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  1. steve gill's right, but out of last seasons u19s, how many did cas sign on, one. teams aren't prepared to take a chance on these kids now, hence tonks and baldwinson being allowed to leave leeds. i'm glad that john bastian is picking some of these lads up and putting the necessary work into them, cos when we no longer produce our own,it's gonna be cheap imports.
  2. i think this thread has now reached the stage of people wanting the last word. (i don't expect this to be the last word btw)
  3. have you tried telling people how the present structure works. top division , team that finishes top at end of league campaign are not champions. middle division. team that finishes top not promoted, teams in middle and bottom divisions play for bonus points, top division does not. bottom division automatic promotion and playoffs. etc etc etc. straightforward eh.
  4. i know fev won, but can't remember the score
  5. the match was fev v widnes and the coaach was one of the hulme boys, david i think
  6. i have one or two scrumdown games involving Fev. i have been posting them on the Fev facebook group. fev v oldham, dewsbury ,hkr, halifax.
  7. is "regressive step" your opinion or a fact. you seem to have presented it as the latter.
  8. the difference being, they have now had chance to compare the two, and seem to be leaning towards p&r. hey ho.
  9. if the pro and semi pro game disappeared tomorrow, i could still find excitement and passion watching fev lions. i will be watching cas 19s v london this afternoon and i am sure iwill see some good exciting rugby, and whilst i am watching it, i won't give a thought to beating the aussies.
  10. do you ever leave your keyboard and actually watch a game of rugby league. what do want from a game of rugby league if not excitement.. that is what the game is about, not all this debating/arguing over statistics and dodgy forecasts about clubs or the games demise.. passion and excitement are exactly what we want, not the sterile rubbish that's being served up at present
  11. how long do we have to wait? i'm getting quite old now.. come to think of it, i don't have time waste on you, carry on.
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