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  1. 27 posts removed. Broad brush, I have probably missed some, and got others just because they replied to a post I binned. Thread kept, please keep on rugby. I have kept other sport posts as they’re useful commentary.
  2. I’m on holiday. I have no time I want to spend moderating this forum. I will pre-emptively suspend folk I think won’t keep it civil while I’m out for a beer.
  3. I decided to try it while waiting on tea cooking. If it didn’t have the original series as the hook, I would have given up after 10 mins. It has none of the immediate grip you got with the original, and the characters are not likeable in any way. Matt Smith is wrong, a poor casting, mumbling away while trying to appear psychopathic. Paddy Considine fits the role well. The rest are just … wooden. Does not justify the high scoring reviews. It tries to shock its way to high scores and fails.
  4. WITHIN ONE MINUTE of me posting this, he loses his wicket to a ball he has been handling so well before. FFS...
  5. Crawley doing far better than I gave him credit for in my mind. Solid, holding his end, and earning the luck he has had.
  6. I tend to agree. He is very good, but once the better bowlers work out how to counter his ultra-aggressive play then his temperament does not seem capable of slowing down to normal test batting of picking off bad balls.
  7. The last series of the first one was just so bad that I can’t drag up the enthusiasm to watch it. If the same script writers were involved, I’ll put it down as “maybe, sometime”
  8. Good start by England, getting to 5 before their first wicket loss.
  9. The bowlers in the last test got a decent take from the pitch and quality of batsmen, was not their fault in any way.
  10. Episode 11 is outstanding telly. Two ways to watch it: 1. pure entertainment. And it’s great telly. 2. an alternative lens on many bits of modern history. And it’s great telly.
  11. This is awful for the ground itself who'll be out of pocket on the tickets from the weekend, along with all the hospitality money. "Bazball" might be entertaining, and good for flat-track bully games, but it's shocking as a sustainable way to play test cricket.
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