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  1. Six posts removed. One nonsense post about stuff that just doesn't happen, and then people following quoting it to make fun of it.
  2. One more from the event. The team in the left side of the photo are a South African lot of ex national team players. My SA brother in law was properly star struck, especially when I got Hugh to introduce him to them.
  3. It was a 7s tournament in Helensburgh, I've got the paper with the clubs on it somewhere. You're right, I think the green lot were the local host club. Quite a good day out! The Scotland RU veterans' 7s side brough the big names that the local union lot knew, but there were quite a few other rugby league folk as well. I'll see if I can find some pics I got of them as well.
  4. I was going through my photos the other night and found this one of me and Hugh from 2014
  5. One post and banned... well done. p.s. more flags than the post, dear reader...
  6. No need, I've seen it, I've reviewed your account and posts, and you are a troll. Most likely a returned one. Banned.
  7. You can call a referee incompetent, out of their depth, useless, arrogant, startled rabbit, or whatever. As long as you don't insinuate corruption in any way. Although 9999/10,000, it's the players who get paid more than the ref who've lost a game rather than individual refereeing decisions. Especially those who just point blank refuse to listen to a referee thinking the ref will just change his mind if they just ignore him.
  8. Four posts removed. One member banned. You cannot call a referee corrupt without consequence on this forum.
  9. I am fed up of the corruption comments. I will ban on sight the next person. You know better.
  10. Just don't do it, don't allege corruption on here. You won't last long if you do.
  11. Four posts removed. Respect the nature of this thread please.
  12. Locked, the police Tweet is all you need on this forum until after any trial.
  13. I think this thread is long overdue some Old Testament smiting as it’s nothing to do with rugby any longer.
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