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  1. Let's hope it can be kept to a minimum and they can return to they're jobs when this situation is over.
  2. Very well done to everyone who did. This is the hour when we really need our NHS.
  3. I believe that we can come through this. Will the games landscape look different after, probably it will. I do believe that could lose some clubs. Some clubs may have to go back to their amateur roots. Probably the ones in the worst predicaments are the financially weaker clubs, we could have the odd superleague club in there. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that this whole horrible episode can be sorted out and we can all get back to some sort of normality.
  4. We all have our own thoughts and views. Stay safe and healthy mate.
  5. Rugby league isn't the be all and end all, life is. Without life there's nothing, not even rugby league. There's a few people that agree with me as there's a few likes on my post.
  6. At this time shouldn't we be more concerned about getting as many people through this alive.Sports clubs can be restarted, people can't. I love the game just as much as any rugby league fan but this situation is becoming worrying to say the least. With people not adhereing to government advice with social distancing. Some individuals in society need to get a grip. But that's just my take on it.
  7. The correct decision. I think there are more pressing concerns in the world at the moment than sport. Sport will continue after this but at the moment it's people's lives, that takes priority.
  8. Great stuff for a noble cause. Also for his friend Rob Burrow, hopefully it will raise some awareness of this horrible condition. We'll done sir kev.
  9. Here we go, "little no it nowt" is back again along with their teletubby mate.
  10. I've been doing this since Tuesday. I have to do it for two weeks, it's for the greater good but my god its frustrating. Anyone else doing it and how you doing with it.
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