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  1. It really is. The NHS has completely reorganised in a few weeks to divert virtually everything towards this and we're coping, but not by too much. A sharper peak would break it and tough decisions on who gets to survive would be needed.
  2. It is "good news" in a way, it shows that we're getting it right in terms of the NHS responding to the political and cultural environment of the UK's lockdown. We've had not a single situation where we've had to choose between patients, compare that against Italy and Spain. Again, that's because we've had a couple of weeks more preparation time and can learn from them.
  3. We took the lessons from Italy and Spain, worked out their demand, and then added on the Nightingale hospitals. London's Nightingale took its first patients last night. Years of "fair winds" work done in mere weeks.
  4. I understand why the media make these mistakes, because the four nations of the UK report their own, but they really shouldn't be making them now. 765 people died in ENGLISH hospitals over that 24 hour period, 887 died in the UK in total.
  5. Now I'm on another one and someone's dialling in from a tube station and refusing to mute themselves.
  6. I'm on a teleconference now, over 30 participants, the group organising refuse to use videoconferencing. ONE person has their phone right under their nose and refuses to put it on mute. It's like Darth Vader after a good workout and they simply refuse to put themselves on mute regardless of being asked repeatedly. As it's a rubbish teleconferencing solution, they can't see who it is or do a centralised mute. And also, because it's a rubbish solution, we were hearing "(name) has joined" and "(name) has left" throughout, again because people refuse to dial in on time. Yet they STILL will not move to use video or a better platform despite us pleading with them.
  7. No commentary needed on this... and deliberately not a political thread point.
  8. Big broad brush decontamination of the thread. I may have missed stuff and cut others I shouldn't have removed but that's the best you're getting today from moderation.
  9. Ah... no... returned troll... off you go. Plague somewhere else please.
  10. The squaddie in me comes out at that time and thinking what I'd "require" a squaddie under me to do if found doing that. "7 days of twice daily block toilet cleaning by tongue then a proper disinfecting using normal stuff"
  11. Italy peaked at 969 on 27th March, no-one with any sense is saying we're at "peak" yet we're still not taking firmer action.
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