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  1. Check out my article on the problem that hampers the prospect of Super League making any significant progress.
  2. I would be delighted if you would "pick out each poorly written point in the article". I'm eager to see what they are. With respect, there is no such thing as a "full picture". We all paint partial pictures, regardless of the issue.
  3. Where do I start with your response to my article? I'm not sure what you mean by 'borderline condescending'. Of course I am not 'probably insulting to some Tongans'. What do you mean by 'poorly researched'? I'm well aware that Folau has expressed his views more than once, but I was referring to the reason he was sacked by Rugby Australlia, which was because of his Instagram post last April. I don't mind criticism, but I prefer it to be well founded, not based on misunderstanding or misrepresenting what I'm saying. I'm not offering an excuse for him, but suggesting that all religious people believe that by following the tenets of their faith they will be saved in the afterlife and the rest of us won't be. That is why many faiths are evangelical, trying to warn us off those habits that conflict with what they believe in. My mind boggles with how someone like you can read something and just not get it, either deliberately or simply because your prejudices won't allow you to weigh the arguments in your mind. Your response isn't so much blinkered as wilfully blind.
  4. Here's my expanded 'Talking Rugby League' article taken from this week's League Express. https://www.totalrl.com/a-foul-or-a-fool/
  5. You appeared to suggest that because you imagine I would disagree with Gareth Thomas, therefore he wouldn't be my mate. I find it very easy to be friends with people I disagree with on some issues.
  6. Not in the wider context of this thread, but in the context of Dave T's comment about me, it is.
  7. No, although I would be happy if he was. I had several discussions with him when he was with the Crusaders and he always seemed both intelligent and genuine.
  8. What you're suggesting is very logical. Expecting someone to apologise for their religious beliefs would be inviting them to be hypocritical. He believes what he believes, and only he could change his beliefs. But both he and the club must recognise that those beliefs, whatever they are, should not impinge on his role as a Rugby League player. In a more general sense, I spent much of my earlier life campaigning against Rugby League being banned in various places around the world, and Rugby League players being victimised because they had played Rugby League. One of our arguments always was that Rugby League is the most inclusive of sports, discriminating against no one. That includes gay people as well as people who might appear to have fundamental or even eccentric beliefs.
  9. When you post on this forum you do so knowing that your post may elicit reactions from one or more people, as yours did from me. And you were right that I did ask a rhetorical question in order to demonstrate the point that nothing Folau could say would affect the esteem in which you hold your son, which I would have expected you to appreciate. It was actually a supportive question. If you object to people responding to your posts, it's probably best not to make them. Keegan Hirst's opinion is as valid as anyone else's, but it is not the only one, and, as I mentioned earlier, a gay friend of mine who is a former professional player (although he hasn't come out publicly) has the opposite point of view. He can't wait to see Folau playing in Super League. Whether Folau is ignorant or not, I really don't know. i suspect he is anything but ignorant of the Bible, but he has a skewed interpretation of it. Like you, I am not religious, and I'm very glad that religious zealots don't have a major role in our society, although zealotry can take other forms.
  10. I'm aware that it was stupid, ill-conceived and pointless precisely because the answer was obvious, which was why I asked it. Of course nothing Folau could tweet would have any effect on the pride you take in your son's achievements. So bearing that in mind, why should that affect whether or not you support the Catalans Dragons? As I have pointed out earlier, my daughter and son-in-law are evangelical Christians who have some views that I strongly disagree with. But that doesn't mean that I would not give them as much support as I could with their lives and with bringing up their children. Part of the art of living is recognising that some people who you might otherwise admire and respect have opinions that you might dispute, but not to the extent of driving a wedge between you. But unfortunately in the modern world far too many people seem to want to exacerbate division while hypocritically proclaiming that they are encouraging diversity.
  11. Ultimately the Dragons will discover whether signing Folau has been a wise move or not. Whether he will help them achieve better results is debatable. Whether he will deter supporters from coming through the gate is also debatable, but certainly possible. If the majority opinion on this thread is reflected in the views of Catalans' supporters, the Dragons may well come to regret signing Folau. So in that sense I take your point.
  12. That's perfectly understandable. But in this case we are talking about a player, whose views on any topic are unlikely to affect the way he plays the game. Nowadays sportsmen regularly give their opinions on a range of subjects on social media, so we know far more about them than we did in the pre-social media years. So do we go through their social media posts with a fine toothcomb to see whether we should carry on supporting them or their team? Perhaps some of us do.
  13. Rhetorical certainly, but strange, not really. Ciderwire clearly takes pride in his son, but he linked his family pride with his ambivalence over whether or not to support the Catalans this season. I would have thought they were quite separate things. But maybe not!
  14. Will the fact that Folau is playing for the Catalans have any effect on the degree of pride you take in your son?
  15. Not by Folau's signing. Not a bit, in fact. He thinks he'll be a great signing for the Catalans. But nowadays we all tend to get outraged on other people's behalf.
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