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  1. And no performances of Gary Glitter anywhere!
  2. I recognise what you are saying, but what I would really like to know is why Moorhouse raised it in his book. Where did it come from, given that it almost seemed to be a throwaway line? It's very easy to damn people who are now dead and make all sorts of claims about them that they obviously can't rebut. And since he wrote that book, plenty of people have read that about Sunderland and assumed it must be true. Sadly, Moorhouse himself died some time ago, so we can't ask him.
  3. I think if Roy Francis had been sacked at Wigan purely on racial grounds, the Wigan supporters would have known it and they would have been up in arms about it. In that context it certainly would have been newsworthy.
  4. I think she is being very harsh. I don't think it was rife in this country in those days, unlike in, for example, the United States. That doesn't mean it wasn't present at all, but working people were remarkably free of it, as Paul Robeson discovered, particularly in Wales, in the 1930s. Alex Givvons was discovering something very similar in Oldham in the 1930s.
  5. Yes, I missed out bald players and, for that matter, the one I shouldn't have forgotten, players with beards.
  6. Yes, religion and hair colour. We're probably the most inclusive sport, but sometimes it's hard to remember all the inclusions.
  7. Actually, I did miss out probably the most important thing of all. I should have said that we would like to see our new participants and spectators also wanting to read about and give their opinions on Rugby League, by flocking to the shops to buy League Express and Rugby League World and coming to this website, both to read the news and express their views on this forum. We can but hope.
  8. To cut a long story short, we would like to see a lot more people playing and watching Rugby League regardless of their ethnicity, class, gender, age, nationality or skin colour. I hope I haven't missed anything out.
  9. This issue has come up several times before on this forum. Geoffrey Moorhouse did make that comment in his book, but only in a hearsay manner, not presenting any evidence to back up that viewpoint. I contacted a highly respected historian at the University of Queensland with a great interest in Rugby League to ask him whether there was any evidence of racism in anything Sunderland did during his days in his native state. He confirmed that there wasn't, but that there was a great deal of racism in Australia at that time. Nonetheless, Sunderland was a prolific journalist at the time, and if he had written one racist word I'm sure it would have been unearthed by a researcher. So unless that happens, I don't think we should besmirch his character, and we certainly shouldn't consider renaming the trophy that is awarded at the end of the Grand Final. I should also add that the official history by Moorhouse does have a lot of other errors in it, which were pointed out to me by Robert Gate, another noted Rugby League historian, who in my view should have been given the commission to write that book.
  10. There isn't a lot of modern music I listen to, but this track, 'Up North', by the Norwegian band Borknagar, is really worth listening to.
  11. The Queen won't give us an interview, but Robert gave us one on Monday. So it would be a funny hump to have.
  12. Reading between the lines is a useful skill to have. I'm slightly frustrated because I desperately want Super League to be successful and to grow beyond where it is now, and I would like Robert to be able to take it there. I think he is a very able guy with some strong qualities and I support some of the things he has done so far. But I don't think communication and inspiration are his strong points. I'm not sure whether that means his street cred is on the slippery slope. Nonetheless, if he can negotiate a strong TV deal from 2022 and bring commercial income into the game in other ways, he would have gone a long way to achieving his remit.
  13. I share your viewpoint, unless there is something else we are not being told.
  14. I'm sure that would be very useful. It's an interesting rogues' gallery.
  15. Yes, it was ironic that Alex seemed to be bubbling with enthusiasm while Robert seemed either unwilling or unable to generate a feeling of excitement for the impending play-offs. In fact he allowed himself to be diverted onto other subjects such as Toronto. And the problem is that he tends to speak in generalities, not shedding much light on the issues (such as minimum standards) so we end up none the wiser. As I understand it, the problem with Toronto that the Super League clubs want settled is a commitment to allow all Super League players to enter Canada even if, under other circumstances, they wouldn't be granted a visa. They are looking for some sort of special arrangement with the Canadian government.
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