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  1. Oh aye. Mitch Clark to Wigan. There's another one!
  2. Cheers Terry. I look forward to your future posts! Up The Rovers.
  3. Bffff. If they made the 1895 concept look tinpot and shabby with the way it was organised (and sponsored) in 2019, then next year is shaping up to be a real doozie in terms of RFL organisation and marketing. Still like to see us win at Wembley and reach Super League in 2020 though.
  4. Anthony England: Wakey to Bulls Keal Carlisle: Newcastle to Halifax Misi Taulapapa: Left Newcastle Any more?
  5. I think both Longo and Webster are on record as saying we have only one further signing to come. Logically it should be a starting hooker. If Kingy can't get a contract in Australia which I'm sure is his preferred option, then I'd have him back here in a shot. Still no mention of Maskill.
  6. How will Toulouse be able to play this game on the weekend of the Championship bash weekend?
  7. Pretty sure the counter has been reset/altered various times over the decades. If we are wheeling out old posters for the ceremonial millionth how about Dally or Paley?
  8. Righto. Yes, we were a bit late to the party.
  9. Nice one, Im interested in that book. I thought it was going to be mainly photographs. Is that not the case?
  10. Side-step, hand-off, off-load. She had all the skills.
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