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  1. I'll bet the celebrations lasted well into the night. One to tell the grandkids.
  2. Hilarious to watch that lad on day-boo scoring four tries and each time he scored the camera pans to all his mates on the pish who turned out to cheers him.
  3. Come on. How many clicked on this thread expecting to find a completely blank page?
  4. The opposition fluffing chances and Macca having a blinder is not luck. Adams strike was good enough for 3 points. We March On.
  5. How would I interpret that? Well, giving an organisation the benefit of the doubt it barely deserves, we could assume the situation is being monitored. Tbh I don't know what the current quota rules are at our level. Those of a more cynical bent may interpret that as "Not Super League? Who gives a toss?"
  6. You Saints! They played very well.
  7. It looks as if the rules have been clarified and may lead to better quality signings instead of picking up players because they hold a useful passport. But seven is too many in my opinion.
  8. Kirin. Asahi. Sapporo. Suntory. We have our winner......
  9. Really enjoying this game until I thought about Melbourne's appalling 4th tackle options which has ruined it for me. It's rubbish this.
  10. Ok. His signing was announced in Rovers programme as George Harris.
  11. Legs Elford, Butch Payne, Happy Jacob's, for the older fans. My favourite nicknames are Keith Bridges, Charlie Stone, Billy Harris.
  12. Come on TRL vets. Hang your heads. It'll soon be Christmas.
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