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  1. Fev won it 4 or 5 times on the trot. One year we won it at Widnes but the RFL refused to take the Shield to the game to hand it over. We got it weeks later. Toronto won it at Widnes today.
  2. Whilst I don't disagree with you, Dagger is here on loan, so will play. That means Teteh misses out. I think two hookers is a decent idea for this one as CK eases his way back in, so perhaps Davies misses out. Shows just how much competition there is in our forwards. Render v.unlucky.
  3. Because I've put your mob on a par with a half decent Wigan team and you'll both make the playoffs?
  4. This game reminds me of that awful game last week when a really average side hammered an even worse team inside 40 minutes, then unprofessionally put the cue on the rack for us to "enjoy" a dismal 2nd half "comeback" from the deadbeats that went nowhere.
  5. They're going to go on about this. Just who is missing for Wigan tonight?
  6. SOO is brilliant rugby league, but the fact that is is such a comparatively big deal in Australia (and here too) shows the NRL (and us) up as extremely parochial.
  7. For me, reserve teams should never have gone away, but it needs to be reintroduced correctly. Making it an Under 23 league for SL clubs might be a good idea, especially as the academy league is moving to U18. SL clubs will then have around 50 players, of which 34 will play every weekend, first & reserve grade. Developing players who need something different to reserve gras can still go on loan (hsort or longer term) to Championship clubs. Ambitious Champiosnhip clubs should be running reserve teams too.
  8. Righto. So it having been a Saturday match makes him available, but otherwise he would have sat out this weekend's game?
  9. So last week's 17 performed admirably in Canada, but we're bacl on home turf this week. FRom the 17 that played, I imagine Bussey could miss out after failing the head test, Im not sure what the protocol is on that. Hardy may be cited for his tackle, but I guess a suspension would be the week after. Otherwise, hopefully Cam King, Chisholm and Reynolds will all be available. That will transform the side. Hopefully we'll see Wheeldon and John Davies back soon too. Connor Jones will make it very difficult for Danny Maskill to get a game barring injury. Teteh is down the pecking order too. One thought about the 3/4ers: If Chiz is back, Dagger moves to wing which leaves no place for Render. Harsh on young Jack that, I want to see more of him, at wing or FB.
  10. I'm envious. Enjoy the game. The Fev fans over there are loving it.
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