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  1. very good at Leigh. good boot on him too
  2. thank you Andrew, glad you're keeping well, and pleased for the lad. i'm sure you will support him whatever he chooses to do. you're a good man
  3. Hi Andrew, thanks for the concern. don't want to go into detail, but having one of the worst years of my life. you are right, i'm really proud of Ben, but not seen him play for Rovers yet. hope you are keeping well
  4. this is rugby league, not rugby union. btw, we don't have rules, we have laws, or so i'm told.
  5. having watched the game on dvd, making the young lad on the wing a scapegoat is not on. right from the start the big difference was attitude. they had great line speed, aggressive tackling and played at a much faster pace. plus they had a game plan, we seemed to be making it up as we went along. turning the ball over early in the tackle count, falling off tackles. twice i saw one of our most experienced players turn his back on the ptb to run back to the defensive line and got caught napping. they put pressure on our kickers to good effect, we gave Finn and Sykes all day on the ball. and it seems we have no leader on the pitch. hoping for better things in future. Dewsbury gave us a few lessons, let's learn from them.
  6. i am told it's called a ninja tackle and is frowned upon, and Jack was always gonna get a ban for it
  7. that's true. also, not everyone goes to the match in a car.
  8. they had this ban at the lsv last season, and on the occasions that i went, i did what gingdong suggests. i had coffee and a sandwich sat in the car, bought a bovril at half time, and had a coffee back in the car while the traffic cleared
  9. you seem quite knowledgeable about the amateur game. have you played it by any chance.
  10. have you not seen the papers lately. Huddersfield voted worst place to live in UK.
  11. i just hate them for conceiving them
  12. sweaty lad, Leigh are the last club to lecture anyone, after their off season shenanagins
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