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  1. Ash Golding in advanced talks with Huddersfield according to Matthew Shaw in League Express. Also John Davidson in League Weekly fuelling the widely-discussed story about Ryan carr not being with us next season.
  2. He seems to lead a charmed life, only got a yellow for throwing haymakers in the Fev game earleir this season.
  3. An excellent summary and I would have picked out the same four players as standouts in what was as you say another very good team effort. Think Lockwood has been playing the best rugby of his career at the age of (I think) 33 and the fact he can play in the middle yet do huge minutes week after week is of massive importance to the team.
  4. The couple of posts on this thread bagging York are absolutely desperate stuff. Jeez they have been a breath of fresh air all season.
  5. Well done York on a great season. A game too far for you today but all York fans should be very proud, as we are at Fev.
  6. Very professional today. First team to score 30 at York all year and the only one to prevent them from scoring a try. Day was interviewed after the game by Sky but unbelievably they didn't ask him about his injury. Walters was hobbling badly and you fear about his short-term availability.
  7. Another fine win by Fev, and we were in control for most of the game, but possible knee injuries to our two edge back rows, both of whom have been playing wonderfully well, is a real concern with the next round in mind.
  8. Confirmed. Hard to argue with that after last week,e specially with Cam and Jack still not ready.
  9. Twitter's best usage is as a source of information. It's as good a place as there is to get news and sport updates if you follow the right people/accounts. Twitter's worst usage tends to be as a means of sharing opinions. If you tweet something vaguely controversial, you'll get dozens of people jumping down your throat. And if you tweet something non-controversial, like "Dogs are great", someone will pop up and ask you what have you got against cats, you vile cat-hater.
  10. Yes but that's the point - if Bussey is still injured (and presumably Wheeldon too) we don't have anyone left in the squad who the coach would probably regard as being of the same quality as his other starters/interchanges. The choice is between Render and one of the guys who have played regularly for the reserves, be it Maskill, Beckett or whoever. There's a good chance none of them would get on barring injury.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me given he went well for us on DR a few years ago. I don't think he's ever kicked on quite how I thought he would around that time, but he's a decent forward at this level.
  12. You haven't read/understood the post have you? If a coach doesn't feel his 4th interchange is of the same quality as his other starters/interchanges, it makes sense not to use him at all, and rotate the other three, rather than use up two of his eight interchanges bringing a guy on for 15 minutes and then taking him off again. That's why Maskill, and even Jones, have found themselves sitting on the bench for some or all of the game. So if the coach knows he is only likely to use three of his four subs except in case of injury, it might make more sense to to use Render, who can cover 1-5 without disrupting the rest of the team, than Maskill, who might not get on unless Jones gets injured, or Beckett, who probably won't get on at all unless there is a number of injuries.
  13. Assuming he's not playing (and I don't know that) he's probably in the squad as 19th man because he's a senior player who might still feature at some stage, if we get further in the competition. Given the current interchange rules it's not as daft as it seems to have a back like Render on the bench. The reduction to eight means that if the coach sees one of his interchange players as a significant drop-off from the other players, it might make more sense to just use his three subs, and rotate at regular intervals. With ten interchanges, a similar formula was followed by most clubs - three replacement middles and a replacement hooker replacing three starting middles and a starting hooker somewhere between 20 and 35 minutes, then those changes reversed midway through the second half, with a couple of interchanges left up the coache's sleeve. You can't do that now with just eight interchanges, in particular giving Cam King a breather uses up two interchanges if you want to bring him back on. So Carr has tended to "stagger" his substitutes, trying to give each middle a breather. Once you've decided to do that, it kind of makes sense to have a versatile back such as Render on the bench as he can cover any injury from 1-5.
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