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  1. Fingers crossed for him.
  2. I suppose the proof is in the pudding. Thanks for the encouraging post. Good luck to you too.
  3. Yeah mate, very sad to think what's happened to the club down the years. I don't think a club ever gets over losing their home regardless of who they are. It probably was a lack of decent management over a number of years and also not looking after the stadium. It is indeed a crying shame.
  4. He mentioned Ranger's on the itv coverage of the Union World Cup when the players were saying which clubs they played for in their youth.
  5. I just love the game in general. I could be at Saddleworth Rangers with a couple of hundred people or Old Trafford with thousands. It doesn't matter, its about the game to me. What's happening on the pitch.
  6. George Ford played for Saddleworth Rangers mate. I think he did anyway.
  7. And lalar can sod off with tinky winky, dipsy and po.
  8. OMG, them were the days. Kind of puts a lump in the throat. And there's our wonderful Watersheddings in the background.
  9. Spot on mate "little know it all" is a complete lemon. See you all at the fold next season. The stay aways can stay away if they so choose.
  10. Couldn't give two hoots about badges, crests etc, more concerned with how we go in the championship in 2020.
  11. At the end of the day we're playing in Stalybridge, if you want to watch then it's there. If you don't then nobody is forcing you to do so.
  12. Not sure about that but they usually have a nice well kept pint of wainwright's on draught.
  13. Like clifford said"not ideal ". But hey it's not the end of the world. At first I was dead set against playing at the fold when we was last in the championship but now I don't mind it tbh.
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