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  1. He's been great for his country,a shining example for any young person coming into the game. Thank you James Roby.
  2. RIP and sympathies to his family and friends.
  3. Personally,I think the game is going to lose a few clubs if the central funding cut is as brutal as the numbers being tossed around. I am of the opinion that this club will be one of them. I hope I'm wrong but as we only have one director in the board I don't see where additional funding can come from.
  4. Sounded like they put a shift in. Winning at half time,sadly not to be. Unfortunately it's life back in league 1 whatever that brings.
  5. It's a shame how it's panned out. Come on Oldham!
  6. It's fantastic that a player from Asian descent has made it as a rugby league player. The more the merrier for me as I've always considered our game to be inclusive and for everyone regardless of religion, race, colour or anything else but we need more. Ikram Butt is another fantastic example. I think of rugby league as a sport open to all.
  7. If they follow soccer it's united and City, they don't support the Latics. If it's rugby league it's Leeds, Wigan, St Helens etc. It's easier to glory support, I bet most people who wear these shirts have barely been to watch a game of the team they supposedly follow. It's easier to watch on sky.
  8. The clubs knackered, that's all there is to it really. It's not relevant in the town anymore. Most of the people I know didn't even realise we had a rugby league club until I mentioned it to them. The amateur game in Oldham is probably in better shape. And most of the kids there support superleague clubs.
  9. Fantastic try. Widnes have got a good one in him. Good luck to him.
  10. Haven't really seen enough of them this season to form an opinion tbh. From what I have seen Langers has been ever present.
  11. I grew up watching them, I watch them now. It's a very sad situation, there isn't the same interest in the game in the town what there once was. The amateur game seems OK, I watch Saddleworth rangers and they seem to be doing OK as do the other amateur clubs. Its just the professional club that's gone majorly downhill.
  12. At the end of the day, the clubs outside of Super League will get sod all. End of.
  13. Unfortunately,his past and the way he's treated people in the past may catch up with him. And pop goes the club.
  14. Same hear mate, I too hope that we are wrong.
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