Rovers ground. I noticed a window in the back of the family stand and I cannot remember it being there before. Is it new or is age catching up with me. Either way what is the room there used for?