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  1. Right, it's great to have options of course. But look at full-back. Four perfectly acceptable options. Aekins looked great for leigh, MK is top class when/if back to full fitness, Pickers lets no-one down, Hally is a points machine. Only one can play at FB every week. Genuinely, only Hall could be at his best elsewhere in the team. Now look at the halves. Two kids with bags of potential, and a top class veteran who's coming off the back of a very rough season. Two of them play every week.
  2. Im must admit I'm slightly mystified by this Mark Kheirallah as half-back thing. He's played 146 games for Toulouse, Fev anf France. 145 of those games have been at full-back. When was he a halfback?? He's 33, coming back from a terrible knee injury, and now he can be a halfback? Aekins is touted as a utility back too but played every single game at FB last year. Pickersgill is also an out-and-out fullback for mine.
  3. Updated. Looks like a 26 man squad to date, pending a few official confirmations........
  4. I've re-done the OP given that Pickers & Locky are training, but no word on Ferres, Gill & Mathiou
  5. Keep going Colin mate. Get yourself match fit for next season. 2023 is going to be a big year.
  6. I think some fans were expecting the "Jewel in the Crown" signing, which it isn't. It's a youngster with potential who looks like he won't make it at SL and is trying to crack the Championship. A bit like Lacans? And good luck to them both. We'll be near or at the top of the league, have a deadset legend of a halfback to coach them and a lot of extremely experienced players around them. As I say, good luck to em. Also..... It's November. The season gets underway in February. The business end of the table is in August, September and October. 2022 taught us that the signings you make AFTER the season has started can make all the difference. Up The Rovers.
  7. Fair points. Hardcastle is obviously an option at both centre and SR. There's some competition in the pack for a place. Where are you going to play Hall?
  8. Not disagreeing with you, byut not sure we need a winger. If we start with Pickers at FB; then Killer gets fit, that puts Hally in the 3/4ers all year. Wing: Briscoe, Gale, Hall. Centre: Joey, Hankinson, Hardcastle. We never know how it goes, but that looks good to start the year at least. We do need a HB in my opinion.
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