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  1. The actual numbers don't align with your post though, do they. Your opinion is duly noted and discarded. You have the right to think whatever you want, no matter how backward and bitter it is.
  2. See, the thing is that there are 5 other teams in this league with worse crowds than us. And it's been like that for a few years now. So on that basis you need to get shut of them as well. The crowd wasn't great but all this conjecture about there would have been more at x and a better atmos at y; it's a joke. We'll travel to Leeds next week, or Wire. And whichever it is we'll get grief. Today the Cru had the benefit of being in front of the commentary box and the mics. It's like when you go to Saints; the place could be like a church and all it takes is one man screaming at that mic they set up. We're not given that opportunity. It is fashionable to have someone unfashionable. Christ, we don't even bother responding to the sh*t on here any more. Who cares?! See you next round. We're still in it; are you?
  3. sp: sight, doesn't. If my auntie was my uncle we'd go bowling. As it is, she's my auntie so she bakes cake. Good cake. PM me, I'll sort you some, it might take the edge off those grapes.
  4. P.P.S Kudos on winning the Grand Final in a month or so!
  5. Hint: It wasn't you, you big baby.
  6. I missed the fight. Who won?