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  1. Thanks for that explanation. If you find out a bit more I'd be interested to read it. It seems we've been searching for the holy grail of the best competition structure almost forever. The game was starting to struggle at that time, probably because of the upsurge of interest in football following England's success in 1966. I know that I had a short spell watching football myself in those days, until I came to my senses again.
  2. That's very interesting, and it wasn't something I had remembered. At the time I had taken a short break from Rugby League. But how did the clubs arrange their own matches from the teams at the other side of the Pennines, given that they had to presumably select three opponents? They could hardly all select the same ones.
  3. You're correct, and that's why we need a structure that facilitates what you are suggesting.
  4. If you read through my proposal you'll see that any two teams could play in a Grand Final, even if they were in the same Conference, such as Warrington and St Helens, or Hull FC and Hull KR.
  5. Don't think that the funding proposal I set out was a fixed element of the overall proposal. It was anything but. If you were to read through this thread you'd find that I suggested that my proposal along with others should be bundled and taken to both the broadcasting market and the financial markets now for a start after the next TV contract expires, ie, for a competitive structure beginning in 2024. If we could attract the right quality and quantity of investment for any competitive structure from that point, then the sport would be in a much better position. Our problem is far too much short term planning.
  6. My whole idea is premised on the belief that in Rugby League relegation (ie, jeopardy) frequently has a disastrous impact on the clubs it affects. Hull KR finished bottom of Super League last year, admittedly in only an 11-team competition, but when you look at them now, relegation would have been such an enormous waste of the club's potential.
  7. Please, 85 teams, there were 49 teams in the NCL last time I looked. Get your facts straight!
  8. Good point. The sad thing is that everyone in the game seems resigned to those games being badly attended.
  9. Which is not to be sniffed at. But that doesn't change the principle I was outlining. One of the best things about this season (if not the best) is the revival of the Robins.
  10. True and very frustrating. It's the Ratner principle, which many people in Rugby League don't seem to have learned from. The problem is that there is wide disagreement about what sort of reset we need, as seen frequently on this forum. I agree with your general sentiment, but one of the odd things about professional sport compared to many other areas of economic activity, is that matches involve two clubs but only one, for the most part, gets the financial benefit from the paying customers at an individual match. If Hull FC and Hull KR were to split the gate equally on Saturday, for example, it would give both of them the incentive to maximise the paying audience and to engage in the sort of promotion you envisage. As it is, Hull KR will get some payback from tickets they sell, but not from the other ticket sales for that event.
  11. I agree with that. I think Hull have largely benefited from his ownership. Let's not forget that they won the Challenge Cup twice. Even so, people can do some very good things but still occasionally say something publicly that hits the wrong note.
  12. If Adam wants an influx of capital into the sport - as we all do in one form or another - the best selling point would be being able to put a 'sold out' sign up on Saturday. And we need to be able to do that at a few more games.
  13. I completely agree with you. Saying the sport is in danger of dying isn't necessarily a strong selling point if you're also saying you want someone to pump in £100 million. His club is due to attract its best crowd of the season on Saturday. You might have thought he would have been trying to talk it up.
  14. I think you need to re-read many of your own posts, in which you have constantly and presumably knowingly misrepresented me. I don't mind that occasionally. On a forum like this it is inevitable. But when it is constantly repeated I have to wonder about your agenda.
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