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  1. It could be that the local population are not that interested in either code of rugby.
  2. Just got back from Whitehaven, the boys did well. They did make it more difficult for themselves. They got the win so massive well done from me,well done boys.
  3. Just parked up in Whitehaven. Going to get some tea then walk to the ground. Come on Oldham!
  4. Me personally I'd rather us concentrate on staying in this division.We've got Whitehaven at the weekend at theirs, lets just hope we can get a result at the rec.
  5. That's us out. The best result would be to the squad to come through it with no injury worries.
  6. Well that's us out then. Widnes have already given us a tanning this season . I suppose it means we can concentrate on the league.
  7. I think our season starts next week as far as being realistic in terms of winning games is concerned. There are going to be games where we probably won't be able to compete with these clubs with much larger budgets than ours. It's going to be a very tough season.
  8. Agreed, these games are very important. As we have seen there are some games we aren't going to be able to compete for so the other games are going to be more important. Are there any injury concerns from the Toulouse game, the less injuries the better obviously.
  9. Now then, with widnes and toulouse out of the way we may go into a game with a realistic chance of winning. Any thoughts. No disrespect to Whitehaven intended.
  10. It's not making for good reading. God help us at Toulouse. As long as we don't pick up any other injuries, that's all we can hope for. As tandle said our players are part time, some of them with families to feed so their jobs will take priority and so they should. We can cross our fingers, it's about all we can do.
  11. Battered squad already, doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. Not good.
  12. That's what I was thinking. If you look through the forums in general they seem pretty quiet compared with what they used to be. But yes on this forum it does seem quiet these days. I suppose the attendance figure's will tell us if people are interested.
  13. No probs, we're fortunate to have people like yourselves with the indepth knowledge of all things roughyeds. I'm going to enjoy the website, looking at the past and loving looking at the pictures. I live near and know Adrian Alexander (Alex) and it was nice to see him in his playing days as he was a little before my time. Once again many thanks to the individuals who have put together this fantastic website, it really is a great asset to ensure the past isn't forgotten.
  14. Went onto the website last night, it's fantastic. I could've spent ours looking at the photo's, the stats and everything else. Many thanks to all concerned. It choked me a bit with all the pictures of Sheddings.
  15. Me, personally I got fed up of them a while back so I stopped buying them. It probably depends on how many they sell. Wouldn't it be better to get the program via a season long subscription by email. It'd save the club having to print the programs and there'd be less waste ie unsold copies(just an idea).
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