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  1. If it's a money issue as far as the CC game is concerned, wouldn't a SL game of London v Wigan get more fans (and more revenue) from playing the game at Wigan's ground?
  2. Perhaps London could play all their home SL games away?
  3. So much for a neutral venue, and for me attending. Just plain ridiculous.
  4. Absolutely. I bang on about the spread and popularity of rugby league at work and to my friends and family. I think I'm just going to keep my mouth shut from now on and concede that's it's always going to be a Northern game for Northern people.
  5. It seems the comments section on the story on the BBC website has disappeared, along with all the comments! I'm not sure what's happened there.
  6. Absolutely agree. Even if this year's rugby World Cup is a success, I'm half expecting something along the lines of Martin Samuel's hatchet job from the last World Cup here - "and now for a sport no-one cares about - rugby league".
  7. Last night's game was simply amazing and it still amazes me that rugby league seems to be the world's biggest kept sporting secret. If major companies are not prepared to sponsor rugby league in this country, what can the RFL do to change this?