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  1. Seems St Helens are taking the title of this thread a bit literally... https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17776582.saints-will-give-youth-chance-london-trip/
  2. I agree with MarkLP's comments about Render. For a youngster, the feature of his play has been how sound and error-free he has been. Think his initial contract was just for 2019, so hope he gets signed up for 2020+ soon. As for the Rochdale game...am normally very circumspect about predictions but it will be disappointing if we don't win this with plenty to spare. You never know when some of the "lower" teams in the league are going to raise their game, but in their last 6 away games Rochdale have conceded 40. 46, 60, 66, 54 and 52 points, so hopefully this can be a less traumatic game than the Dewsbury and Barrow ones.
  3. Ah, think I've worked out how the baseline test works... "So Gavin, what did you have for dinner last night?" (six months later receives a concussion) "So Gavin, what did you have for dinner six months ago?"
  4. Booting the ball in the air after the hooter has gone you say?...
  5. Almost a very good day for us today but York drew at Batley and Bradford drew at home to Swinton. Given our superior points difference that doesn't help us a lot, unless there are further draws down the line.
  6. I agree. In an age when reproducing others' content seems to be more and more the norm, it has been good to see some original content on Rovers returning to the P & CE.
  7. Yes I didn't really explain myself properly, what I meant was that with the "anticipated" loss at Toronto behind us we are still masters of our destiny, whereas last season the Toronto game was the last one of the season and even if we won it our finishing position wasn't in our own hands. Just think it's a pleasing position for us to be in at this stage of the season given what most of our expectations were back in January.
  8. With the Toronto game behind us, we will still be in the top 5 tonight (albeit on points difference if Bradford beat Swinton as expected). So it's all now in our hands. We need to -beat Rochdale, Dewsbury and Swinton in our next 3 games. we'll be favourites for them all, but we have slipped up twice already against teams near the foot of the table. - go to York and beat them. We've done it twice by wide margins, but this is likely to be a different game altogether at their place, we definitely didn't see the best of York either time. - beat Batley away. if we can manage all those, we should hopefully be entering the final game of the season against Toulouse knowing a win will secure 2nd or 3rd place. Leigh will be playing Toronto away that day...they have probably struck really lucky with that (like we did last year) as it will be a meaningless game for Toronto. Leigh have an easy run-in prior to that (possible banana skin at Barrow today, and they face York at home, but they'll be strong favourites for all their games bar Toronto). The team with the toughest run-in is York - Bradford today, then Barrow away, Toronto away, us at home, Leigh away, Halifax away. They have had a fantastic year but that is a difficult run-in. What a great competition it has been this season.
  9. Said this before but I can't remember a player who has turned round more fans' opinions than Walters. He used to get lots of grief in previous years but since he signed permanently for us he seems to have changed plenty of minds and it seems clear he loves playing for Fev.
  10. Agree with most of that, the only thing I would say is Dagger IS a full back but hasn't played that position for us because we already have Golding (and Turner). I thought he had a moderate game against Leigh but it's harsh to judge him playing half back against the league's top defence in a disruptive week when he will have had virtually no prep time at that position.
  11. Can't speak for everyone but am sure it will be more than welcome. Sometimes it's good to get a non-partisan fan's perspective. Great to see that a Leeds fan has invested in RoversTV.
  12. Fair enough, but Russell's a wing (albeit a very good one) and Wallace doesn't even start for Toronto. Fev were missing their starting 6,7, and 9 and played a 19yo and a full back at half back, and a prop at hooker, no surprise we lacked incision and cohesion inside Toronto's 20m.
  13. Jones Render Lockwood Fair play to Bussey if he can get MOTM nominations when his game was over after 15 minutes!
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