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  1. That spectacular architecture is unforgettable, isn't it. I knew of one squad who so annoyed their CO that they got the wonderful job of cleaning the interior and exterior of those buildings for the duration of the 3 week exercise. One of the party tricks I learned there was the superman jump through windows. Whip antennae for my 351 and 320s from my bergen meant that I couldn't do the normal hurry-in method so had to bend 90 degrees from the waist, aim and just hope everyone heard me shout that I'm on the way in and clear out before I sprinted & jumped through. Packing kit on my front to stop me shredding my combats was strangely comfortable.
  2. My gran got an iPad at 78, she was banned from AOL chat groups for abusing Germans on their over 75 year olds’ chat groups. She loved it and was using it heavily until a few weeks before her death. She couldn’t get the hang of FaceTime on it though and couldn’t get why it didn’t work with landline numbers.
  3. Some places just do not change. Very few ex-squaddies won't have been here for some exercise or other.
  4. Our car is a 2006 model and my cousin, who earns about half what I do, keeps on boasting about his 2019 Audi A4 that he got brand new and why don’t I get one as well. He also keeps boasting about his house that’s worth twice ours, and surely we can upgrade to a bigger house. He goes on 2-3 holidays a year to nice places, and he can’t understand why we don’t spend 5 figures a year on holidays. His plan is to keep getting promotions and pay rises to keep ahead of bills. That’ll work well then.
  5. It depends on what you're used to. I like the simple interconnectivity between Apple stuff but I'm increasingly slow to upgrade given the costs of the things. I use an iPad Pro for most of my work when out of the house and I like how it just works with my iPhone. I used to have an Apple laptop as well until they went from proper performance machines to student bling where brand display on a showy device is more important than what it does. On Google photos, go to the Apple app store and download the Google photos app.
  6. That's it in a nutshell. The companies out there that keep saying "take out more debt to pay your debt, and don't worry about that interest, it's just a number and you now only have us to pay, and why don't you have a nice holiday and a better car while you're at it." When your head is in the hole, it's hard to look up to see how to fix it. We're completely debt free, but for our mortgage, but it took six years in an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) to do it and only after we were pushed in that direction by our bank (Barclays) did we even know that was an option. If we can't pay for it with free cash in our bank account now, we don't need it. I can't see any way I'd ever get a sizeable debt again as there be demons that way.
  7. Ahhh Suffolk, keeping it classy (NSFW wording and imagery!)
  8. We tried it. I didn’t get on with it, extraordinarily vivid dreams but the wife gets good value from it. You do get what you pay for with the quality though.
  9. Seeing the BBC’s last few efforts at “reinterpreting” source material, I have zero hope this will be be in the slightest bit watchable. And that makes me unhappy as that’s one of the best Terry Pratchett books.
  10. International sport is entertainment first. For me, does the player meet the rules to get in? If so, I don't see a problem. Everyone's entitled to their own views though on this controversial subject!
  11. Quite a bit of stuff like this in my Twitter timeline today. Relentless positivity, and not a single negative word. It seems the only negative folk are some rugby league fans. Those Maori blokes must be a nightmare to get suits to fit...
  12. Please join in on the linked politics thread for everything not-RLWC related.
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