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  1. I think some junior clubs should actively promote themselves as “equal playing time” clubs where they try to give all kids the same number of minutes on the field. When I used to be connected to junior rugby league unequal playing time was one of the biggest reasons the younger kids quit playing. Kids just want to play with their mates.
  2. When I go to events I often get a link to load the tickets into my phone’s digital wallet. Is the RLWC using the same process?
  3. Not really an accurate reflection of PNG’s full team as many of their best players weren’t available due to QLD Cup or NRL commitments.
  4. The Australian PMs13 women’s team are currently totally dominating the PNG women in the match in Brisbane. The Australians look great and must surely be favourites for the WC.
  5. We’d love it here in Canberra if the Green Machine was playing.
  6. The NRL can have issues but it’s nothing like the entrenched racism of the AFL that can openly come from unrepentant head coaches and some club presidents. The unrelenting booing of Adam Goodes in stadiums around Australia was also beyond shameful.
  7. Some lowlights from Collingwood. Early 90s Collingwood President, Allan McAlister - “As long as they conduct themselves like white people, well, off the field, everyone will admire and respect … As long as they conduct themselves like human beings, they will be all right. That’s the key.” 2013 - Just days after Adam Goodes was racially abused by a 13-year-old girl at the MCG - Eddie Maguire, President of Collingwood, suggests Adam Goodes should be used to promote King Kong the musical. 2021 - Collingwood found to have systemic racism https://amp.abc.net.au/article/13055816 2022 - former Collingwood greats cut contact with Collingwood over lack of action to address racism. https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100987420 “It is our firm belief that the Collingwood Football Club has no intention of acting in good faith to achieve a just outcome for past players who have experienced racism at the Club," Lumumba wrote on Twitter.
  8. I was surprised at the cost of pizzas in the UK. I can grab a large pepperoni pizza from domino’s here in Canberra for £2.90. A large margherita is £3.25.
  9. Some examples https://latinmate.com.au/es/products/17 https://www.amigofoods.com/chocolate-corona-cloves-cinammon-clavos-canela.html https://poblanomexican.com.au/shop/mexican-sweets/mexican-hot-chocolate/mexican-chocolate-ibarra-540g/ I’m lucky as a shop near my home here in Canberra has started selling them. I really enjoy the Corona one with cloves and cinnamon. The tip is to really whisk it thoroughly at the end and to not boil the milk.
  10. Hot chocolate. Specifically I enjoy the type you can get in places like Colombia and Mexico … an easily melted tablet of chocolate mixed with spices that is melted in warm milk and then whisked.
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