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  1. England merchandise

    I must but using logic I thought looking on the SRL site and BLK sites I might find it Can always rely on the posters on here though
  2. I didn't but have just sent him a message.
  3. England merchandise

    At least there's some prospect of finding and England shirt, think I've got more chance of standing in unicorn poo than getting a Scotland shirt before the 4Ns
  4. Just looked at trains to Coventry for the double header. Great planning again by the RFL last train back is 21:40 with a 20:00 kick off unlikely will be seeing the end of the second game
  5. And how disappointing that we can't include English RL in that statement
  6. Wi They had opportunities to establish a strong competition while RU was at a weak point around 6 years ago. From my own experience it is weak leadership from the RFL which has led to a situation where the successful teams (in the womens game) are the ones who make and influence decisions which serve their own interests rather than that of the game as a whole. Somehow sounds familiar .............
  7. Really wouldn't surprise me if this was true the RFL attitude towards the female game is laughable. It has pretty much been left to run it's self for many years The women's game has missed it's opportunity to compete with rugby union and is probably going to be overtaken in the next 2-3 years in numbers of participants by American Football, if it hasn't already. And the Doc thinks there's narrow minded thinking in SL
  8. Midlands League 2016

    Not sure of the full details of how the structure will work. This has solved the travelling issue but will the gap in standards be a bigger issue?
  9. After starting a Women's team at the Nottingham Outlaws and coaching them for several years the problem as far as I was concern was the lack of support for newer teams. The RFL in my opinion failed to take advantage of a time when womens RU was in flux and real in roads to new areas could have been made. The structure doesn't encourage expansion and the RFL need to rethink the whole womens area if they think they are going to ever expand beyond around 20 teams. For example with very little money and good promotion Women's american football has gone from nothing to a structured contact league with around 14 teams playing a modified game as well as international fixtures within 2 years. I suppose really it's a good reflection of Super League the administration and rules suit the stronger teams and teams trying to develop really do have a fight on their hands to get anywhere. In the end I gave up I couldn't find the energy to fight anymore just to get a level playing field so walked away. I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this but I put it down to experience. Rugby League is an amazing sport but the people administrating it, not sure I can politely put that on here.
  10. Interested to hear about how you think the women's game is expanding. From my knowledge and experience, over the last 4-5 years RL has failed miserably to make the most of the increased profile of women's sport.
  11. Agreed it doesn't look good but then again a lot of the things reported about RL in the media tend to err on the side of negativity. While I don't know Harris personally I would like to think that this wasn't his first option but a long long way down the line. On the decision of academy players, I'm sure it was considered and it's a hard choice to make but as a coach he has a duty of care over his players. Most given the chance would love the opportunity to pull on a shirt, I'm sure a few on here would stick their hand up for a run out. The coach has to be honest and say you're just not suitable yet to those academy players. And on the wasting time I can't imagine it really took that long Salford: can we postpone the game on on Friday ? Hull: errr No
  12. What has Harris got to lose by asking the question ? Surely if we were in his situation you'd be well aware that there's very little chance of Hull agreeing but wouldn't he be neglecting his responsibilities to the club, players and supporters if he didn't even ask the question.
  13. Looking at some of the results from yesterday, this could be building into a very competitive division this year.
  14. Think a result for Salford would be to get through the game without anymore injuries or suspensions, a win would be a massive bonus