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  1. What’s great is that 9s appears to be a great equaliser for some traditionally lower level nations...
  2. Great dummy flick pass by PNG for the try.
  3. I know quite a few from Canberra traveling up to Sydney today for the 9s. Hopefully they get a better crowd today. No doubt they are trialling times and days and they will have a review. I suspect TV likes a Friday night slot. The early Friday NRL game gets reduced attendances but TV gets what TV wants.
  4. I’ve seen it all over social media this last week.
  5. England and Australia have been the best two teams so far.
  6. I like how the goal posts light up when someone scores..
  7. This is so much better than that other 7s game..
  8. They were playing against mostly low level Australian based players.
  9. Over the years I’ve only ever seen France play below their potential... perhaps I’m just deluded regarding their skills.
  10. Lebanese suburban players are teaching France how to play.
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