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  1. To advance our game and our sport and our National team, we need more than what was offered by Wakefield last night. It was not good enough. I read the questions over Widnes and the attendance of 5000 plus against London- That was also not good enough , Nor where the excuses about being a small town Inspirational people drive things forward. Like Koukash at Salford, Like McManus at Saints like Davy at Huddersfield and even though im not a fan like Leneghan at Wigan London has no inspirational Leader and Nor do several rugby league teams....We are reducing to 12 because we are not strong enough for 14. Our game is fantastic though.....Teams need to step up to the plate- OR be replaced
  2. Most Biased Fans In Rl

    Generally speaking I dont have a problem with any supporters. I find most people pleasant - There are good and Bad and indifferent everywhere. I even get annoyed by Widnes Fans who continually complain about having to pay
  3. Matt King To Warrington

    It is also Just possible that an international Centre like Matt King deserves over 200K a year. Why is it that Two bit football players are deserving of 40K a week, and a superb athlete like King or Barrett or Brent Webb, is somehow a party to salary cap breaches. It stinks. Im happy to see League players retire at 32 with Business interests and perhaps their property paid off. When I was on holiday last year in Greece a Stoke City fan showed me an area where a Stoke city player had a Villa. It was superb, costing about 600K FFS. So when you see that you just know that King is deserving of his 250K per annum. We need to reward international players better and International appearances should attract al least a
  4. Matt King To Warrington

    We all are aware of the Rumours Arch. Cullen has not acted to sort this Cancer within Warrington. Right at the top of the Chopping block should be Eddie's hero Lee Briers. Eddie should perhaps check a few things out. GFor me however, I'm more interested in the performance on the pitch and Briers and Gleeson consistently fail to hit the mark.
  5. Matt King To Warrington

    Warrongton badly need another centre, - but I'm not sure what an Aussie Dollar is worth, - That equates to about