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  1. I just hope you can get promoted and we can stay up. If that happens we can all look forward to next season.
  2. Fantastic game, great result for your girls. Great example of women's rugby league. Good luck in the next round.
  3. What a guy he his. His wife is also an inspiration as well, there for him 24/7. I read the article, it was inspiring, his mental strength amazing . By the end I had a massive lump in the throat. I hope that when the inevitable happens that the circle of friends they do have support her, I'm certain that they will. Its easy to use the word legend but in Rob it rings true, Rob Burrow -LEGEND!.
  4. The write up on the clubs website will interesting.
  5. Back down to earth with a herculean bump. Cannot get my head around that scoreline.
  6. The contribution that Danny Langtree has made is immense. He's my and my sons favourite player. Well done to him on this amazing achievement.
  7. I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing when I read about this. The games always had a family friendly image and stuff like this doesn't put a good picture across. I really don't know how people could react like this about a game. No wonder the chairman is having second thoughts.
  8. Threatening behaviour whether it be in person or over the Internet has no place in rugby league or anywhere else. Death threats, I couldn't believe what I was reading, some people need to get a grip. It's only a game for gods sake.
  9. Sometimes it's a real drag with rugby union, the stop start element. I feel for the fans. In my view when a league player goes to union the rules do their heads in. Whereas Union players tend not to be fit enough initially. I think union is more strategic whereas league is pedal to the metal,more edge of the seat stuff. Keep watching and enjoying.
  10. Got a good feeling about this one. Come on Oldham!
  11. Great stuff mate and welcome to the forum. I like both codes having played both. Enjoy the season ahead and welcome to rugby league.
  12. Teletubbies laughing at people again.
  13. I'm not either. Maths has never been my strongest subject. I'll just read the table and go "oh yeah"
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