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  1. His column in League Express is actually extremely thoughtful. Listening to someone speaking can be markedly different to the experience of reading a column, which perhaps you don't do. I've listened to many people over the years who have been singularly ill-informed. It reminds me of a discussion I had some time ago in the pub with a neighbour who, when I praised The Guardian, used similar language to you in describing it. When I asked him how often he read it, he proudly said that he never did. He just knew it was, to use your descrption, sheeite, and he didn't need to read it
  2. You can form an opinion at any time and you have a perfect right to do so without any complaint from me. It was how you expressed your opinion that I objected to. Similarly, whether you care is up to you, although the fact that you've responded suggests that you do care. I thought the way you commented initially was uncharacteristic of you. Of course I could be wrong.
  3. We all tend to make judgements based on minimal evidence, so I suppose in that sense you're not unusual.
  4. Then let me give you a lesson in the English language. Robin said: "I just can't take anything coming from Schoey as anything but utter sheeeite! "However, odds are .... eventually he may call something correctly." I described those comments as "disrespectful, bigoted and ridiculous". If you think that calling someone's views "sheeeite!" is not disrespectful then I don't know what planet you're living on. To be bigoted means being attached to an opinion that is prejudiced against a particular individual or group. Robin's comment clearly demonstrates that quality.
  5. If Robin had simply said he didn't like Garry's views I wouldn't have reacted. But he didn't say that.
  6. Extraordinary comment - disrespectful, bigoted and ridiculous. Those are qualities I wouldn't normally associate with you. How often do you read Garry's columns? On what do you base making such an arrogant and sweeping comment?
  7. Sam Luckley was born in Kirkcaldy. So that makes it three players born in Scotland.
  8. Incredibly sad news. https://www.totalrl.com/rfl-benevolent-fund-reports-the-death-of-matt-king-obe/
  9. We've been around a long time, I suppose, but again I would take you up on one of your comments. What do you mean by 'criticism of the game'? By 'the game', do you mean the people who run it, or 'the game' in a wider sense?1 If it's the former, then we are far more critical of those who run it than anyone else, and by that I mean justified and reasoned criticism, not just ranting for the sake of doing so. Bradford Bulls is a very interesting subject. I have a lot of documentation about the Bulls going back many years, and, because the club went under owing me a lot of
  10. I'd be interested to know how you define 'the establishment' and what you think those words mean in a Rugby League context.
  11. "League Express tends to lean towards conservatism, whereas League Weekly was ..... happy to have a dig and question the status quo." It's a long time since I've read a sentence that was more factually inaccurate. League Express has held the rulers of the game to account far more effectively than any of our rivals ever did. If you care to ask Nigel Wood, I think he will tell you that he was forced out of office by the things we revealed in League Express and you can all draw your own conclusions about why Robert Elstone is stepping down from Super League.
  12. The idea that there were "12 pretty opinionated individuals" is not what I hear. The problem was rather that several of the directors of Super League were reluctant to air their opinions for fear of rocking the boat. The significant change recently was the arrival of Derek Beaumont, who was aghast at what he found and spoke out strongly within the Super League meetings. It was ironic for Robert Elstone that he kicked out Toronto, who never caused him any trouble, and brought in Leigh, who cooked his goose. More on all of this in League Express on Monday.
  13. That's a good point. Despite never being a football fan, I could name every player in Leeds United's 1960s side managed by Don Revie and I could name many other football players and their clubs from that era. I couldn't name a single Leeds player today, nor even an England player, other than Marcus Rashford, who I'm aware of for non-football reasons. Is it that we are more open minded when we are younger, and our interests narrow as we grow older? Although I'm not quite sure what this has to do with Robert Elstone.
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