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  1. Things in the Leeds city region are in the picture, and Wigan voted for the greater Manchester mayor (Mr Andy Burnham currently). Welcome to the 21st century!
  2. Wigan is in greater Manchester then? As I said at first? Cool thanks for confirming
  3. Wakefield met is under the Leeds city boundaries.....
  4. Wigan are in greater manchester, and the Leeds area contains Wakefield and Castleford. These are the modern boundaries! Since the 1980s cities world wide have been amalgamating, partly due to urban sprawl and partly due to economics.
  5. Hull (2 teams) Leeds (1-3 teams depending who you ask) greater Manchester (3 teams), Toronto So 4 big cities essentially
  6. Either Some kind of hybrid big equity - RL sports nuts or Jeff bezos (read: noone) The risk is too large now, and the near future looks the same. Maybe in many years we will see it happen, if the RFLs (unintended) international expansion becomes incredibly successful then maybe, but that will take years (if not decades) to come to fruition. I'm not trying to be too negative here, I love the idea in principle. Just looking at my perception of reality
  7. Article says "Vickers did dismiss interest in England Danny Cipriani." seems to me it was someone else, could be wrong through
  8. https://www.totalrl.com/toronto-still-open-to-sonny-bill-williams-arrival/ States there's a union ENGLAND player they have been in contact with, and are actually looking at 2-3 players from the world cup - crazy!
  9. Just like price is right, I'll go 65401!!
  10. It's that time of year where (I would imagine) most teams are selling off old kits! Twp for example have so great deals available: https://www.torontowolfpackshop.co.uk/isc-authentic/on-field Post some links to other clubs fire sales, let's move some merch (I'd fancy a fax or skolars one of they go cheap!)
  11. Salford for me, grand finalists and beat us in the 8s. It's about proving ourselves!
  12. For those confused - this is a play on the raptors (NBA) slogan of "we the north"
  13. Toronto gave me something to cheer for over here. I was born and raised over there and after moving to the UK I was excited to be able to go and cheer on my home team regularly.
  14. It's a good idea and I like it I wouldnt say it won't happen, but I'd say it won't happen in the next 20 years, not at all until we garner more interest in the sport internationally
  15. They are just the ducks now (they dropped the mighty)
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