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  1. https://www.totalrl.com/the-key-decisions-on-toronto-wolfpack/
  2. A beautiful, intelligent woman, who also had a wonderful sense of humour. And Rugby League gets an early mention in these interviews she did with Michael Parkinson in the 1970s.
  3. And are you shamelessly going to try and deny it will have any effect? I'm sure there will be a lot of research into the cause of any changes in crowd figures.
  4. Our history demonstrates that we were way ahead of every other sport in terms of enabling black sportsmen to achieve great things. The fact that other sports have followed in our footsteps should be a positive factor, not a negative one. And who doesn't regret that we haven't seen more Billy Bostons or Ellery Hanleys who could have the same impact that those and many other black players have had in our sport over the years. We are all searching for those players, but the truth is that potential young black athletes now have far more outlets in which to display their talents, and their earnings in Rugby League will not match what they could earn by playing several other sports. The test is whether, when they do play Rugby League, they feel welcome in our sport. If there was evidence that they didn't, then that would be a matter of great concern and we would need to do something about it.
  5. It's a perfectly fair point to say you want to see changes to the way we do things. But what changes do you want to see?
  6. I'm not objecting to Super League displaying political banners at matches for any moral reasons, or because I disagree with the aims of the BLM movement. That isn't the point. When we festoon our stadia with political slogans, the experience of watching a sporting contest changes significantly. I don't think that most people, regardless of their political persuasion, will find that acceptable. We will see the NFL launch this weekend, for example. I would be surprised if there isn't a significant decline in crowd figures this season now that the NFL has decided to politicise the matchday. If there isn't, feel free to come back to me and point out how wrong I was.
  7. To point to your history certainly isn't naive. You certainly don't make a case out that it is. But if there are modern examples of BAME players being the victims of racist behaviour, then that is a distinct issue that needs to be addressed. I don't think anyone would argue against that.
  8. Not laughable at all, unless you have a very strange sense of humour.
  9. One of the misconceptions about my view of the Black Lives Matter protest in Rugby League, as I've seen on Twitter, is that, no matter what I write in League Express, some people will read what they want to read. I'm not against players taking the knee if they believe that is the right thing to do. As far as I'm concerned everyone has a free choice to make that decision. But what I object to is the governing body displaying political banners. No one can deny that sport and politics are closely connected, but politicising the matchday experience is the best way to drive fans away from the game. When we watch a game, sport should allow us to escape from politics for 80 or 90 minutes. Historically sporting organisations have banned political advertising at the events they control, but clearly that has now changed. I think they'll live to regret it.
  10. Obviously you're perfectly at liberty to scorn Rugby League's history. But I'm not sure why you should want to.
  11. It's never me who makes that decision.
  12. The RFL's anti-racism message lies in its history. But it hasn't communicated that message very well.
  13. I agree with you. Sadly, Rugby League media people don't do their own sport any favours, particularly compared to the AFL media. The same tendency is found in the attitude of Rugby League people in the UK to overseas teams, especially Toronto.
  14. I would like to see a 20-team NRL competition with new clubs in SE Queensland, Perth, Adelaide and Christchurch. At the moment the AFL can boast a national competition because it has clubs in all the major Australian states. The NRL could beat that by extending to those cities to become a truly ANZAC competition.
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