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  1. Go Kev. Why this gentleman hasn't been knighted is beyond me.
  2. I live in hope. If it's back on I'm going,defo.
  3. Watersheddings Stadium - what a place it was.
  4. First time I've been on here all weekend. Well done England,beat the garlic chomping chump's
  5. I honestly don't follow anything soccer related so I wouldn't know. But yes that's odd too.
  6. Supporting Bradford in soccer. Hating Bradford in rugby league. That does sound odd from an outsider.
  7. It'll be interesting. Some of them now Rochdale players might feel they have a point to prove. Could make for a good fiesty affair.
  8. Hi. Does anyone on here know when the Superleague fixtures are released? Many thanks.
  9. Yeah, you've got yourselves some decent ex Oldham lads there who'll be wanting to prove a point against Oldham.
  10. Only time will tell on that one.
  11. The previous administrations attitude towards the amateur clubs did a lot of damage. This damage I believe will take as long time to heal.
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