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  1. LIsa - have you got the one of the Penguins resplendent in our shirts way back when? I can't find it (nor the shirt, not that I'd get in it these days!).
  2. I had 2 years on the bounce but can't remember when. Alzheimers setting in. AA won a couple as well I think.
  3. err, I wouldn't know. Trying to find a couple of my old ones but no luck so far.
  4. I'm here:) It's been that long I've worked up a bit of a thirst. Was only having a half but better make it a pint of anything strong
  5. Got one in the Oldham Chronicle tonight. Was taking pictures for the under 12s & 13s Service Area games at weekend (Oldham v Wigan & Leigh). Noticed their usual chap wasn't around so we sent a few off with the match reports. Printed this one. Barrie McDermott's son Billy taking centre stage. Plus a couple of others from the under 12s game
  6. Couple from the Under 18s National Selection day. London & South v North (Orange) Scotland v Wales North West (Green) v Yorkshire
  7. Awaiting delivery, due Monday, along with Canon400D for Dummies. Although not a total novice and I can work out of Auto mode (with instruction book to hand) decided to, as the song says, start at the very beginning. Off to Leigh to watch the GB v Oz Masters this afternoon so will see what I can get. After all, the speed is a little slower....
  8. Had a 400D for about 6 months but only recently started trying to use it 'properly'. Now acquired photoshop. Somehow think I'm going to be rather busy for the forseeable future trying to put it all together - decent piccies to start with and then seeing what else I can do with them. Will post my first efforts shortly.