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  1. And that falls solely on SL. If we were to allow more imports from aus png Tonga etc would we attract higher quality talent? Would a higher salary cap attract higher talent? Would those things create a more entertaining product? Would more youngsters stay involved and develop of there were more opportunities? There are roughly 300 - 400 SL playing positions - and England alone can't fill them all with enough talent. allow more overseas players, expand the league size and create opportunity and create growth.
  2. There will only ever be enough quality that an organisation can hold. I think the UK is knee capping growth by a 12 team top division I also don't believe there aren't enough players for a larger comp. If certain rules were amended there would be plenty!
  3. Well let's hope a pie eater wins the euromillions this Saturday and buys the stadium haha The DW is a nice little stadium - if the rfl is in a position to buy it they should - but I don't think they are. If anything happens I just hope Wigan get to keep a home
  4. Sorry for the additional post but wanted to chime in - huge missed opportunity not announcing today since it is CANADA DAY!
  5. Oooo contradictory reports! Any bookies taking odds on this? My pound is on the Frenchman, allez lads!
  6. I don't disagree nessecarily, but what about those clubs who have applied to the league structure seeing it as a route to the top division? Ottawa say it will take some time sure. But I'm confident it's in their long term planning - and while I don't know much about NYs current position I assume that they are somewhere in between Torontos path (as fast as possible) and Ottawa's (slow build) Fwiw I like PnR - it adds a stake to losing.
  7. Booked my room already (slim pickings even at this stage!)
  8. Makes perfect sense to me - this isn't business as usual and this seems like a sensible step Short term solution for what will hopefully be a short (ish) term problem
  9. The number is scalable to the league thou I like that system personally. Let's say we keep the cap at the 2.8 mill it's at, and have it as a soft cap with a 10% penalty fee (for simplicity's sake). Club 1 spends 3mill on players (going over the cap by 200k). They are then taxed 20k. The clubs that dont exceed the cap gets to split that 20k as a reward for not breaching the cap. If 6 teams breach the cap totalling 1 million across the six teams, the other 6 get to split the 100k as a payment If a team like the Wolfpack for example want to spend 10mil over the cap on players (for what ever reason) and no one else goes above the cap what ever percentage the league decides they have to pay gets split across the team's that don't breach the cap. In a 10%scenario that means 1 million to distribute to clubs who don't breach the cap. Those who wish to spend more can, and those who don't get financially rewarded at the end of the season. You could even use the breach money to help fund the championship and league 1 if you wanted
  10. No. They must watch the rugby, they must bleed the rugby. Sports is not a social event! How dare they!
  11. To quote the government "We must trust the common sense of the British people" ? I known it won't work twas jest
  12. Havn't seen this topic (If i missed lock merge or delete away!) but sky are going to show all the NRL games from the first two returning rounds (16 matches) https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12202/11988912/nrl-16-games-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports Personally excited to be able to watch some sport while I "work from home"
  13. Why not return with seats sold like they have in parliament very staggered (I'm only mostly joking - reduced seats are better then no seats if the situation were dire)
  14. Completely agree Harry! If the pack go away it will be a fold, I don't see them relocating as I don't think anyone would buy em, just as I can't see argyle moving them to the UK!
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