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  1. The Aussies love them and give them heaps of praise.
  2. The sport is very popular so not that many really. At that age the refs call held extremely early if a ball carrier or tackler looks very nervous. Having said that, this clip with millions of views that was also in the media around the world was taken at my local ground.. but kids like this aren’t that common in Canberra.
  3. It’s full contact from U6s in Australia.
  4. They are the most popular rugby club in NZ’s largest city and have the highest salary cap of any club team, of any sport, in New Zealand. They bring in good money for the Nrl.
  5. I hope you have a Wigan postal address. You don’t want to be considered a neutral fan.
  6. Quite the development... http://rlif.com/article/8681/
  7. https://www.theoztagshop.com/ https://www.oztagger.com.au/ There are probably similar stores in the UK.
  8. Believe it or not the area on the Central Coast between Sydney and Newcastle where I was raised didn’t have a team to join. Plenty of teams on other parts of the Central Coast though. We instead played unregulated scratch games on the school field during our lunch break. Students broke collar bones, got concussion etc. On reflection it was ridiculous and dangerous. It became touch football when the teachers were around. When in the US I played high school varsity (American) Football. That was 1.5 to 2 hours of training everyday after school under the watchful eyes of some very serious disciplinarian coaches. The training was intense and brutal. Unless you’ve experienced it, it’s extremely hard to describe to someone not from the US how seriously it’s taken.
  9. Put a damp tea towel over your torso, or even on your head, with a fan in the room. Regards Someone who has lived through many many heatwaves in Australia.
  10. He’s more valuable in an NRL team than Blake Austin was and look at how Austin is coming along in SL
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