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  1. Mark Campbell not pulling any punches on the Toulouse fiasco, and quite right too: https://www.totalrl.com/featherstone-chairman-mark-campbell-furious-over-midweek-toulouse-trip/
  2. Yep, can't see many Fev fans staying to watch Sonny Bill knowing that at Lamport last month he was just 25 minutes away from signing for us instead of Toronto
  3. Ask him what the difference is between how much he wants and how much SL clubs have offered him so far?
  4. A lot of people have complained loudly about Toulouse and London not playing at the Summer Bash. For me that wasn't an issue, they don't really gain anything from being absent, they're just playing in their own mini-Bash and frankly I'm happy they have been matched together as it means one of the likely top 5 challengers will lose a game. However one piece of news that has attracted virtually no publicity is that London won't be entering the 1895 Cup. Toulouse also presumably won't be doing so again as they are not full members of the RFL. This is much more significant to me as if we enter this competition we could potentially end up playing four more matches than two of our most serious rivals, and they will be midweek matches. That's a definite disadvantage in terms of the League campaign. I think a while ago someone from the club made comments about wanting to make a serious run at the 1895 Cup this year. I can see the upside for this for the players and fans to potentially have a visit to Wembley, and clearly it's a competition we have a strong chance of winning with Toulouse and London not entering. But those extra games, and extra possibility for injuries, might take their toll, and a potential Wembley trip could easily prove a distraction (I don't think either Widnes or Sheffield played especially well after they had reached Wembley). I don't think there's much of a financial reward either. Last year we kind of compromised and rested six of our best players and lost in the first round. We would again probably be able to use plenty of Leeds' DR lads in this competition (whereas we might not be able to in the Challenge Cup). It's a valid question for me...is a trip to Wembley worth possibly jeopardising our play-off/Super League prospects, in a year where reaching SL is probably more of a possibility for us (with Toronto out of the way) than any time in recent history?
  5. League Express running a headline saying "King Set To Leave Rovers", saying that a return to the LD Nutrition Stadium is "at this stage, unlikely". Says he had interest from at least 2 SL clubs at end of last season but was unable to finalise a deal. Sounds like he was asking for money that even SL teams weren't able to match so hardly surprising if we have moved on.
  6. Players (especially part-time ones) on the Easter schedule: "We hate having to play a game, then another 3 days later, then another 6 days later". RFL: "No problem, we'll give you a game, then another 5 days later, then another 4 days later. Sorted."
  7. Seemed a likeable enough and enthusiastic guy, tried hard, had the odd very good moment here and there, had some pace and scored one or two long-range tries (more for Doncaster than us, and from what I heard Matty Beharrel played better at half back than Boas, hence Watson was on the bench for much of the season with Donny also having Chase). But organising, setting up lines of attacks and knowing how to hold or commit defenders so as to create gaps, he wasn't so good at that, and that's the main job of a half back. No coincidence when Chisholm replaced him on that left hand side that Day and Sutcliffe scored hatfuls of tries. Maybe the language barrier didn't help, who knows, but I think we made the right decision to move on.
  8. Happy with that. We're the feature game on the Saturday evening, guaranteed to be good support from both teams and a good atmosphere. Plus as it stands Bradford aren't looking too strong for 2020 and potentially two of the strongest teams in the division, Toulouse and London, face each other (albeit not at the Bash). Now we have the monkey off our back at Blackpool every reason to look forward to this.
  9. We've got Bradford at 7.30 pm on the Saturday evening https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/rovers-face-bradford-at-the-summer-bash-didI1
  10. Yes, seen it. Surely the difference this time is he must have plenty of offers. Am guessing they just aren't what he wants, whether financially or geographically. As MLP says, it's interesting there has been no announcement on Maskill and the club hasn't done an official leavers' list.
  11. He might be sitting on some offers for now, waiting to see if an NRL team comes in for him. Some Leigh fans seem to think they are in for him. His partner is pregnant it seems, so wouldn't be surprising if he stays in Aus.
  12. We'd like to take you seriously, we really would, but your last prediction on here in July didn't work out too well... "il explain the play offs for all you fev fans.you will finish 6th and play nobody"
  13. Sheffield have signed Frankie Mariano accoridng to League Express. That means the front 5 in their pack next year could have a familiar look...Scott Wheeldon, Robbie Ward, Matty James, Brad Knowles, and Mariano, shame Shaun Pick has left them or they could have fielded an entire ex-Fev starting pack.
  14. Webster quoted in League Express on where we are now with signings: "I think we'll get maybe one more and that will round us off for a bit."
  15. When Harrison switched to the middle, I thought that was his best position. Then when he switched back in the play-offs, I changed my mind again. What that seems to show is how well he played in both positions, along with Day he has been a very good signing and progressed as the year went on. We are lucky in that we have a lot of versatile players, which is important when you have a small squad.
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