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  1. Our clubs got more debt than anything else. I think the game as a whole was on the way out, you've only got to look at recent attendances to the challenge Cup final to see that. This Covid 19 situation has made the state of the game a whole lot worse. Its a worrying time for us all in general not just rugby league.
  2. Yeah, you've probably got a point there mate. Well then we're all knackered then.
  3. I'm an Oldham fan so social distancing wouldn't be a problem.
  4. You are spot on mate. This situation could be a bridge too far for the game. That said I hope we're all wrong and we come out the other side. Good health and stay safe mate.
  5. It's a small club with an aged and diminished support base.
  6. I'm an Oldham fan so our club is probably more at risk than most. These are worrying times for us all. No one knows where this thing is going. I'm just hoping and praying the game can stay as intact as it can. We could lose some clubs, I suppose every fan can just hope it's not theirs. Stay healthy and safe everyone.
  7. It just goes to prove he's still a massive draw in the sport and he's been retired for years. All people have to do is mention Mike Tyson and the whole boxing world goes into overdrive.
  8. It's not going to happen so this thread is now a waste of everyone's time.
  9. I knew that Alex came from harlequins. I've lived on the same street as him for about 13 years, he's a really decent bloke. He once got me, my wife and son tickets to watch England RU in the six nations at Twickenham, yes I like both codes as I've played both. I usually get stick for liking union but politics aside its a good game. Rugby leagues better though by a country mile.
  10. I bet he's on a damn sight more money wrestling than playing rugby league. I say if someone can make a better living doing something else then go for it. Most Contact sports are short careers.
  11. It definitely won't happen. If it did I'm of the opinion that Sonny Bill wouldn't be playing rugby for quite some time. And that goes for any other rugby player. They'd get pummelled. The speed and power demonstrated by Tyson for a 53 year old was amazing. But he hasn't been hit back yet, for me that's the big question. In any case he only wants to do exhibitions. I don't think Fury or Joshua will be overly concerned. But yes I'd love to see him in action again, but that's just me being a massive Mike Tyson fan,seeing him in his pomp and where he ended up was really sad. For me he would've been the greatest boxer ever if he could've kept his head straight.
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