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  1. I still think that was the best system. It's very much like NA style playoffs Personally I'd get rid of the mpg in the middle 8s(top 4 move up) and I'd like to see it between league 1 and champ as well. Ive said it before. I loved the super/middle 8s and think it could be a USP business wise. Fantastic format
  2. Great news! The "magic weekend" style rounds this year will surely be a cost saver for the first year. F*** covid though. I miss normal life. I hope they do a festival round in year 2! Should be having a round in Austin and try to get some fans in imo(Texas has released all Covid restrictions - today's texas rangers baseball game is expected to sell out @ 40k in attendance) Looking forward to booing Boston!
  3. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/rugby-league/53474508 So theyre going down to 11 for next season? I mean championship isn't returning....
  4. News about is rfl has confirmed that there is NO RELEGATION this year from super league
  5. Good on the man for not being a typical sportsman and chasing money if that's the case Good on the man for having a sense of loyalty to a club that took him in when no one else would touch him with a 10 foot pole. Let's be real though, he just wants to swap shirts with sonny after a match lol
  6. Tacit agreements....non binding and even less useful then a handshake agreement in most places! If only there was some sort of body the players could belong to that allows them to have some sort of bargaining power over pay and working conditions.... With contracts expiring end of November (I think) I can't see this being too much of an issue. But if a club is healthy enough to pay ALL of their staff a full wage (emphasis on all staff) then let them.
  7. I mean, to me that says below SL the rules don't apply - unless the rfl later decides that it's a problem - very cryptic
  8. Love it! I look forward to cheer against the New York team! I hope they become successful enough for me to cheer against (I hate ny sports teams, but would hate even more to not be able to boo them!)
  9. I welcome this! Could do more to be honest. In a purely free market way, increased competition for positions should create higher quality all around,including quality of players coming up There are plenty of other ways to incentivese player development. But denying top talent from around the world isn't it.
  10. And that falls solely on SL. If we were to allow more imports from aus png Tonga etc would we attract higher quality talent? Would a higher salary cap attract higher talent? Would those things create a more entertaining product? Would more youngsters stay involved and develop of there were more opportunities? There are roughly 300 - 400 SL playing positions - and England alone can't fill them all with enough talent. allow more overseas players, expand the league size and create opportunity and create growth.
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