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  1. At the moment I think anything positive has to be welcomed. Gavin is still well-known. I hope Welsh rugby league can benefit from this.
  2. He's certainly a big name regardless of which code you prefer. He might just put a fare few more bums on seats and raise the profile of the club. If they can afford him I don't see the problem. The merchandise side of things will definitely improve. Good luck to the raiders being brave enough to be bold. Welcome to Rugby league Gavin Henson.
  3. Unfortunately you can't or never will please some people. I think we'll have a team with some real firepower in the division and will make some others sit up and take notice.
  4. Come on mate, seems your doing OK. We need you cheering the team on next season. All the mate, get well soon.
  5. Nice one. Love Phil Joy, wears his heart on his sleeve.
  6. I suppose we'll have to see what happens next season. We can't really say with any degree of certainty what rugby league we'll be coming back to. That's a thing we could all do with at the moment (certainty). I hope upon hope I'll be cheering my team on next season.
  7. I'm chomping at the bit for my rugby and can't wait for it to return. However this would be dependent on the conditions imposed ie masks, I simply don't think I'd be able to enjoy myself wearing one of these whilst watching a game, I struggle just going into a shop for a few minutes. I don't think I'd be on my own with these sentiments.
  8. I like marmite and peanut butter hut to mix them together is wrong. My fave growing up was two slices of cheese on toast with a fried egg on each of them. Bliss.
  9. Going off topic a bit guys.
  10. I'll be thinking of you mate as will all the Roughyeds.
  11. That's how tribal we are mate. To an Oldhamer, Rochdale might as well be Rhodesia. There's no way your on the correct side of the Pennines, violating sheep and all that (joke). I love the banter between us. Take care mate.
  12. Rob Burrow, what a man. So brave and mentally so strong when faced with this terrible condition. I'm in awe of him. There's not much more I can say really.
  13. I'm thinking of you mate. With a bit of luck we'll all be back cheering our roughyeds to victory. Look after yourself.
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