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  1. They've certainly had their ups and downs but it's clear that this is still the same club that started out at Craven Cottage in the summer of 1980. Few clubs if any have been on such a journey......
  2. We have been working hard since the end of the season to bring the website update with all the relevant information from the 2021 season. These include: Our Wembley Gallery https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/gallery/2021-wembley-1895-cup/ The Grand Final Gallery https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/gallery/2021-grand-final/ All the 2021 Player Statistics, as well as biographies of 14 new players in 2021 https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/players/ Match reports from every game https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/match-records/?1=&2=203&3= We are also adding new material to the site all the time and since the last update we’ve added a new collection of photos from Pete Smith. https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/gallery/pete-smith-collection/ Plus we have now scanned and added to the site every home programme we have been able to get hold of up to the demise of the programme in 2018. https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/programmes/?1=&2=171&3= We have also launched a new appeal for photographs of former players. We need just 18 pictures from the last 50 years. Here’s the list if you can help…… Tony Sullivan 1975, Brian Gibbins 1977, Chris Simons 1979. Malcolm Saddington 1983, Andrew Mortimer 1983, Tim Robinson 1983, Chris Chappell 1985, Simon Wragg 1985, Peter Storey 1986, Mick O'Byrne 1986, Mick Bamforth 1987, Alan Denson 1987, Brett Love 1989. John Millington 1997, David Riley 1998. Antony Slatter 2000, Matt Turner 2000, Stephen Jones 2001.
  3. Ta. I liked Minimes, but Wallon is much more appropriate for SL. Do the reserves play at Minimes? I'm right in thinking Stade Arnaune is just a different name for it?
  4. I remember that ground from 2010. What's changed? Has the old clubhouse been demolished?
  5. Oh yes. Peter Gill at London Broncos. I remember him. Useful player
  6. You can change the title by editing your original post
  7. I've had help with Chris Welburn and Ian Westwood. Anyone else?
  8. Interesting. Can you do the same for the Championship, mate?
  9. I'm not quite sure what we expect oppoistion fans to write. "Fev have signed a reyt squad and we're wetting ourselves" As for some of the "fans" of SL clubs on there, ..............
  10. Interesting thread. I don't know anyone who's done it. I have one friend who is a barrister (UK) and two other friends who are judges (Spain)
  11. We're trying to put togther a collection of photographs of every player who had played for Featherstone Rovers. So far, we have more than 900 here: https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/players/ but we are still 203 short of a full set. From the past 50 years, we're down to just 22 players we need. Can you help? Tony Sullivan 1975 Ian Westwood 1977 Brian Gibbins 1977 Chris Simons 1979 William Allen 1979 Malcolm Saddington 1983 Andrew Mortimer 1983 Tim Robinson 1983 Chris Welburn 1983 Peter Hafey 1984 Chris Chappell 1985 Simon Wragg 1985 Peter Storey 1986 Mick O'Byrne 1986 Mick Bamforth 1987 Alan Denson 1987 Brett Love 1989 John Millington 1997 David Riley 1998 Antony Slatter 2000 Matt Turner 2000 Stephen Jones 2001
  12. Is that the same Wigan club as the current one?
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