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  1. Fev have been doing this for about 4 or 5 years ago. Gets better every season.
  2. I was going to post something about this. There was nothing pathetic about it last year. IT worked perfectly well for 100 pounds a year for folk based outside UK/Australia, etc. Ive emailed them a few times to ask about a renewal for 2020, but was told by the support services a couple of weeks ago I would have to wait for the previous season to finish before renewing. When I pointed out the season had finished last October I heard no more from them. I fear the worst. It really can't be expensive to run at all, so that's just saying 'no thank you' to good money. For RL ex-pats in non-SKY-TV-RL-agreement-countries there is no other (legal) way to watch SL. Ho hum.
  3. Almost as if there was some kind of match thread posted every week where everybody could post their opinions before, during and after the game......
  4. The great unwashed? You have to be careful. PS Not so bad. Back for good or on your holidays?
  5. RL is a summer sport. I'd love to see our World Cup played in July rather than November.
  6. Minns and Day as well as Davies' injuries we've heard about but little info about Render or Carey's no shows to date. Anybody?
  7. I think Webster is doing exactly what I said with Ferres and Fergie. Nothing to gain from hammering those two ageing bodies through pre season warm ups. They know the score.
  8. Interesting thread. 1983 was a key year in the evolution of scrums. The handover rule that summer slashed the number of scrums, made the last tackle kick virtually obligatory and was the beginning of the end of the hooking role as was. I don't miss the total mess and waste of time that is laughably referred to as "contested scrums" at all. It took skill and guts to scummage well, and was a hugely important facet of the game, but it was not spectator friendly.
  9. Yeah. With Minns & Davies (and later hopefully Day) to slot in there, that's not too bad at this stage. Lets see how we go.
  10. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/preview-valencia-huracanes-vs-rovers-IQtcd Rovers breaking new ground with their first match in Spain. It's a 22 man squad named with Albert included, as well as Ferres and Cooper. Everyone who played last week is also included except the DR players obviously. Possibly we'll line up something like this: There's 7 squad members we've yet to se, presumably all injured currently: Minns, Carey, Davies, Day, Parata, Render and Whylie
  11. Working the bar these days to earn his keep is he? (There are hundreds of crueler comments I could have made, but you know, the mods have to clear up the mess afterwards....)
  12. Is that an all-seater ground or will there be standing areas? I hope the capacity is not too big or there will be empty seats and hell to pay.
  13. Amazing game. Very common programne. Not ten a penny but only worth a quid or two.
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