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  1. Not bad mate! I think we got up to about 26 sets of brothers at Featherstone. Paul & Shaun Newlove, Ikky & Tony Butt a couple of more recent ones....
  2. I think TPH has backed another winner
  3. That sounds absolutely nothing at all like Hector.
  4. I exclude them as, despite their admirable work, they were only in the pro leagues 3 or 4 years
  5. Sad to hear that Hector is seeking to be no longer involved at Skolars. He has made the club and has been a force for stability. They may not have done much on the field, but they have been a solid presence over 25 years. Compare that to the nomadic existence of other expansion area clubs. I hope the club goes into safe hands.
  6. Why? Are SKY quitting SL? If clubs can pay full-time wages, why wouldn't they?
  7. I don't follow. SKY will stop paying to show RL once the sport re-commences?
  8. I think Bill Gates should give me a million quid. He can afford it.
  9. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/roverstv/v/688/rugby-am-in-the-sheds-james-webster/ Very interesting.
  10. A great servant to Fev. Well done Britney.
  11. I think Bussey could be really useful in the old fashioned loose forward role.
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