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  1. https://www.totalrl.com/creating-a-brighter-future/
  2. In so far as it's possible to interpret their accounts, it's clear that most clubs have borrowings from one source or another.
  3. I have asked but the RFL hasn't revealed how many clubs owe it money at the moment. "Confidential commercial arrangements" is the reason quoted.
  4. Whenever a club borrows money from the RFL, its repayments are deducted from its annual distribution. It's been that way since the year dot and I would guess that every club in the game has borrowed money from the governing body at some stage. So one relevant question is - how many clubs currently are also in this situation? I've asked the RFL for the information.
  5. Every year we run an annual readers' poll, normally with more than a thousand entries, and around a third of the people who respond are women.
  6. I'm not trying to. To post a comment on misogyny on a thread about misogyny is, I would have thought, clearly related to the topic under discussion, although it wasn't critical of anyone in particular.
  7. Lots of women read League Express but not many women come onto this forum, it seems. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong direction.
  8. Mate, you're wrong. You should be able to see that the sentence you pick out isn't a criticism of people who took offence at that letter.
  9. People accused our correspondent of being misogynistic, which is certainly debatable. But there are various forms of misogyny, I'm sure you would agree, that go beyond simply not liking Women's Rugby League. So I made clear one type of misogyny that i think is rather too prevalent generally. If you don't agree with me, or you think that the point is irrelevant, you are welcome to ignore the point I made. What is striking is that I haven't, to my knowledge, had a woman complain about that letter, unless some of the posters on here with anonymous handles are female. Perhaps they would let us know.
  10. You are impossible to argue with because you don't seem to understand the nature of an argument that is put to you. To think that I portrayed any criticism of the letter as misogynistic requires quite an incredible imagination.
  11. Don't be so daft! Or are you just being obtuse? You seem to be trying your damnedest to misunderstand what I'm saying. What I said is quite clear. Do you agree with me that people who view women in that way are misogynistic?
  12. It would be if someone had said that. What I actually said was: "But the real misogyny is the idea that women are such weak, fragile creatures that any criticism of them should be censored." Disagree with me if you wish.
  13. I can confirm that he does exist and you might imagine that his ears might be burning by now.
  14. You don't give that impression. I have no interest in or knowledge of nuclear weapons but I know that I'm against them. Does that make my opinion rubbish too? If you began with the phrase "I have no knowledge of" a subject, I would think you were being commendably honest. The letter was perfectly rational and made perfect sense. Mr Bagley doesn't like women's Rugby League and doesn't think that a woman should be included in a series about Rugby League Heroes. He could hardly have expressed himself more clearly or rationally. The fact that we cover women's Rugby League so extensively shows that we disagree with him. Even the heading we used betrayed that fact. But was his letter misogynistic because he expressed his dislike of women's Rugby League? You could certainly interpret it that way and some people have. But the real misogyny is the idea that women are such weak, fragile creatures that any criticism of them should be censored.
  15. I was going to point out that you have a unique ability in being able to spot bigotry from afar. If there's a bigot somewhere at the other end of the universe you will be sure to call him out. But spotting that Mr Bagley is a bigot from beyond the grave is an outstanding piece of detective work. Well done!
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