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  1. I'm not sure what people expected. To have watched players, great as they were, from the 1950s, a fan would need to be well into their 70s. Folks voted on social media, so the demographic is bound to be younger. Everyone has their own favourites, and some debate is great. I've been a little taken back by the quantity of negative feedback. I guess it just goes to show how passionate our fans are. This is not a greatest team. It's not the Hall of Fame. It's a gallery of icons to put on the dressing room walls. As such, it was a bit of fun, designed to create a new area at the ground that can reflect past glories of the club. Nowt wrong with that eh? Even if Nashy was better than Foxy, and Jimmy Thompson should've been first name on the list.
  2. So, with the finally confirmed departure of Tanner, plus Farrar, and the (possibly temporary) exit of Roberts and Tomlinson, Rovers official squad stands at 22 players, which includes recent additions Eden and Nakubuwai. Of those 22, Lacans, Springer, Turner and Arnold are injured. Harris and Wacokecoke are not getting much game time, so maybe we can expect at least a couple of DR's this week.
  3. Two bad defeats on the trot so time to get back on the horse. Quite a few ins and outs since our last match so let's see how the squad shapes up.
  4. I think it's a nice idea to link the current dressing rooms to past icons. It'll get some traffic on social media, provoke a debate or two, maybe get a few young uns to find out about stars of the past. All good.
  5. No. It's the last 60 years only, so no Cyril, and Jamie was the top scoring winger of the last 30 years. If a post 1996 name wasn't on there, the under 40s would have no-one to vote for.
  6. So, the idea with the poll is for icons not all-time greatest. Everyone will have their own favourite, but the poll only allows for four options. Those for are spread across sixty years, so even though we were Champions in 1977 with a team full of international stars, we've also had nearly thirty years of level 2 (and 3) rugby.
  7. Hush now with your common sense views on the situation.
  8. It's an interesting and illuminating list. I hadn't realised the extent to which all the UK talent is concentrated at just 4 clubs. I think 46 of the 47 players from the UK comp play for Wigan, Leeds, Saints and York.
  9. One new thing I learnt about Ray Price is that he speaks quite a lot of French.
  10. This is a much more reliable website than RLP: https://stats.rugbyleaguerecords.com/playersummary.php?tselect=57
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