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  1. They also did the classics of “Elephants Yeah!” and “just one Cornetto”. My wife thankfully didn’t murder me.
  2. We went to a classical music thing on Wednesday and the wife got very flirty with one of the singers after he dragged her up to dance during one song. I told her bluntly that she could have him on the condition I get Vittoria on reception here at the hotel. I’m not sure what’d be a bigger challenge, my current Indian wife or an Italian mistress. Cracking performance though, we had front row seats.
  3. Feel sorry for your flightless cow-orkers, then soar off into abusing anyone who comes near you.
  4. Today I’m sat on the main pedestrianised road in Sorrento with my book and refills of coffee, mixed in with people watching. I do like Italian women... although I think they’re like fine art. Great to look at but far too expensive to “own”.
  5. Yes, a modern “thing” that started with pre-mixed cocktails for those who wish to look ultra fashionable. Now this whisky brand thinks it’s appropriate for whisky.
  6. At Gatwick this afternoon heading off on holiday, we got talking to this late 40s large American chap from Houston. His first time outside the US, here for a week’s holiday. We were asking him how he enjoyed London, he said he didn’t like it as everyone was quite rude. He then said unprompted that he’d done everything his friends said, namely speak loudly and tell everyone he was Texan and then he could expect to get special treatment. He really couldn’t work out why were were laughing and started to take a bit of offence at it. We calmed him down and told him that he really needs to have a word with his friends who probably ruined his holiday for him. I think they’re in for a word or three when he gets home.
  7. To wind up my dad once, I ordered a grande chai latte with soya milk with extra cinnamon. That was fun watching his expression
  8. First time my wife met my gran, who has a broad Scottish accent, she was utterly confused when my gran said to her “can you go get the biscuits from the bunker in the scullery.”
  9. I posted this on the whisky thread but it really belongs here. Apparently, this is a “thing”. Alcoholic drinks in capsules that you stuff in your mouth and pretend you’re all modern.
  10. Two queues, queue 1 was for those who wanted to stand griping about how long they were in a queue to get ashtray coffee. Queue 2 was for those who didn’t want bean coffee.
  11. One place I worked in central London had a Starbucks next door, every morning I jumped the queue because the staff knew I wanted a filter coffee that was just pour in a cup and take my money. Starbucks bean coffee tastes like reconstituted ashtray anyway so I was happy in that. People were queueing 20-30 minutes for their “coffee”
  12. I’m with Padge. The only question I’d find acceptable would be “bean, instant or filter?” In Britain, a coffee is a coffee, a cup full of coffee and water and nothing else. With some folk liking a colouring of milk in it. It is certainly not a milky mess or even a thimble full of tar. You, sir, are clearly one of those metropolitan liberal elites who are here to corrupt us all.
  13. Greasy spoons where you can’t order standard coffee, it has to be a specific that you hadn’t heard of 10 years ago. I want a black coffee, not an Americano
  14. I saw the game Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to the PC in November. I was very interested! Now, a usual very top-end game is £50. This one is £70, and that includes a £10 pre-order discount. They can go fornicate with themselves. Especially when it's £30 for the PS4 and they have to pay the extra fee to actually use the hardware for consoles. That can now wait until it's bargain basement price before I get it.
  15. (NOT a political topic, keep your politics to yourself on this thread) I now know the world is on its way out, 32% of people USE A SPOON TO EAT CREME EGGS. 4% use "other", I guess that's the Scots deep frying theirs. 5% "don't know", is that "I know I've eaten one but I don't know how I did it". Anyone else with signs that the world is on its way out and we're in the end of days?
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