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  1. i know where they're gonna put it, i've seen the trailer
  2. Hi Andrew, still plodding on, not hit the buffers yet, hope you and yours are well, and coping with all this garbage covid is throwing at us. i remember that day well. when everyone changed ends, i think there were only 2 of us at POR end. could hardly see a thing
  3. i'm sure i remember Joe Mullaney kicking a drop goal from about 20 metres out. worth 2 points in those days in the 59 game that is
  4. no mate, thanks anyway
  5. many years ago i posted a couple of poems on here. watch with mother at the jungle, and getting old, i don't suppose anybody saved them did they
  6. if you scrap promotion, where's the incentive for chairmen to put money into championship clubs, where's the incentive for fans, we've been through licencing once, i dont think we could stand it again.
  7. i think when Alan Marchant went to Fax, Colin Clift came the other way
  8. he's a top man and has my total respect
  9. have a great ime and all the best for 2020. all rovers aren't we
  10. steve gill's right, but out of last seasons u19s, how many did cas sign on, one. teams aren't prepared to take a chance on these kids now, hence tonks and baldwinson being allowed to leave leeds. i'm glad that john bastian is picking some of these lads up and putting the necessary work into them, cos when we no longer produce our own,it's gonna be cheap imports.
  11. i think this thread has now reached the stage of people wanting the last word. (i don't expect this to be the last word btw)
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