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  1. Check out the latest edition of the League Express Podcast, with Jake Kearnan, Garry Schofield and me talking about the Challenge Cup and all things Rugby League related.
  2. Check out the latest League Express Podcast. Jake Kearnan and I remember Rob Burrow and pay tribute to all of his accomplishments on and off the field, discuss this weekend's men's and women's Challenge Cup Finals and 1895 Cup Final. We also preview the men's and women's State of Origin matches being played this week, while wondering whether former Leeds Rhinos coach Brian McDermott can land the vacant Parramatta coaching job. Enjoy the chat.
  3. Sincere condolences from everyone at League Publications to Rob Burrow's family and friends, particularly to his wonderful wife Lindsey and his three marvellous children. We will always remember him. RIP, Rob.
  4. In this week's episode of the League Express Podcast, Jake Kearnan and I discuss last weekend's games as well as Herman Ese'ese being cleared of a Grade F 'verbal abuse' allegation and player movement including Matty Nicholson's move to Canberra, Tom Amone's move to the Bulldogs and Esan Marsters signing with Salford. We also discuss State of Origin team selections, Salford and Leigh being granted elite Academy licenses and Wests Tigers CEO Shane Richardson's trip to the UK.
  5. If you stuck to making your point, as you have done here, then I would agree with you, as I do on this topic. The problem is that over the last six years the total income generated by Rugby League in this country has more or less halved. Desperate clubs call for desperate measures, even ones that in the long term would be damaging for the health of the game. As you will know if you have run a business, decisions made under conditions of insolvency are never made with the long term in mind. The insistence on Catalans paying the transport costs of all of their opponents is only one element of this. Rugby League's problem is that the clubs (or a majority of the clubs) call the shots.
  6. Irony was notable by its absence in the comment to which I replied. You seem to enjoy passing judgement on things you clearly know very little about. Of course you are perfectly entitled to do that, but the correct description of that habit is ignorance, not irony.
  7. You are absolutely right, but the difference is that in MLS the financial and governance entity is the league itself. That means that the league negotiates all the salaries centrally and determines which players play with which clubs. Essentially every club shares the underlying risk equally. No club bears that risk alone. I would love to see Rugby League adopt the MLS model. I wrote about that here.
  8. Every successful expansion club I can think of in every sport is given favourable treatment to encourage it to become established in a new market, whether that is financial, recruitment, fixture or salary cap advantages or even protection from relegation. I don't think the Catalans would still be here, for example, if they hadn't been protected from relegation in their early years. If you can name any examples of expansion clubs that have gone on to prosper without being given any advantages, I would be happy for you to list them.
  9. I hope you're right and they have a brilliant plan that they haven't shared with us. Although I'm critical of IMG, I fervently hope that they prove me wrong, for the good of the game.
  10. Expansion clubs will always be weak, however, unless they are given a lot of central help. We saw that with Melbourne Storm. We saw it with Sydney Swans and other clubs in the AFL. I had been hoping that IMG would be able to find a way to do this with London Broncos.
  11. Very true, but now we are locked into a system that will see them out of Super League for who knows how long. What I find frustrating is that IMG said two years ago that London was a priority but they've created a system that effectively negates the progress that London has made.
  12. Your former director was obviously a very sensible fellow. He might also have said that outcomes are more important than hypotheses that look good on paper. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that London's approach this year was to market Super League rather than themselves. My daughter and her husband were at their last home game and commented to me on how friendly and family-based the crowd was on that day. Sometimes it's good not to have an excess of tribalism.
  13. We know it's not been stress-tested because of some of the faults that have been pointed out on this thread. If it had been stress-tested, those faults would have been remedied before it was introduced.
  14. Again, you are making statements that you can't possibly know to be true. IMG haven't revealed whether and if so how they stress-tested the gradings system.
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