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  1. But if twp get more SL would want more and fairly so - it takes two teams to play! Balancing out the pot helps all sides wanting a bigger deal. More money for all teams strengthens the league, which is the point isnt it? I agree that would be the expectation, but it's rugby league, who knows what everyone is thinking!
  2. TV money keeps coming up every so often. I would suggest (if I had any authority which I don't) that the pot be split evenly after allocating the central funding equivalent, if twp don't get any central funding If Toronto get a 5 mil deal, the first 2.1 (or what ever equivalent central funding is) go to them, the rest (2.9) gets split evenly among the league in the event of a na deal. I think that would be fair!
  3. Well Parkey, hate to burst your bubble...that's kinda how the country started (so is really very on brand) News flash: country of immigrants doesn't care where athletes are born - more news at 6
  4. I think you're out of touch with the general populace below the age of 35. Those who dont read papers (they get their news online and why would they read a UK publication when they can read from the us source) They generally stream (NFL game pass allegedly has high subscription rates) plus BARB numbers (https://www.barb.co.uk/viewing-data/weekly-top-10/ I don't pay for it so I only have up to last year this week) show that while super League was narrowly above the NFL in one channel, when you add the NFL events together (and all the rugby league events together) the NFL viewership is larger. And that doesn't include NFL game pass viewers. I'm not a huge NFL fan, I prefer RL, but it is more popular then those on here think (or indeed want to believe). Especially with the younger demographics
  5. Well it's more of an investment into a future player pool. There's already a few Brits playing in the NFL (well atleast one) From what I have noticed from my time living in MCR and more recently working near London WAY more people know about NFL then rugby league, even in the north! We have a profile issue in rugby league. I mean the NFL this year had higher attendances in 4 games then ANY team in super League has had the whole season. Edit: and they did it without away fans!
  6. Jesus kman, I don't think THAT will happen, but if na expansion is successful then hopefully the league (s) will save themselves. Value added, not hostile take over
  7. If they win (which was inferred in the quote) they get an additional week off
  8. Maybe when we get some washouts from the NFL camps we will finally get some grid iron converts lol
  9. The NFL is flush with money, which means they can afford things like this. It also comes off the back of a few years of games being showcased in london, raising it's profile and popularity over here
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