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  1. Could be a Welly Albert style forward for us?
  2. We've had some big games recently, but this is as big as they come. Unbeaten Fev (13 wins) v unbeaten Toulouse (9 wins) to pput themselves in pole position for the end of season run in and the playoffs. Many people's bet for the Grand final fixture come October, this will be the first (and almost certainly only) meeting between Rovers and Olympique in 2021 before any possible GF. Let's hope there's a nice big vocal crowd turn up. Huge win at Bradford in a very loseable game on the back of Wembley, with a reshuffled team against fired-up oppoistion. Now Fev 2021 are on the verge of ye
  3. Uncle Eddie will be turning in his grave. Oopanunder. Always has been, always will be.
  4. Neither mate. It was rhetorical really. #saturdaynightrants If we let union have "Rugby World Cup" without a whimper, then here we are.
  5. When "mistakes" become regular, it's too late. Is it too much to ask that someone who writes a 400/500 rugby league match report for the BBC knows the game of rugby league?
  6. Neither of these seem particularly good excuses. Perhaps a fly-half won a line out too?
  7. Possibly, I wouldn't know. Seems odd then that a BBC rugby league journalist would use the term.
  8. This match report https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/57928500 remarks on how there was no Television Match Official at Headingley. I don't know about you, but I've always called him/her the video ref
  9. Five kids with only a handful of professional rugby league matches between them did us proud at Wembley. Last few minutes, a couple of strong drives from Joe Summers on his RL debut. 80 minutes in the middle at AHB and tackling between Jake sweeting (6th game ever) Harvey Spence (3rd match ever). Two tries and a totally assured display from winger Jake Doyle (2nd match ever). Hard graft over two spells in the middle from Loui McConnell (10th match ever). Phenomenal achievement.
  10. JD was absolutely outstanding at Wembley, but would there be a case for switching him to AHB at Bradford? He's done it before. Daggsy to FB, Hall at centre, Doyle keeps his place on merit. JD at 9 with say Sweeting off the bench? Dunno.
  11. If the Wembley 17 are all ok plus Halton and Dagger back, we should be good to go. AHB is a worry, as Sweeting & Spence were both heroic at Wembley, but we need Jones & Parata to really tick.
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