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  1. That was my take too and Fev fans have been told they can't go.
  2. Looking at the Sheffield website it seems you'll have a few hoops to jump through. https://www.sheffieldeagles.com/Eagles-News/article/return-of-crowds-for-eagles-home-matches/ I am guessing if you aren't "known" to Sheffield (and they have the tiniest of fan bases as we all know) they won't sell you a ticket. Though if you live nearby... Meanwhile, Halifax fans have been told that they can buy tickets for their game the week after next away to Newcastle. This is going to aggrieve fans of other clubs... presumably each decision is down to local councils rather than national regula
  3. Agree with everything Mark says apart from maybe Welham who I thought was just starting to show his class in the last couple of games. Tough call at centre with Hardcastle playing really well but Minns also solid. If Blackmore is still out, I'd think it will still be Chisholm at full back and Hall on the wing (even though he prefers full back). If Blackmore's back though, that would probably mean Hall back to full back and then if Chisholm is back in favour after Sunday's performance he might take over from Brown, who has played quite well but not really stood out much in the last couple
  4. This season so far is a great example of why collateral form is meaningless, there is so much inconsistency amongst the teams. Bradford, Halifax, Dewsbury, London, Widnes, Oldham and Swinton have all produced at least one performance that was absolutely dismal compared to their best efforts. The good thing about this is that the league is really unpredictable from week to week and that's what makes it so interesting. Interesting to see the comment about radio coverage suggesting there were lots of errors in the York/Fev game, I'd say that was only true near the end when fatigue set in and
  5. Presumably the issue here is that there are four SL games being streamed on OurLeague on Monday night and there just isn't the capacity for technical reasons to show more than that at a time (hence perhaps why Fev were told they'd have to switch kickoff to 6pm if they wanted OurLeague to stream the game against Oldham).
  6. Same here, £4.95 for that was the bargain of the year. Great effort from both teams. York's stadium looks great but I hope they can sort their playing surface out soon. Several Fev players have shown pictures/videos of it close up on their social media with the word "beach" cropping up frequently, parts of it looked desperately bare and far more sand than grass. Hall in his post-match interview had a big red mark on his elbow where the skin had come off, must have been like playing on a 4G.
  7. I think one thing that's become clear is that most teams have worked out that the best way to play us is to try and gain near-maximum set completion, do five drives and a kick and try to prey on any mistakes we might make. For most of the game York barely went beyond the first and second receiver, that's not a criticism of them, they have a scratch half back combination and especially once they went two scores up they put the onus on us to create opportunities which was a smart approach. I thought we countered this pretty well, I remember looking at the clock after half an hour had b
  8. Agree with most of that. When Chissy made that dramatic charge down, did anyone else have an immediate flashback to the home game against Halifax when Davies shot out of the line to prevent a drop goal and the play ended up with Misi charging upfield for what looked a certain try, only for the touch judge to tell Kendall we were offside for the winning penalty against us? I must admit as Hall was racing away I wasn't watching him, I had my eyes on the right hand of the screen to see if Kendall was following him or still 10 yards from our line awarding a penalty....
  9. As tense a game as you could wish to see. Really enjoyed it although if you are a fan of either Fev or York it was so nerve-wracking. Great return to the side from Chisholm playing at full back, and Gaz Gale on current form is probably a better player than half the wings in SL.
  10. Nerves completely shredded. Thought we deserved the win but my word we had to sweat for it. Fair play to York who almost ground it out. We totally dominated in terms of yardage and I thought we played pretty well overall but finishing and goal kicking (again) kept them in it. Chizzy and Gaz Gale terrific.
  11. York 12 Fev 6 at HT, Fev will be wondering how they are behind but York have taken their chances well. Fev just looked to be starting to dominate when John Davies was yellow carded and York scored on the next set. Both Hall and Moors threw out passes a yard from the line when it looked like they could score.
  12. Fev totally dominant in terms of yardage but not on the scoreboard, York lead 12-4.
  13. Interesting line-up for Fev with Dane Chisholm listed at full back. Craig Hall switches to the wing. With Ferres joining Blackmore, Welham and Harrison as injury absentees, Junior Moors switches to back row.
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