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  1. Top 8 stalemate

    nothing 'Bleeding Hearts' about it just some thoughts about making the top 8s interesting and exciting with what we have I take you point though and it is what id like to see most 8 team all playing well all with a shot ay GF
  2. Top 8 stalemate

    how about 2 for win -1 for a loss or 1 win -2 for a loss could you plug that in ?
  3. Top 8 stalemate

    don't think even this system would stop your march to GF great team you have at the mo hope they kept off the gin and tonics after CC !
  4. Top 8 stalemate

    indeed we just don't seem to be able to build the same excitement with this system their playoff system has very few if any completely meaningless games we need jeopardy and reward
  5. I liked the idea of splitting of the league into the 8s but it hasnt worked in the top 8s mainly due to the lower placed clubs been unable to reach the top clubs too many dead games could 3 point games in the top 8s solve this ie winning team get 2 points losing team loses 1 or even 1 for a win lose 2 for a loss making the games much more valuable and the chance of the top being caught at least more of a possibility keeps the regular season alive too as amassing points more beneficial discuss
  6. Challenge Cup draw

    just received the promotional email from RFL about this and they have 7 ties with Halifax vs Saints our game is truly run by some idiots