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  1. I think quality support is when a newcomer feels a sense of belonging to a community.
  2. Someone has posted this on a local group page and I think it really shows how much the game has changed in terms of on field violence.... imagine a player making these types of admissions these days. Things would go crazy!
  3. Maybe some mushy peas or instant mash potato company from super league land should stump up some money for it.
  4. and if they do a repayment plan of sorts should be in place..
  5. That’s appalling. How unfortunate that all that money has been wasted on things like fancy trips and funding the union 7s team’s event in Hong Kong.
  6. As hard as it may be for the guy, he no longer has to live with the (alleged) threat of nasty physical violence. In Australia we often joke that after certain men (family guys, local leaders etc) go wild and are arrested for committing acts of violence, the media is full of comments about how he was/is a nice guy. Their previous public image and influence has a momentum that continues in the face of the incriminating evidence.
  7. I’m referring to Redcliffe. It’s part of greater Brisbane area. Many people there already go to Lang Park and it’s no big deal. The stadium in Redcliffe is a small suburban stadium.
  8. As you point out, Redcliffe isn’t that far away. Redcliffe also has 10,000 people, Gold Coast has over 500,000 people.
  9. Any new team in the Brisbane area will most likely play at Lang Park. Dolphin Oval has a 10,000 capacity and looks like a spruced up version of some of Sydney’s rubbish suburban NRL grounds. I doubt the state government would help fund a new NRL stadium so close to Lang Park
  10. They’d get a similar turn out for 9s in one of the most rugby league parts of Australia, western Sydney, so I don’t know why the journalists would suggest the turnout in Perth indicates they don’t deserve a team. Perth sold out all available state of origin tickets almost a year in advance. As more came out later they were bought ASAP. Sydney and Brisbane can’t do that.
  11. People who catch fish and leave them to rot on the side of the lake. People who walk dogs on a shared pedestrian/bike path and use a very long leash. People who slow down to film car accidents.
  12. When they’ve said my car has been involved in an accident I’ve said something like: “That’s right, I ran over and killed that b#tch. She had it coming”
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