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  1. The whole competition was set up to discriminate against Fev Rovers who famously had no floodlights. When we got round to setting up a fund to buy some lights, the BBC got wind and packed in the comp a couple of years before Fev managed to get them installed. We still boycott David Attenborough wildlife documentaries to this day. The JP trophy was also a set up. We drew Saints or Widnes away in the first round every single year. And yes, everyone smoked B&H.......
  2. Cool name. Almost as good as Post Office Road.
  3. And yet the company admitted they misled people and are refunding disgruntled customers. So. Not so simple, huh?
  4. "Amazing try that, Jonathan......" "Poo-er Poo-er defence. Simple try try really"
  5. Yes. Hard, but, as you say, a good ball handler too. He moved abroad and he's not been well recently.
  6. Two likely lads to take care of you. Who did you play for? Sharlo?
  7. Dave Hartley was also the first ever sub to score a try in a Cup final
  8. Richard and Allan Agar become the first son & father to coach Challenge Cup winners (2020 and 1983) Tom Briscoe breaks the record for most Challenge Cup final tries, seven. Guest of honour, Fev Lions' own Rob Burrow, will be proud. Well done.
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