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  1. A saint's win for but being pushed by a Warrington team determined to push them all the way.
  2. Deepest sympathies to his family, friends and anyone who knew him. Absolutely tragic. RIP.
  3. Devastating news for his family, friends and rugby league. My sympathies to his family, friends and anyone who knew him at the most tragic time. RIP.
  4. Good luck boys. Play for the full 80 and the rest will take care of itself.
  5. Well done Oldham. Good result.
  6. Scott has worked wonders on a budget of nearly sod all. I thank him for the the sterling work he's done for the club. He got us into the championship for a couple of seasons which many of us probably thought would never happen. Let's see what the next coach can do. Once again thank you Scott and good luck for the future.
  7. I used to play for counthill school not far from sheddings. Other teams used to dread playing us at home because of the weather.
  8. You were the moral Victor's today. Dogged defensive effort. A determined team effort, good luck for the rest of the season.
  9. I bet there's quite a few fans from various clubs that fear this. I hope to god none of this happens, years and years of history and traditions down the drain.
  10. The games falling apart at our level. Sad times.
  11. If lower league rugby league exists after the next sky negotiation I'll eat my hat.
  12. Good luck to 34 and his better half. We've exchanged likes and stuff in the past on here. I'm sure they'll keep tabs on the club from afar. I've holidayed in Greece a few times and love the place. Good luck and spread the rugby league word over there. All the very best. Roughyeds forever.
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