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  1. I’d never heard about this tree before.. looks like a very scenic spot that would attract people and boost the local economy. I hope they can work out how to keep the people coming.
  2. “Maybe what you will see is me step out of this charade and set up a proper Super League called Ultimate Rugby, with proper rugby players, who work with each other which is not decided by referees and is decided by the athletes.“ Interesting that he uses “ultimate” because in Ultimate Frisbee there are no referees. It’s a self refereed sport that relies on the “Spirit of the Game”. It’s a great sport too.
  3. The article says it’s K3290 ($1400) for the most expensive and K217 ($92.60) for the cheapest Hunters season ticket. The most expensive package is also mentioned in this 2017 article too, so it’s not a typo. https://www.looppng.com/sport/nfs-launches-season-membership-packages-52562
  4. Re ticket prices.. look at Tiket Mastas https://png.online.tiketmastas.com.pg/event/646:402/ The upcoming PNG v Cook Islands match is around AUD$17 to AUD$55 for a ticket. Some older Png hunters season ticket prices are in this article. The most expensive option is around AUD$1390 for 11 games https://postcourier.com.pg/packages-available-for-sp-png-hunters-fans/
  5. Lots of free tickets for the Panthers v Storm game. They put it in a totally inappropriate stadium so they have to give tickets for free to make it look ok. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/fans-up-in-arms-as-nrl-hands-out-free-tickets-to-sydney-preliminary-final/news-story/64a1e7013c0a5e2383fa576947c0a5c7?amp
  6. My experience with gyms tells me that most people there, regardless of how hugely muscular or athletic they are, don’t care at all if newbies attend. They all started at the beginning and appreciate anyone putting in effort. Any annoying people are in the tiny minority. That’s my experience anyway. Smaller classes with regulars are great as people get to know each other over time and start to chat before and after class.
  7. Sports I watch and follow Rugby league Sports I watch on tv but not follow closely Cross fit - I don’t hunt it down but I’ll watch if it’s on. Disc golf - I don’t hunt it down but I’ll watch if it’s on. netball - I don’t hunt it down but I’ll watch if it’s on nfl - as above cricket - as above Gaelic games - as above Sports I have watched in person but do not watch Soccer - internationals, state league, a-league, EPL, Indonesia’s top league, lower English leagues. I’ll go to be sociable if friends or family are attending or playing. AFL - I’ve been to half a dozen games to give it a proper go. I realised I just don’t enjoy it. National baseball league in Australia - the beer and snacks are great. I’ve been a couple of times with friends to be sociable. Games are a bit boring though. australian national ice hockey league- been a few times and it’s fun. I’m keen to go again. Sports I play: Disc golf. I’ve traveled and played in disc golf tournaments in Australia. I’m rubbish at it but I enjoy it. Canberra has 3 good courses and is getting another one soon. In Australia the vast majority of courses are on public land and it’s free to turn up and play 24/7 (you can use glow discs in the dark). Sports I’m considering are rogaining, Blood Bowl (competitive board game), lawn bowls and touch football.
  8. Am now 20kg down and can see muscle definition and I’m starting to see the beginning of a six pack and inguinal crease. I’ve been doing gym classes up to 6 times a week (usually no fewer than 4). I look good, i feel good, I’m getting positive reinforcement from those around me. I still eat a wide range of foods and enjoy pizzas etc when socialising but it’s all about moderation and eating super healthy most of the time, not all the time. It’s great!
  9. Frustratingly typical for Australia that most of the travel package deals don’t include flights. This is extremely common in Australia and it’s really annoying.
  10. The NRL are looking to recruit US athletes while in Vegas. I like their chances at finding female talent for the NRLW. Probably a few extremely athletic female athletes with exposure to union. https://amp.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/vegas-talent-quest-nrl-to-fly-club-bosses-to-usa-searching-for-players-20230906-p5e2ix.html
  11. I must live in an alternate universe as I’d never heard of “wahs” for the Warriors until around a month ago.
  12. I made a room go quiet in Newcastle when I asked “Who’s Alan Shearer?”. It reminded me of Wally Lewis’ status in Brisbane and Queensland.
  13. There was also just under 2000 there in Canberra for a standalone NRLW game with a morning kickoff. Next season any NRLW games in Canberra that can’t be part of a double header with the men will be played at a refurbished West Belconnen Warriors home ground in Kippax, Canberra.
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