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  1. Well it's more of an investment into a future player pool. There's already a few Brits playing in the NFL (well atleast one) From what I have noticed from my time living in MCR and more recently working near London WAY more people know about NFL then rugby league, even in the north! We have a profile issue in rugby league. I mean the NFL this year had higher attendances in 4 games then ANY team in super League has had the whole season. Edit: and they did it without away fans!
  2. Jesus kman, I don't think THAT will happen, but if na expansion is successful then hopefully the league (s) will save themselves. Value added, not hostile take over
  3. A great game with a great turn out! All sides will be gunning for it, but I say twp by 16
  4. If they win (which was inferred in the quote) they get an additional week off
  5. Maybe when we get some washouts from the NFL camps we will finally get some grid iron converts lol
  6. The NFL is flush with money, which means they can afford things like this. It also comes off the back of a few years of games being showcased in london, raising it's profile and popularity over here
  7. 7000 mile round trip was fine for league 1 and championship clubs. You know Toronto is south of the UK right? It's hardly subarctic, just has harsh winters.
  8. The longer this continues the more I think it's a long con for publicity and clicks. I think the SL bosses know what they want (twp in SL) and are drumming up publicity where they can to raise the profile of the promotion. Nothing gets awareness like a good scandal. ... Either that or the SL bosses are completely moronic for leaving it this long (a popular opinion in these parts I know, but I'm an optimist)
  9. Name change with representation ala the proposal Or Licence bought and team moved ala Hemel. Priority right
  10. Just....wow....such a shame Why don't the fans buy the club if the name seems so much.
  11. That sounds like communism with extra steps.... Joking aside - good idea!
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