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  1. Seems like a fundamental disagreement on this. Which is fine! I personally believe these athletes should be paid more (due to risk of long term injury,). When they step up, they should be paid a full time wage (prorated for their amount of games- but I appreciate this would over complicate salary negotiations) I personally believe that they should be paid much higher then teachers ,(starting wage 23kpa) due to the short career and therefor shorter earning potential. But that's just my opinion and doesn't reflect the current market (, especially since my personal opinion is that every player down to league one should be making atleast that much).
  2. Soz dave, I was on pregame mode (now post game mode) and it seemed like you were thinking 15kpa and being shown in sky (even once) was ok. Again I'm in high beer mode so if that's not the take then ignore me. @GUBRATS I personally believe apprentices to be of the academy/reserves grade (or that's where I believe they should be if they are learning) @scotchy1 think we are on the same page here. Seems to me some SL players are on the same/worse wages as non league football players. Which is an absolute shambles
  3. That's a terrible shame Dave, sorry if I'm misinterpreting your stance, but in my opinion no professional athlete should be on minimum wage. The idea that someone who plays for Wigan (as an example) and occasionally makes the first team gets paid so terribly is not a good thing. Its gotta be preventing people from sticking with the sport. While we are on it - what part timer could get the 11+ weeks a year off to travel to Toronto to play from their "other job". Toronto can't sign part timers really!
  4. Misusing is not how I'd put. RFL told them to get the wrong visa is what happened
  5. Seems perfect for Nobby doesn't it? A final stand to prove him self (he's getting old and might want to prove himself to you naysayers!)
  6. Honestly, in my opinion it has something to do with either Bradford or ottawa,. Some couldn't say it's a negative outcome from Toronto's recruitment, but I believe it's because he got a better offer.
  7. Leave MoK alone, he gives as good as he takes (and doesnt complain when it's dished at him....too much)
  8. Toulouse personally as a first choice, or Halifax as I enjoyed my matches at the Shay, or Oldham because I used to work there (as unlikely as that would be!)
  9. It was hyperbole stating his desire for Leigh to join Toronto in the top flight. One I don't share but hey-oh.
  10. Apparently the pack will not lose an interchange tonight if they put in Greg Worthington to their match day roster, with the rfl saying all the protocols were followed and the pack were open and honest about their intent to bring him back!
  11. Bless you sir, for your brave and wonderful use of futurama
  12. Interesting to see what happens to howl brands since he was the director of the UK company!
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