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  1. Everyone around me said Ainy for MOM. He was outstanding today.
  2. Will be tough at their ground. Another draw? I will be trying to get updates from Twitter, Friday I will be in Chattanooga
  3. I said that today, biggest crowd I had seen since Doncaster game. I estimated 3,500.
  4. Congratulations 9' oller!! I will get to the next 3 games but then my trips start between Easter & Sept, New Orleans, Nashville, Transatlantic cruise, New York, Florida & London. Not sure how many more games I will get to this year. Hope they keep playing this well as season.
  5. Sorry, posted at the same time.
  6. 28-26, unbelievable.
  7. 22-26, where's the hooter?
  8. I am in Florida on holiday for a month but wish I was there to give Keegan a standing ovation.
  9. I work Saturdays so no good for me either, although this Saturday I fly to New Orleans. Hope its a good easy win with no injuries.
  10. Not seen this posted on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGScMeg0cMI&feature=youtu.be