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    In these games referees are told who are to be the winners and today it was demonstrated clearly that the Superleague team have to be seen to hold on to their SL status. The middle eights are a complete waste of time when the eventual outcome is determined by the man in the middle who is doing what he has been told he must do. Very very blatant disregard for impartiality.
  2. Mick Thornton

    M.O.M Rovers V Hull KR

    John Davis must have made more tackles in this game than all the rest of the team put together. He was head and shoulders above anyone else. An outstanding exhibition of defending. 1. John Davis. 2. Misi Taulapapa. 3. Jordan Baldwinson.
  3. Mick Thornton

    Batley match

    The instructions from the coaching staff were quite clear about the 2 kickable penalties with the guy coming on with the kicking tee. Whoever it was that defied those instructions not once but twice should fully take responsibility for costing the club £50,000. Some dumb decisions made out there today.
  4. Mick Thornton


    When the referee ignores constant offside from both sides all through the game and then straight after Featherstone had fought back to be in a winning position with just two minutes left blew up after aprox, twenty seconds with Taluapapa streaking for the line after a one on one ball steal to hand Halifax victory with a penalty under the posts is very questionable. It seems that a pre determined outcome was taken after Lilley had dropped the field goal that put Rovers in front. Too many games are being decided by Referees instead of the skill levels of both teams and ultimately could cause people to lose their jobs. If the coach complains about the Refs, performance then the RFL close ranks and fine the offending coach. It is not too much to ask for impartiality with the odd genuine mistake that the official makes. Shame on you Mr. Kendall
  5. Mick Thornton

    R.I.P John Lycett

    I am sad to hear of John's passing. He was Rovers through and through and his enthusiasm was there for all to see over the years. I have had many conversations from time to time with him and realised from the first time he was very knowledgeable and witty. He was a pleasure to know. Number one supporter of all time. R.I.P
  6. My concern is that we have played three games and only scored points in 1 Second half against Cas, 2 second half against the Lions and 3 First half against Wakefield. The intensity is there but we need to start with it and carry it on for the full 80 minutes. I am pretty sure that this will be on Jons. "Things to correct" list. All in all I am quite optimistic for the season ahead.
  7. Mick Thornton

    Joe Mullaney RIP

    A fantastic turnout this morning of what I would estimate in the region of 300 people with many stars of RL present along with family and friends at Joes funeral. As we were coming out a very emotional lady asked me if she could put her Rovers scarf on the coffin as Joe was her all time idol. I was a lovely gesture and a very poignant moment. The word legend is used too lightly in describing peoples attributes but in the description of Joe he was a true legend of the game. Thanks for the memories Joe.
  8. Mick Thornton

    Lizzie Jones

    To hear Lizzie sing "Danny Boy" last night at the SPOTY awards was very moving. It was earlier this year at the Championship dinner awards that I suggested to the Keighley Chairman that a recording of this song would be a great addition to "The Danny Jones Memorial Fund. I would urge as many RL fans from all clubs to buy this recording. Thank you. Michael Thornton (Director at Featherstone Rovers )
  9. Mick Thornton

    Rovers v London at Widnes Sunday 4th October.

    There is some misconception regarding the prize money for winning this game. We were only ever going to get £15,000 in total. £5,000 for reaching the semis, £5,000 for reaching the final and £5,000 if we win the final. And also we do not get any share of the gate receipts.
  10. Mick Thornton

    Kingstone Press Championship: Dewsbury 12 Batley 16

    Does Coolie reclaim the "Grand Tools of the week trophy" which he awarded to Fev yesterday. See you at the "Big Fellas" for the play offs
  11. Mick Thornton

    bradford game

    Why don't you go on the "Nut Bus" instead of running it to Bradford Maureen. Do you think you need the excersise.
  12. Mick Thornton

    Past player

    I went to Gordon Street school at the same time as Colin Bates (his nickname was Blobber.) He played at stand off for the school and the only match I remember him playing in the first team at Rovers was at stand off and he scored a try in a big win for Rovers. Vic Rawes went to South Featherstone school and was a winger. He received a very hefty signing on fee (£1000) but never reached his potential. In the same South Fev school team at that time was Eric Broom who signed for Hull at 16.
  13. Mick Thornton

    Carl Dooler

    It is with great sadness that I wish to inform the forum members and guests that my old mate and Featherstone great Carl Dooler passed away this evening. Since Carl remarried he has lived at Newcastle on Tyne. My thoughts and prayers go to his wife Val and all his family Mick Thornton