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  1. I'm sure he'd be most welcome back at Oldham when his knee is sorted.
  2. Well, he is our coach now so only time will tell. He certainly upset some at Batley judging by some comments on totalrl forum's. Hopefully he will have learned some lessons, he will soon know about it if he does start any funny business because at Oldham the fans do speak their minds. People also vote with their feet. Good luck for the 2020 season apart from against us.
  3. We can only live in hope for now. Remember we had the same coach for 7years so we kind of knew what the score was pre season. But now it's a new bloke at the helm so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed.
  4. Indeed, a strange reason to stop supporting a club. Especially a "lifelong fan". Very odd.
  5. Plenty seem to be leaving, I wonder who'll be signing for us?.
  6. Great news. Its looking really positive in the North East.
  7. Old Trafford rocks, plus its only a tram ride from my house. But yes the ingoal area is a little tight.
  8. Tell your he's more than welcome to watch Oldham whenever he wants. Everyone fits in with rugby league. Hussein mbarki, a Moroccan played for Oldham in the eighties. Tell him to get down to Oldham, he'll love it. Rugby league is for everyone.
  9. Me personally I like the bash, plenty of rugger and hitting the pleasure Beach. Gives me time to watch different sides and to meet fans from far and wide. I suppose while the figures stack up they'll keep doing it. If people didn't like it they wouldn't go.
  10. Obviously a divisive figure then?
  11. There are probably a few different reasons why the game has floundered in Oldham. At the end of the day there's no money or a fanbase big enough for a ground of our own so we'd better get used to it. The game went when Sheddings went. Let's enjoy what's left of the club while we still have it.
  12. Absolutely brilliant, love reading positive stuff like this. Good luck to all involved and welcome to the best sport on earth.
  13. I genuinely hope they can kick on from here. Can they? I suppose that depends on who they can keep hold of. Ian Watsons stock will have risen considerably. How much of the team can they together, some are already leaving. I hope its not a flash in the pan as it'd be nice to have a new kid on the block challenging for honours. Salford have done fantastically well this season. We'll have to wait and see if they can produce the results next season.
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