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  1. Only turned up like Murrell does every week
  2. No but they will be midweek games till the semi final stage
  3. Thats because bradford play London on the sunday at Dews
  4. Batley A Fax H Bradford A London A Swinton H York A Leigh H Sheff H Easter game Toulouse A Weds night 7.30 KO??? Dews H Widnes A Oldham H Haven H Batley A Bradford N Bash game Fax A Haven H York H Oldham A Widnes H Sheff A Leigh A Bradford H London H Swinton A Dews A Toulouse H
  5. The squad was inbalanced (1 centre picked, 6 halves picked) & Because we have currently an australian coach/dinosaur trying to mould us and turn us into the australian model and the players we have it doesnt suit The halves have barely made a yard forward The halves used for GB were some of biggest metre gainers in SL yet they have barely ran for GB All Bennett had to do was let them off the leash, let them be free and play their natural game and there would be more positives A younger approach is needed for me going forward id let watson and ward have a go all theyve done is put the cones out on this tour their opinions have clearly been ignored
  6. Dale Ferguson returns 2yr deal Mentioned this was possibility a few days ago we know what he can do from the loan he had last year lets hope for more of the same
  7. They arent breaking the salary cap & its not 150k a week Wish people would read up on it before posting uneducated ###### like above
  8. Who cares?? Last season is gone now - what is the point in digging up the past?? If he went on holiday so be it - he might have pre booked something, attending a wedding etc especially if he knew the Leeds season wasnt extending beyond the regular rounds But really why does it matter?
  9. They would be better reducing the amount of points for a pen as well
  10. Dale Ferguson in for a meeting today but Leigh are in as well
  11. Doesnt matter which sport but its typical England - play like champs previous game, get the country interested then play like chumps when it matters
  12. Leeds already got shut - his contract wasnt renewed His record amongst the players wives is good yes
  13. We are close to signing Brett Ferres apparently
  14. That statement only confirms he wont more than likely be the assistant coach It doesnt deny any interest & there are probably other coaching roles probably available at the club - Think Webster will want be bring a couple of familiar faces to him despite saying he doesnt want to change much Nothing can be ruled out yet for me
  15. Not that i would not have him in the team but having two off the cuff maverick type players at 6 and 7? Dont see who would be the organiser out of the two of them But if it does happen i think the hookers are sorted for next season because you would probably stick joufrett in there interchanging with Parata which would also confirm kingys departure for me
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