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  1. You'd need to read the full League Express article as James Webster talks about this very subject and the difficulties involved at present. That said, the two I mentioned above will be for next season, and they won't be getting paid any money from us right now. As tricky as things are at the moment contract talks aren't going to grind to a complete halt, clubs such as ours are well accustomed to making moves around this time of year (and earlier) even though they don't know what division they will be in.
  2. League Express this evening linking us with Swinton forward Frankie Halton. He's a 24-year-old back row who has been getting some good reviews, the Swinton FB page have been talking about this as though it's a done deal and all seem very sad to see him go but think he has a big future. League Express also suggesting we have shown an interest in bringing Matty Wildie back to Fev.
  3. To be fair I think that has been passed down in RL folklore too. Around 29:40 here:
  4. Here's the likely Fev squad without DR players, and also without loanees Worthington and Albert, though I doubt either of those two will ever play for their parent clubs ( Toronto and Leeds) again 1 Hall 2 Blackmore 3 Hardcastle 4 Minns 5 Gale 6 Jouffret 7 Chisholm 8 Susino 9 Parata 10 Harrison 11 Ferres 12 Day 13 Lockwood subs Nu Brown, Bussey, Ferguson, Davies reserves...Carey, Render, Sweeting, Cooper, Beckett, French If you think that's a "mid-table side, akin to Halifax and maybe Sheffield", try looking through their squads and telling me which of their players you would prefer to that 17. We'd lack depth if we got a spate of injuries in the forwards but similar comments could apply to most teams. Am not even especially positive about us this season, I have no idea how we compare with Leigh or Toulouse for instance, but we thrashed London away without Chisholm and would at least be contenders if promotion were available. As for tthe "real reason" Fev are keen to get the season restarted, it's not rocket science, Mark Campbell is desperate to get into SL as he has been for the last 13 years and has spent a lot of money in a season where for once there wasn't a standout candidate to achieve promotion. If financial troubles were the issue, Fev would probably be keen to keep the players on furlough for as long as possible.
  5. Nicknames take a while to become accepted don't they, from memory Charlie Stone was listed as Richard Stone in programmes/ press for some time after he signed from RU, same with John/Keith Bridges.
  6. That would be a good idea, especially if someone posted the nicknames but not the identities of the players and we had to guess. I don't know if we have had enough "unusual " nicknames though. Choco, Tiger and Bosh were all good ones that you couldn't guess from their names. Pee Wee and Stilts are two other obvious ones, and in the modern day Iro and Tuna. But I couldn't think of many others off the top of my head (and you can't count "Baby Faced Assassin", as Tuuta hated that and nobody ever called him it really anyway bar that Aussie commentator and other journos).
  7. Well, plenty have moved on to Facebook, for better or worse. There's an official club FB page that people can comment on, plus several fans' FB pages. In 2006 this forum was probably the only game in town if you wanted to discuss Fev. I think this page is probably widely seen as a bit old-fashioned, and certainly you get the impression the average age of people on here is fairly high. Personally I still like this format as you can actually have a proper discussion - if you post more than a couple of lines on a FB group it looks a bit out of place. People like their discussions a bit snappier these days, hence the popularity of Twitter (which also features a large congregation of RL fans), WhatsApp etc. But i'm not sure I agree with it being "impotent". Yes it's been quiet lately but that's because not only is there no rugby to discuss, there has been very little off-field activity too. When the games are on, there is still plenty of activity on here, especially the match threads, which regulalrly get plenty of contributions and 3 or 4 thousand views. I think the novelty of the internet was still around in the early days you were talking about. In the same way that people have moved on from emails to texts to WhatsApp etc, I think a lot of people can't be bothered with making the effort to put posts on forums. I do think we have a large number of "lurkers" here, though, as the number of views for some subjetcs indicates.
  8. You still need an umbrella at Spotland - sorry, the Crown Oil Arena - but that's to protect you from unexpected appearances by the pop-up water sprinklers!
  9. A still, I suspect, from the greatest sporting documentary of all time - edited to bold the allusion that I had missed in the original post... I was there that day. That looks like John Marsden in the wing position he was to reprise to such good effect a few years later in the triumphant Cup run of 1983.
  10. As an aside, whilst the demise of RL grounds is rarely a thing to be celebrated, I can't be the only one glad that we have steadily seen the back of RL grounds with either an athletics track or a speedway track round the perimeter. My binoculars went into cold storage when big screens were installed at most racecourses, and myopic RL fans no longer have to contend with many of them. Don Valley and Owlerton, old Craven Park and now Odsal are gone, there's still Derwent Park and South Leeds Stadium left, not sure if there are any others?
  11. I think this video effortlessly captures the charm, style and class of old Craven Park.
  12. GB were very poor, bullied up front that day from what I remember. PNG had a simple game plan which suited Watson's strengths well. He's lively and fast and has an eye for the try-line. Where he has struggled - at least in England - is in the creative passing game. He had quite a few good moments in his brief stint with Fev, but they were mostly of an individual nature. He definitely played better than his brother Ase, who only lasted 5 games, but between them they couldn't really get the attack clicking or create many openings. Fev moved quickly to replace Ase, and then when Chisholm became available Watson lost his place and moved to Doncaster, where he seemed to be 3rd choice half back (and usually on the bench) by the end of the season behind Rangi Chase & Matty Beharrell.
  13. We are in the semi finals against Watersheddings, you can vote here https://twitter.com/TheRFL/status/1274295927801548803
  14. We could have put them in the two new stands, and charged them an extra couple of quid each ?
  15. I think I read this wrong, too. Apologies.
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