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  1. All I bloody well need.

  2. LIsa - have you got the one of the Penguins resplendent in our shirts way back when? I can't find it (nor the shirt, not that I'd get in it these days!).
  3. I had 2 years on the bounce but can't remember when. Alzheimers setting in. AA won a couple as well I think.
  4. err, I wouldn't know. Trying to find a couple of my old ones but no luck so far.
  5. I'm here:) It's been that long I've worked up a bit of a thirst. Was only having a half but better make it a pint of anything strong
  6. It's Hell of the North time. Be back in circulation around 4.30pm

  7. Even more of a feckin joke

  8. It's hot.....time for a long cool beer

  9. 27537CE4 BB add me

  10. Harvested the first of the veg today. 2 radish......Have also planted out a dozen sprout plants, a dozen more caulis and sowed more rocket and lettuce. No room to move in the back any more, just have to hope Alison Clowes doesn't kill everything off whilst we're away or else.

  11. Well since the wine's gone it has to be the malt

  12. OK so that's the last bottle of wine gone. Might just have to pop across the channel for another 100 or so:)