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  1. As a Fev fan, I'm going to be rooting for our former player Freddie Banquet. Just backed him to be 1st try scorer at 33-1, probably a mug bet but you never know.
  2. Stopped clock and all that if so, but it was actually the venerable Roversspud who spotted this first.
  3. I think he did play more games than Deryck, but only by a small number I think, and Don played a chunk of games at loose forward and the odd one at centre too. So Deryck, who always played scrum half, might have more games in that position.
  4. A team effort between me and Roversspud came up with the idea that these players might be record holders in terms of appearances at their individual positions?
  5. If that game were played now there would doubtles be endless post-game analysis on social media about how the referee had lost control of the game with every incident broken down in detail. Yet that game was refereed by Billy Thompson, who for many was the epitome of the no-nonsense referee many seem to yearn for nowadays, with his theatrical gesturing and his uncompromising attitude of being in charge. A reminder, perhaps, that blaming the ref has been a futile activity for many years.
  6. All levels of British RL shut down until at least April 3rd.
  7. I think the idea of playing in front of a big crowd any time soon is starting to look a bit optimistic sadly, given the escalating Covid-19 situation.
  8. Am not saying he couldn't go well as a back rower, I just think that having established himself as the starter on the wing it would have been wrong, assuming he hadn't got the injury, to have moved him to a position that he probably hasn't been training for, and wouldn't be guaranteed to keep his spot (versus Ferres, Davies, Bussey, Harrison etc ) and risk someone else taking his spot on the wing in the mean time.
  9. Looks like no bans for any of our players, Gale received a caution. Sammut has been referred to the Tribunal as his dangerous throw has been classed as a Grade D. He's looking at a 3-5 game suspension for that.
  10. Wow, that's unlucky when he was just establishing himself as a regular starter.
  11. As I said, if you look at the picture rather than the text, there are 21 named one of whom is Bussey.
  12. He's new to Championship RL and has played as a centre and wing so far, no point getting the lad's head in a spin by asking him to play a different position at this stage, especially now we have Davies and Beckett back in those positions. Why he isn't in the squad is another matter, maybe he's injured.
  13. One interesting inclusion. Greg Worthington is in the squad whereas he wasn't in the previous cup tie against Barrow. It's been well documented that Toronto are looking to offload some of their existing players to free up space on their salary cap (Gary Wheeler released this week), I wonder if this means that Worthington is no longer in their plans at all?
  14. Bussey is actually in the picture on the website story, just not in the list, so maybe he's the 21st player. That said he has played huge minutes lately so probably due a rest.
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