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  1. Haliclowns

    We did blow them away in the second half and at 22-4 the game was won, but we continued to play the same way because we (me included) expected to build on that score. and we almost did. Maybe that's the lesson in these critical games, secure the result first by a drop goal or two then re-open the play.
  2. Haliclowns

    Given the timing of the fire, just as Fev were getting on top of the game, it would have been hard not to believe that the fire was started deliberately in an attempt to disrupt the game. In the event I don't think it made any difference to the result but the intent seemed to be there and the incident should still be dealt with taking that into account.
  3. What was the final Score?

  4. Today

    Good performance today. Strong on defence, especially wide out which has been our weakness over the last couple of seasons. And encouraging options for directing play with Kain/Finn/Lee. On another matter, can anyone explain whether we are still applying the "forward pass" rule in open play or not. Based on recent games and the number of forward passes ignored I'd assumed not, but bizzarely Rovers were pulled up for one such offence mid-way through today's second half. Anyone got any clues as to what rules we are applying ?