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  1. How old are all the players, how many will be around for the next world cup?
  2. A Letter from the heart.....stirring the memory banks!

    Yes I remember the tie ups, running on the pitch at full time and getting mud encrusted pieces of laces...how awesome forget pre match entertainment that was fun...can anyone remember the match we were sponsored by the Sunday Sport and the scantily clad girls walked around the pitch. The fans started singing get your #### out for the lads....and they did ...I think it was the first time I had seen breasts in all there wonderful glory..glorious
  3. Dare to be Wise - A Fan Website

    Dave, just a quick note to say thanks. Just returned from a 12 hour shift on the the other side of the planet (Australia) and was able to wind down watching the highlights of the match, I read the blog and looked at the pics. Bloody fantastic. I would love some interviews with players and fans either video or audio, but thats me being greedy. Thanks again
  4. Dare to be Wise - A Fan Website

    Awesome Dave, thanks for your hard work.
  5. You only miss it when its gone

    Your playing resume is far more impressive than mine, St Annes juniors was my limit
  6. You only miss it when its gone

    yes I did....'looks around nervously thinking maybe I was sometimes a d##k' & yes Kipper was a good friend.
  7. You only miss it when its gone

    Also thanks for your comments Moorside Roughyed...considering I spent 18 years of my life in Moorside we might even know each other.....my name is Jonathan Webb and I am 40 years old
  8. You only miss it when its gone

    I might me the only fool that each night instead of counting sheep, dreams of winning lotto and creating a club with a supporter orientated approach. Building a 20,000 stadium near St Annes and watching Oldham go back to the glory days. The amount of people, that are like me that watch from a far must number in the thousands...potential. ..so much potential
  9. You only miss it when its gone

    I moved to Australia 9 years ago, loving the weather, my job, family is good.But what I have found is that I miss only one thing, going to the rugby. I live in Perth, we get 2-3 excellent Nrl matches a year but its not the same. Its not the same not having your own team. Going to away matches cheering on your own team with other roughyed fans.Getting up early on a matchday with the possibility of a win, going to the pub having a yarn. I dream of winning the lottery and spending the season in England and the rest here in Aus. So therfore remember, if you aren't sure if you can be arsed going to a match. Or you get down after a match....you are living somebody else's dream. For now I will keep updated on this forum and twitter and keep dreaming.
  10. old Oldham shirts

    I would love the boddies shirt... £10?
  11. Rugby League Live

    You can pre order in Aus, I have seen quite a lot of promotion in the computer shops in the northern suburbs of Perth . Western Australia. You get a free ball if you pre order, the graphics on the back of the pre release discs look a bit poor...not much different than the playstation 2 release...Ill still buy it