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  1. Not true. Yama is mountain, as in many Japanese names. Many Japanese called Mt. Fuji "Fiji-Sama", sama being an honorific suffix greater than the normal 'san'
  2. Ive unpinned this thread now, so last look before it starts to disappear down the page....
  3. Very good to get a look at so many players last Saturday. We've seen 26 and were only missing Fergie, Ferres, Minns, Moors and Summer. More of the same this Saturday v Batley? Or will Webbo changes things around?
  4. Kids on for the second half Final score Fev 58 Oldham 10
  5. The damage has been done. Game changer from Pant.
  6. Ridiculously excited about this. We haven't played a game for a year. A big squad with so many new players. We can't expect the levels of skill-execution to be too high after such a long layoff, but..... IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!!
  7. Subs were first introduced in 1963. Has anyone plotted the timeline of the development of the rules on the use of substitutes since then? From being used only for bona fide injuries, then only up to halftime, then at any time, then the two substituted players coming back on, then four subs and the variations of number of interchanges allowed. Thanks in advance
  8. Yes. Every Fev person Ive ever talked to loathes DR, but this is/was the system imposed on the sport, so you play the hand you're dealt. It's worked for both clubs. WE've seen A. Sutcliffe and Newman develop, we see Luke Briscoe as our own, and we've also suffered L.Sutcliffe and Dwyer etc with a strop-on. It's been mutually beneficial. But that becomes the stick to beat Fev with when he look for promotion. Leeds A, full of DR's, can't hack it without the Leeds lot. 2021 will be an opportunity to show that's not the case.
  9. Like normal??? We must have seen 15 playoff formats in the last 20 years.
  10. His incredible life is an example to us all. RIP
  11. Just curious. Where does the figure 3,500 come from?
  12. Yes. Having said that, some lego sets are quite difficult........
  13. No, no, no. You're wrong. Ask Gubrats.
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