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  1. Thought we were poor but did enough. Bradford at times looked a lot more expansive with their play and dare i say it they looked fitter than us. We seemed happy to plough it up the middle But this time of the year its just about getting the result and that is what we got Suprised by the quality of the game, the way the pitch held up & the amount of points scored was expecting a 10-6 mudbath so hats off to both teams
  2. Thank god. Good luck to him Gaz Gale Now hopefully gets his chance now of holding down that wing spot something he deserved over Briscoe in the first place
  3. 1. No one as games off 2. Weather For causing game to be off 3. Keegan Hirst
  4. Miserable - be suprised if its on especially if theyre doing the inspection at midday When the storm its at it worst But Fev need the game to go ahead or its an extra week ban for chizzy But if it is on numerous supporters might choose to stay at home and watch on the app something i admit I am debating at the min
  5. It was said on rovers tv during commentry for the game he could not appeal - i assume this is due to his disciplinary record
  6. Twitter handle changed from @FevRovers to @FevRoversRLFC
  7. Didnt look good at first viewing did not expect to see him get a 3 game ban though but there was a few “iffy” lifts and tackles he got away with last season As said hope the club appeal but as also said Mclleland should slot straight in there
  8. Posted this on fev fans facebook page as most of supporters are on that page than on TRL There has been a reply from the supporters bus organiser he says between 11:45 - 12 he does not know exact numbers but says to get some extra staff on!
  9. Great record at Batley not lost in the league there in years looking on their forum its a lot of gloom and doom - only the weather can hold us back making an immediate statement for me - id be extremely suprised to see us not come away with a win
  10. Nothing for me between the two teams - a very decent game and workout but i think Webster will be more happier than Smith Thought our forwards were miles better than theirs - Albert and Susino made some great yards and Parata had a field day at 9 but we really need a 9 that can carry on the good work hes done when hes off the field - we are just getting by at the min and it showing in the go forward - we are 50m from the tryline compared to 10/20m and threatening when Paratas on Hull KR were not in the game till they scored off a chizzy intercept - I will be amazed if they avoid relegation and wouldnt be suprised to see them swap places with us
  11. As i said a few days ago complete waste of time shouldve sacked this game off would rather have seen us play coventry or a team like that and given them our time and effort
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