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  1. Rochdale up next though - they may take the award Hopefully we are known in plenty of time which end we have been segregated to
  2. Its ok Riddy will give him a lift home Did not know riddy and the ref were related Bet it felt great given that interception try knowing your relation threw it
  3. Suprised one of Leigh supporters buses is not giving Mikalauskas a lift home tonight, My god he tried for them today Think only being a couple of points behind at HT won us the game, their props were shot trying to play up the hill & riddy is always known for throwin an intercept - he did it enough times for us Plus we eventually worked out their only play near the line - woods with a short crash ball to Paterson, once we became wise to that they looked a bit devoid of another play Day walters and Golding were immense today
  4. The joke is not lost on me but when you are using .com which is a predominantly a US domain and you are looking for info on australia which use .au you wasnt helping yourself
  5. Dont worry - Look at Yorks run in fixtures compared to ours for example That is the worst run in known to man We will be fine
  6. Thought last week was proof but this I think makes its plainly obvious maskill is not rated by carr at all
  7. I know hes not employed by a champ club at the minute but Richard Marshall has dropped on at Saints to be fair probably more so than Carr and he is a championship coach
  8. Leigh team possibly not how we suspect it will lineup Mcnally injured, i dont think ridyard and brierley have played 6 and 7 with each other much this season that woods plays 7 so you would say ridyard to 1 If mcnally plays cant see how you can get all those 4 in the starting 13 in posistions theyve played naturally before
  9. As expected - Ripping it up against West Wales Raiders and Coventry
  10. Teteh or maskill didnt play - ill get to that Never a 24-18 game gifted them their 12 pts in second half with a 10 min snooze they looked devoid of ideas for 70 mins of that game definately missing some organisation from murrell Anyway theyve gone now and out of the equation for top 5 for me the subs very baffling today as with most of the season - King hopping around on one leg for most of second half but chooses not to bring on maskill even for a cameo - same with teteh We wont get away with this poor subbing next week Thought Makatoa was massive for us today and Carey....till he had a brainfart for tyrers second try Nonetheless only 1 defeat in 11 seasons at fax
  11. Fantastic news! The video on facebook is worth a watch A key position locked down for a number of years, always said the right things in interviews, always came across well, Clearly loving his time, long may it continue
  12. Quite frankly the attutude was disgusting Some of the players believed the hype and thought they had to turn up and it was job done Instead they came up against a team with little pressure on them who chanced their arm and threw it about a bit and we got what we deserved I was expecting to see a big following next week vs Fax but people might think twice after that shower today
  13. Wont be pumping teams every week but what a defensive effort Thought they were the better team second half but much like the first half were a bit devoid of ideas near the line Great defensive effort Golding a great choice for MoM Think Gelling fell out of Sutcliffes back pocket when he took his shorts of in changing rooms - the last try summed up his efforts today Onwards and upwards for Barrow - could be second this time next week with a bit of luck
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