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  1. Webster said there were a couple of knocks they'd have to check the next day. Susino hobbled off near the end and had an ice pack on his knee though people didn't seem especially concerned on the sideline. Hope he's ok as he's been very good so far.
  2. 22-0 to Fev at half time. Some sparkling handling moves at times with some extravagant passing especially from Craig Hall. The only concern though was a yellow card for Chisholm for a tip tackle on Luke Briscoe. Didn't have the best view so we will have to see if there are consequences from the disciplinary.
  3. If anyone hasn't heard, clubs now receive 20% of the proceeds of any tickets sold for away games. Given we have a strong away support, this seems a no-brainer for anyone supporting Fev away to buy tickets from the club, especially as the club have said they can be ordered by phone and posted out for those who can't make it into the shop. As an example of how this would help the club - if the club sold, say, 400 tickets for an away game at £20 each, Fev would receive £1600, that adds up to over £22,000 over the 14 away games in a season. Even 200 tickets would bring in over £11k, and we usually take a lot more fans away than that. Whereas if you just pay on the gate on the day the entire £20 goes to the home team.
  4. Both squads named: https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/squad-named-for-leeds-rhinos-clash-r59Y7 Coooper, who took a knock against HKR, misses out, but Ferres, Ferguson and Worthington all might return. Still no Carey or Render. Leeds as anticipated have named a squad consisting largely of fringe players/youngsters. Plenty of familiar names though including McLelland, Briscoe, Broadbent, Dupree, Mustapah, O'Connor etc, plus a chance to have a look at Tom Holroyd. Leeds played a similar type of squad in this game last year and beat us narrowly after we rested a few of our senior players in the 2nd half. Hopefully will be a good run out for us anyway.
  5. So the final pre-season game takes place on Friday. It's clear from comments made by Richard Agar in the press that we probably won't be seeing too many of Leeds' 1st team here, but that doesn't mean their line-up won't be of interest for us. For a start, it sounds like we could see plenty of the lads who might feature for us on DR this season, and in any case Leeds have enough fringe players who are SL or high-end Championship quality that they can still field a good team, though apaprently they have been hit by illness, which had a knock-on effect on the DR options we had at Hull KR. Hopefully we might see runouts for the likes of Ferres and Ferguson this weekend. No recent updates lately on the fitness of Carey and Render, and it will be interesting to see if Luke Briscoe plays for Leeds (which might indicate he's going to be available to us on DR if he does). Otherwise, I thought Gareth Gale took another big step forward at Hull KR, where he played on the wing and totally dominated his opposite number Ethan Ryan, twice tackling him into touch and then swatting him away to score his try. Other positions that we don't know about in terms of the team for the starting line-up in the regular season are which DR players we use (I'd still be surprised if we don't play McLelland if he's available), and what we are going to do in terms of back-up hooker. Parata looked really, really good at Hull KR - I thought we might suffer a big drop-off at 9 following the loss of King & Jones but if he plays like that every week we'll be fine, he caused HKR real problems and will thrive on the offloading of Susino and Albert. However, whether he's an 80-minute hooker I don't know. Looks like Bussey is the default replacement option for now as with Leeds' Corey Johnson unfit we don't have many other choices. Looks like Harrison is earmarked for the starting right back-row slot with presumably Ferres set for the left edge and hopefully a fruitful link-up with Chisholm. That leaves Susino (who was very good again against Hull KR), Ferguson, Albert, Cooper, Bussey and Lockwood as middles, plus any DR when needed. I do think that looks a very strong pack on paper, am reasonably optimistic about the season at the moment.
  6. Working ok here, sounds like an issue with your account, maybe drop them an email.
  7. Their team is full of players that we've seen lots of in the Championship and there are very few of those players that would have got me giddy if we signed them. Smith has his hands full keeping them up.
  8. Yep, Toulouse definitely looked more up for it in the first 20 minutes and had the better of things but Catalans take the lead with a try in the corner.
  9. About to start and being shown live in what appears to be very good quality on the Toulouse FB page if anyone's interested https://www.facebook.com/ToulouseOlympiqueXIII/videos/162010495062837/
  10. We have played lots of our young lads from the reserves/fringe players in the first two games, and the three who have impressed most - Gale, Sweeting and Ottewell - have kept their place. People who don't agree with DR at all aren't going to agree with playing them in pre-season games, but to answer the question, we get to have a look at some players who we might call on at some point this season, and we get to see them against a strong team. Holroyd, for instance, could be very much part of our plans this season. If previous history is anything to go by we won't have any of the DR lads against Leeds next week, so this will be our only chance to see how some of these lads get on in a tough game.
  11. Squad named https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/squad-named-for-trip-to-hull-kr-9aKqv No real returns from injury and we have yet to see Ferres (Fergie also not playing) , we are indeed having a look at some more DR players but the most interesting of them is Luke Briscoe.
  12. Judged on what we have seen this season I think Webster has earmarked Harrison for one 2nd row slot with Ferres on the other. Agree that Josh could certainly play there and that might end up being his most effective position.
  13. Gaz Gale has signed a two-year contract. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/gale-signs-with-the-rovers-kd3ZO Very good news. Personally, although he has impressed again in pre-season, I think he has a bit to do to unseat seasoned and proven Championship performers such as Hardcastle or Worthington at centre - his big run in the closing stages against York came past a couple of 16yos and Valencia made all our young reserve backs look like world beaters. But he should get more opportunities than last time - there's the 1895 Cup for a start, and you'd think he'll get some games in the hybrid reserve team too.
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