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  1. My post was about Tom Watson, not you. I was simply making a point about who needs to atone for their role in this scandal. I certainly wouldn't claim you were a Tom Watson supporter. Perhaps I should have made a freestanding post, rather than quoting you. I suppose it did look as though I was disagreeing with you.
  2. The person who needs to apologise, and resign, is Tom Watson, whose behaviour and judgement were absolutely appalling and deeply damaging. His description of Leon Brittan, without any evidence other than the corrupted information supplied by Carl Beech, was hate speech of the worst imaginable kind. Brittan's widow still seems to be traumatised by it, not surprisingly.
  3. Will Ottawa be one of the RFL CEO's defining legacies?
  4. The problem is that the people who were only too willing to believe Carl Beech were the investigating police officers. As this article suggests, they appeared to treat his allegations as an article of faith, which led them to undertake a negligent investigation that had a massive impact on innocent people. Whether anyone on this website believed the allegations is insignificant, compared to the fact that the police did believe them, quite recklessly.
  5. Recently I was checking some aspects of my ancestry, and I discovered from the 1911 Census that one of my great -grandfathers lived in a house at the appropriately named Pit Row in South Kirkby, which was then a small mining town south of Wakefield. Many of my ancestors died of lung disease because of mining, so I'm delighted to see this pioneering work in South Kirkby that aims to catch the early symptoms of lung disease before it spreads and becomes cancerous. My daughter has been one of the chief proponents of this approach and played a key role in setting up this initiative. She is quoted in the article. I'm impressed by the way in which the NHS is taking steps to catch disease early in this and so many other areas. https://yorkshirecancerresearch.org.uk/news/pioneering-lung-health-check-programme-launched-in-south-kirkbyj
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. It's something I would certainly like to do, although perhaps Rugby League World would be the best vehicle for this. But it's certainly an enjoyable thread to read.
  7. That's a wonderful story. Thanks for telling it on this forum. I think it should be compulsory reading for every Rugby League supporter who ever moans about the game.
  8. I think Usyk would beat anyone who is a moderately sized heavyweight, but against Fury in particular he would be up against it.
  9. I believe it was a split decision when Parker beat Ruiz and Parker himself reckons Ruiz is a very smart fighter. Whatever happens now, Ruiz's victory over Joshua has opened up the heavyweight division.
  10. I'm not sure that anyone other than Fury will outbox Ruiz. He showed against Joshua that he's a very skilful fighter with very fast hands, while he also has a great chin. Anyone underestimating him will pay the same price as Joshua.
  11. He's a very interesting guy with a fascinating life story. And he is incredibly open about his mistakes and his personal relationships.
  12. Jamie Bloem will be the latest player interviewed by Richard de la Riviere in our Rugby League Heroes series in Monday's edition of the paper. While some people might object to the generic title of the series as it applies to Bloem, he has undeniably one of the most interesting personal stories of any Rugby League player. As Richard writes in his introduction: BORN in Australia and brought up in apartheid-torn South Africa, Jamie Bloem has rarely led an ordinary life. His twin sister died at the age of six weeks. Living on a military base, his bomb-proof school bus was regularly shot at. His father was killed in action when he was 15. Bloem was tempted to leave the Western Province rugby union club for Castleford in 1992, before moving on to Oldham and then Doncaster, where he made his name. He achieved notoriety when he became the first player in British Rugby League to test positive for steroids. He played for Widnes after his two-year ban and went on to feature for South Africa in the 2000 World Cup. This is the first of a two-part interview with Jamie. Next week he discusses his time at Halifax and Huddersfield, his refereeing career and the false allegations of underage sex made against him in 2013, which turned his life upside down. It's just one of the many things appearing in League Express this Monday.
  13. I'm in contact with Gary and Gemma. I'll be writing about it in League Express on Monday.
  14. It was also before Saints moved into their new stadium. I hope they are promoting themselves in Liverpool. I can't imagine it's not possible to persuade at least 500 Liverpudlians to begin supporting them.
  15. In the old days Liverpool City used to play at Knotty Ash, but they rarely drew a crowd above 400. But I agree that we shouldn't walk away from Liverpool. I can't understand why St Helens abandoned their attempts to expand their supporter base in Liverpool a few years ago.
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