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  1. Turned the game off after 60 mins total boredom.. games like this not only the match .. but the crowd or should I say lack of crowd...terrible.
  2. alan30058

    North Catalonia

    I went. And it was a great occasion. Why it wasn't repeated is a mystery
  3. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    Well I wasn't there as I would have been about 4 years old. But as I grew up I heard the tale many times. Maybe he just competed in it ?
  4. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    Not sure but Bevan won it once in the early 1950's
  5. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    Harry Pace was rugby coach and we won The Ashton Trophy regularly. Pop Seddon ran the football and also were also always doing well .
  6. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    I was at Bolton Juniors with Stuart he was also a pretty handy soccer player as well , played for Warrington Schoolboys and I remember something with trials at Chester fc who were in the Div 3 at the time But think he preferred playing rugby.
  7. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    No that was with Oldham about 1961 after the Rome Olympic Games. I don't think he ever played for the first team,but his debut for the A Team had a crowd of 5,000 and the BBC news cameras were even there.
  8. pretty much see this season out then.. 🙂
  9. alan30058

    Brian Bevan

    Most people have heard of him but not many had the pleasure of seeing him in his pomp. I thought I would share my few memories.... My first game ever was as a young lad of 10 and the game was Feathersone Rovers at home in the cup 2nd round ( February 1961) Donning my new Wires scarf and armed with a massive wooden rattle( ex Air Raid Warden's) I was ready for my indoctrination.Just as I was setting off my Dad shouted to me "Don't forget to look out for the number 2 winger Bevan he's the best player that has ever played for us" wow that was some statement and I couldn't wait to see this super hero ! Well here I was at Wilderspool and the atmosphere was electric as Wire entered the arena to the roar of a packed crowd. Then shock horror I realised Bevan wasn't playing but instead some old man who was bald with no teeth ,thin as a rake and swathed in more bandages than an Egyptian mummy was on the wing instead.! Oh well not to worry I watched the game and was still captivated for life with my beloved Wire. Even though we lost 13-10. I got home and told my Dad all about the game and how we probably got beat because Bevan never played and I then described this old man who had taken his place. Suddenly I felt a clip around my ear as Dad told me that WAS Brian Bevan !!! Happy days happy memories.
  10. alan30058

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    The "Shuddersfield" merger was more a topic of derision among other fans , than something ever taken remotely seriously.
  11. alan30058

    Super League Crowds

    Correct In the 1930's during the depression And in the early 1950's during days of austerity and rationing, The crowds were a lot larger my club (Warrington)regularly posted crowds of 15,000/20,000 for normal league matches
  12. alan30058

    Who misses professional winter rugby

    No way could I brave the freezing wind and rain that I remember from winter rugby. I would just become an armchair fan. People have now got so used to spring/summer games it would not work in a month of Sundays
  13. sooner the better. England has sufficient managerial talent.
  14. alan30058

    The 3 man of Steel contenders

    To much to say for himself on the pitch these days another McGuire
  15. They just need to look at HKR and learn some lessons from how they coped.