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  1. No,I'm an Oldham fan. I have been to a couple of Warrington games last season. They had the same problem as Oldham. It was quite reminiscent.
  2. A grade "A" club has its own ground. That's Wigan, Hull fc and Salford out. Batley, Dewsbury and Keighley in.
  3. I just don't like the top table clubs being like a members club. I didn't like it last time.
  4. Exactly,what's the point in supporting a club when they can only go so far.
  5. I don't live in Rochdale so I'll never suffer.
  6. Surely the club should let the fans know if any of these "good" names are signed asap. I would've thought there are quite number of disenchanted roughyeds out there. We are desperately in need of some hope and positivity. We need some surprises, good ones though.
  7. Good luck Rochdale. Don't envy anyone going up tbh if they haven't got a few quid to chuck around.
  8. People are just fed up. The companies house thing isn't my cup of tea either. I've had a few gripes on here this season,I could be one of the people cheesing you off.People need an outlet,it's not as though we have a chairman who listens or so it seems. It's a forum for people to view their thoughts, frustrations and whatever else. I like it that we can voice our thoughts,this forum is a fantastic resource for people. And it's free. You only need to read what you want to. All the best mate.
  9. They are obviously doing something that appeals to fans. They have the luxury of not having massive clubs (Leeds, Wigan,st Helens etc on their doorstep. The same problem in football. I know there are quite a few that don't like our chairman. I can't see any way forward for the club as it is now.
  10. It's all irrelevant really. Because if IMG get their way,the further down the pyramid you are the more precarious your position will be. That's how it's seems to me from what I've read. And us lot (Oldham, Rochdale,Hunslet etc)are down near the bottom.Can someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm concerned about the game at this level.
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