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  1. sooner the better. England has sufficient managerial talent.
  2. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    To much to say for himself on the pitch these days another McGuire
  3. They just need to look at HKR and learn some lessons from how they coped.
  4. Chris Sandow

    Schofield said he was a "Fruit Cake" the week he signed for Wire on SL Backchat Show, and was shouted down. Well guess his point was proven.
  5. Scotland up to 4th in world ranking

    Without Brough they would be a very poor side
  6. Chris Sandow

    I would have him signed and in a Wires shirt tomorrow
  7. Hudds - England v New Zealand

    Is this weekends French game on any tv channel ?
  8. We would throw a street party
  9. You are George Osborne and I claim my Fiver !!!
  10. Sky: red button.

    "Boots" was an embarssment in it's last year I mean set in a cafe That was an insult. Super League Backchat is now flourishing on Premier Sports and along with all the NRL chat shows and games is a "gift" at £9.99 a month I just wish they could cover the Championship games live .But who knows one day ?
  11. It will eventually get to the stage where teams are harrasing and demanding the referee reviews virtually every decision that they don't like. It will be like American Football two plays and a three minute break
  12. Sky, second rate

    We lose to superior teams.. ok We need to improve. Sure and hopefully we will. But sky don't need to improve.. they have the contract in their bag for umpteen years so do not need to bother. BBC or BT sport would have done us proud I am sure. But the Eddie Stobart free sponsorship team did even one better and sold out and tied our game for pennies; my granny has better financial projections in her head !!!
  13. Attendances

    The post says Wigan v Catalans game was around 1200 up on last year's crowd. Pretty self explanatory I would say But this rears away from this post's original topic/question somewhat
  14. Attendances

    I also have noted the disappearance of att. stats Not being on Twitter I could find nothing anywhere. And I also am not number obsessed but interested in crowds as part of the whole game experience. Anywhere you go to where RL is the conversation crowds are always one of the main topics.