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  1. I agree, wrong forum. I’ll leave it to the thread author to decide whether to stick it on the COVID or BBC threads in Politics.
  2. Watched S3 ep1 of Star Trek Discovery. It’s turned into a remake of Andromeda with a bit less cheese. I guess the Roddenberry stuff has to be wrung out a bit further. I didn’t mind Andromeda, it was just too squeaky in its morals. I sincerely hope this doesn’t go that way. What really annoyed me about S2 was the over-dramatic scenes. e.g. the last episode full of standing around in mutual admiration while explosions In space probably meaning lots of people dying in the background. And...
  3. “Charlie says wear a sodding mask”
  4. The original poster can. Those who have the privileges to respond to a politicised post can.
  5. I see your Mrs Brown’s Boys and raise you the new Walking Dead spin-off. I can’t see any excuse for a programme this bad. It doesn’t even have bad-programme parody value.
  6. At primary school, in our mining village, we covered Aberfan and were taught all about it over a couple of weeks. We then did an away day to our nearest local surviving colliery (around 1980, so not many left then!) to see an active bing and just how nasty working pits were. We then went to to our local country park that started as an environmental scar of seven former collieries turned into a fantastic nature reserve, including making the bings as safe as they could by turning them into artificial hills. That finished with a visit to the local opencast colliery (30 mins walk from school) and a session from their "Environmental manager" (I still remember that title as something exotic from 1980) on how they were restoring nature and safety as they moved on. The whole point of the learning was that it didn't, and doesn't, have to be this way.
  7. I've been feeling a bit off today, so worked back the last 24 hours to see what was causing it. I found it.... Yesterday, I had an optician's appt to get my new glasses prescription sorted. I wanted a pair for computer use as my eyes are straining a bit. I already have reading ones. New glasses arrived and I couldn't read >8" from my face, never mind see my computer screen. They were worse than my old reading glasses for both reading and seeing the screen. The optician was insistent I was wrong, he would not listen. I simply could not be experiencing what I said. I think he really wanted to say I was lying but knew that wouldn't go down well. It took me getting my "this is how it will be" voice out to solve it. He would not have listened to me without me bringing out every bit of assertiveness I could. He was even refusing to look away from his screen when I was trying to show reading distances, he was furious that I was challenging his professional competence. He put the glasses in the lens tester and showed me "see, this is what I prescribed last time". I think he must have entered the wrong figures when he did the prescription last time, no other reason for such a huge prescription error. My eyes haven't deteriorated in the two weeks from prescription to getting them, I'm still using my readers for this computer with no difference. When I had my initial eye test with him, he rushed it, reusing my old prescription and the whole appt was <15 minutes rather than the usual 30-40 minutes I'm used to for eye tests. We eventually sorted the prescription but he was clearly bitter at having to redo them. I didn't want anything beyond getting the lenses sorted, I didn't want money back, I just wanted my glasses working as promised. Such a simple thing but effectively being accused of making it up has derailed me slightly. Now I know the cause, I can shuffle it behind me. Typing this has been the therapy I needed to move on! I'll get my new glasses, if they're right then that's when I'll make a formal grumble to his bosses. I can't believe I'm not the only one who he's been like this with.
  8. I moved three posts to the Politics thread as that one's likely to get responses rather than here.
  9. Please remember that this is a family friendly forum. Some things just go over that line and need to be removed.
  10. The difference is that the post removed had nothing to do with rugby.
  11. One post removed. Please don't use the example comments as an excuse to take this into your own political views or examinations on whether the view is right or wrong.
  12. It really does come down to people nominating. We had a right old griping session at work from some who REALLY didn't like being told "if you didn't fill in the form then how do you expect them to know about these folk?"
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