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  1. I’ve very rarely used amazon. Many products on there aren’t sent to Australia and if the do postage is a killer. The Amazon range in Australia is also limited and unattractive. Our geographical location and huge empty expanses don’t seem to work well for Amazon.
  2. From everything I’ve read over the years it’s people like Simon who make a difference and make the world that little bit better. We’ve never met, however, take care mate.
  3. I like to consider myself the official pie and beer taster when my local suburban team plays.
  4. Hilarious. It sounded like and older Australian guy screaming out. Those players look like they are made of granite and run very very hard.
  5. So I’ve finally tried out the board game, Catan, many years after it was released. It’s good fun.
  6. They only need a field with change rooms and a place for cameras. I imagine a small stadium could save a lot of rental costs.
  7. I’m assuming this will face the usual issue of rugby league people dragging down rugby league people and nothing new will develop without a powerful personality who can break through the very rugby league turf wars.
  8. Not necessarily the best. These are just some I’ve enjoyed (sometimes again) over the last few years. I, Tonya Dodgeball Rocky Free Solo (documentary) Crackerjack BMX Bandits (very old and retro)
  9. The Club is based on a play written by one of Australia’s most prolific playwrights, David Williamson.
  10. It depends on your situation in life. As my studies were coming to an end a few things happened. I had the opportunity head down the PhD path, my partner became pregnant and 3 different government departments offered me a position in their graduate programs. I needed to pay for a family so I went to work and never studied formally again. I would really enjoy completing a PhD but it wasn’t to be. If you enjoy study, don’t mind student income and you’re confident you’ll be employable at the end, stay at university.
  11. I just hope it’s not affiliated to World Rugby League..
  12. That’s both Chile and Argentina signed up now.. http://www.worldrugbyleague.org/news.html
  13. The front page of the Northern Territory News..
  14. I always like a Roy Masters column regarding Australian rugby league.
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