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  1. Hmmm, I think I'm learning that this Brexit business may not be as easy as some people said.
  2. I spent 3 months on a course with some Hong Kong Chinese squaddies and they told me to just do it that way rather than look like a snobbish Englishman. (showing some of my age there!)
  3. Use them like a shovel with the bowl at your mouth and you'll be fine. At least that's how I was told to do it...
  4. No wonder fly tipping is on the rise, our council now charge £40.50 for a bulky item disposal. More than twice the price of a few years ago. And don't dare try to go to the tip unless you want to treated worse than at Heathrow security desks. FFS...
  5. True, but do the sheep need to be slaughtered soon? I have less knowledge of farming than Raab does of Calais-Dover shipping but isn't it a matter of bunging the farmers money to keep them alive until something can be done? If they started now then they've 16 weeks to Halloween before they need to implement some sort of plan, or at least a holding action.
  6. I'd just find it a national disgrace to lose all that quality food at a time when we've genuine food poverty in the UK, never mind abroad. If only someone had said that Brexit might bring problems like this... nope, no-one, not once in the last three and a bit years.
  7. Not even the way the NZ lot do by parking them in freezer cargo ships until they can be used/sold? The shipping industry is still desperate for work so there must be capacity in the system for that.
  8. It'll take a few weeks for the true chaos to become apparent. And until that time, he can blame the French for blocking Calais and the Irish for being obstructive, all chipping away at the core Brexit Party vote he wants.
  9. Surely there's a better way, such as the government buying the excess and paying for its distributing it free of charge to those on benefits/food banks. I remember the butter mountains of the 1980s.
  10. My parents weren't best pleased when I told them I wasn't happy that they weren't EU27 furriners and didn't have EU27 furriner parents.
  11. I don't think I worded it well, I was trying to set hard "oh come on, surely you're a frothy-edged racist if you don't think someone born here with no legal ties to another nation is British". I wanted to avoid the "ah but because her great grannie's cat's vet's boyfriend's auntie once visited Bangladesh then she's not British" type of hair-splitting.
  12. We’re currently going through Bosch and enjoying it. It’s annoying how it mixes paid-for and inclusive stuff. At least Netflix, if it’s there it’s free.
  13. Being white and English is a race for racism law according to the courts My coat is not needed, I'm already at home.
  14. I wasn't talking about immigrants. That's a different argument that has plenty of scope for argument, I'm talking about the "second generation immigrants" that Parris is referring to, they should be complete no-brainer "they're British" for anyone who isn't a BNP member.
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