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  1. Well i went to the game Dont think much to add - it was a game we was expected to win comfortably and so it proved. Blew them away in the first 20 mins, admittidly lost our shape a bit and Oldham scored a good try before HT but then Ferguson skittled the Oldham defence on the first play of second half which we scored from then saw the game out comfortably - certainly dont remember Oldham having any glorious chances in the second half Think we got away with having no serious knocks, injuries etc & some key blokes who didnt play were rested up All in all dont think Webster will be complaining too much - a satisfactory day had by all Next week VS fax should be a cracker!
  2. Surely cant be covid related based on the tom holmes player cam footage feature for the dews game as he was on that
  3. If you are rotating the halves holmes been off, Chizzy off surely its Nu’s turn for a week off?
  4. Yes agree sorry when i put “hope so” - i was responding to the question has it died a death
  5. Thats good then because they tap it at the min
  6. If we are going to be pedantic - he hasnt been at the club a couple of weeks his signing was announced 9/8 which was 9 days ago As nothing said I would therefore say then that there is no change to his situation / injury so that will do as an update in my eyes
  7. Since club said he was “weeks away” from getting over injury & gaining fitness & its only been a week or so since his signing was announced im guessing there is no change to his situation so no reason for an update
  8. Who cares? its been over a week now that games gone - now onto rest of season
  9. Thought we was average all game - did enough to win and didnt look in too much danger in the second half going downhill but nothing to write home about Thought Kris Welham was running like cemented in concrete at times in that 1st half
  10. Really missed chizzy today - missed his maverick style of play at times - a deft step for example to create something - Holmes was sadly way off the pace today and put out some garbage ball Thought the last few weeks finally caught up with us at times, we seemed so pedestrian and they were miles quicker than us especially around the ruck Thought we kept ford, gigot and keirellah fairly subdued all game but let their monster back row have a field day oh well, ive always like the new propsal of a 14 team SL anyway……
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