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  1. But first, HWDAJF Salford in the CC Final...
  2. The thing that concerned me at the time of this tweet from the point of view of RL was that it was picked up on and criticised by six or seven current players that I saw - and all of them were BAME guys. When you think of the tiny percentage of BAME players in the current game that stood out like a sore thumb ie why were there not dozens of critical tweets from white players?
  3. Here's a random news piece about the new career of Kris Welham, who is "preparing to step into the part-time Championship ranks at the end of this season"... https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/kris-welham-eager-challenge-cup-22844642
  4. He's there at full back, just above Luke Gale
  5. Watching the Leeds game tonight, it was interesting that Ferres played in the middle (as he has been in previous games for them) and played the full 80 minutes in a SL game. Given we are a bit short of middles and have Day/Davies/Halton, maybe Harrison, maybe Hardcastle too, who could fill the two edge back row positions, I can see us playing Ferres in the middle in 2021.
  6. Connor's playing for Salford in this afternoon's game against Hull KR - at centre! Presumably as a result of their Covid issues that came up today.
  7. He's a possible, but if we had another player to announce - say an ex SL threequarter such as the oft-mooted Kris Welham - maybe the number 5 is being reserved for him, even if he is a centre, given Hardcastle and Minns were already established as shirt nos 3 and 4 in 2020. That's all assuming that these passport numbers are an early glimpse of shirt numbers, which I don't think has actually been specified yet.
  8. It states in the story that this is for the year ending December 2019.
  9. I know the game is very different now, but this thread is an excuse to bring up one of my favourite "can't believe it happened" tales. In 1974, Featherstone reached the Challenge Cup semi finals, due to be played on Saturday March 30th. From March 17th to March 25th they had to play four league games in eight days. They then had the Challenge Cup semi final against Leigh five days after that hectic eight-day period. And then... Leigh and Featherstone had to play each other again, in a league game, the day after the Challenge Cup semi final!
  10. Just anticipating the gushing blue and white tide of love.
  11. So no DR to bash us with, and the club showed an operating profit last year, so no "reckless spending" jibes to be aimed at us any more either. I predict that in forums and FB pages across the land, there will spring up a massive Featherstone Rovers love-in, with any bitterness over previous defeats against us replaced by floods of compliments.
  12. From the TotalRL story: "Instead, clubs will have to loan players. Loans will all be on initial 28-day periods and the player will not be allowed to return to the bubble of their parent club during that period." It'll just be a question of whether SL clubs and players accept losing a player for a month, including the full-time training aspect.
  13. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/rovers-announce-operating-surplus-eHi8N Good to read.
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