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  1. No, our area has moved to replace the fax as a tool of communication quite effectively. The email thing is something that frustrates a lot of people. The NHS Mail system is very good and allows quite large mailboxes these days but some hospitals’ IT directors have egos bigger than the hospital themselves and didn’t like having to give up their vanity email addresses (e.g. user@hospitalname.nhs.net rather than user@nhs.net). They then had to pay for their own email systems and that’s damnably expensive at scale, especially the storage so many users had tiny mailboxes. NHS Mail now allows hospitals to keep their vanity addresses so there is literally no excuse for hospitals having anything other than 4GB mailboxes for every user. On faxes in hospitals, some idiot ones still insist that faxes are used for referrals because they think it’s more secure. Idiot people. NHS Mail is guaranteed secure when transferring emails within the NHS.net infrastructure, it’s almost foolproof secure as the mail doesn’t go out onto the public internet at any time when sending NHS to NHS.
  2. We don't have one! Haven't for years now. Faxes come into a digital solution we have that converts them to PDF and sends them by email to one of the admin staff.
  3. A conversation just now with our young admin apprentice: Her: "What does cc mean on emails?" Me: "carbon copy" Her: "what does that mean?" The explanation that we used to have to put carbon sheets between typewriter pages to give others copies of documents didn't half make me feel old... BCC was an even harder one "So you mean that you did the carbon thing then gave someone a physical copy and they had to pretend they hadn't received it?"
  4. Just for interest, here's a one-page infographic on handling concussion, especially in sport.
  5. A very young player, RIP https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1163341592671019008?s=20
  6. Weren't the same arguments used for banning head-high tackles? Also, even with a full helmet on, you're risking serious concussion if you're hit flat on by the ball on the helmet, there's nothing that will stop the effect. I do get the point though that many like it and it's just my own view, I don't like it and don't find it entertaining.
  7. I'm just not a fan of seeing people hit by a small hard object at 90mph on the neck. Never have been. It's why I wasn't that impressed with the West Indies in their prime bowling form of intimidation. I do understand I'm in a seriously small minority on this one but if a sport applauds efforts to injure other players then it just loses its shine, especially given it's only 5 years since an Aussie player died from being hit by a bouncer. Surely even one death is too many for a "sport".
  8. I know it’s effective and part of the game but deliberately aiming at people with a reckless disregard for serious consequences just puts me off. For me, it sits in the same category as giving someone a shoeing to get them out the way.
  9. I take it that England must have had some hits to the head as well going by this innings so far.
  10. Just reeks of concussion that decision. He shouldn’t have been allowed back out by the team doctor.
  11. Might just be me but most went in and checked, some were less positive. Just one or two mind you.
  12. I’m surprised, but very happy, that injury wasn’t more serious. A 90mph cricket ball to the neck could easily have caused a very serious injury. I wasn’t that chuffed with the attitude of some of the England team who seemed to find it funny. I guess that just makes the England team even less likeable.
  13. I think England can squeak this one if they're careful. The shortened test means that the pitch won't get worn enough for Lyon to get too much assistance, it then comes down to who plays the most daft shots. The test will be if they can get Smith out early, if he's still there at lunchtime then that swings more towards draw or even Australia winning.
  14. We just need to see out Hazlewood's overs and we're into the all-rounders bowling at us.
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