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  1. U-turn is a particular type of turn so I can understand ... *** segue **** if you want to freak out on the road.. go to Melbourne and you’ll learn about hook turns. I fear the day I use one of those intersections in Melbourne. People from interstate can be seen on the footpath just watching it in action. This is a Melbourne hook turn sign.
  2. That surprises me as they have a whole network of licences clubs full of gambling machines plus investments in other industries. The clubs are currently closed but they won’t be forever. I hope they are ok!
  3. While most of my colleagues in other areas of my work place started disappearing over a week ago... my branch is still all at work. It’s very frustrating. They are only now looking into assets for us to work from home .... and surprise surprise, assets are now thin on the ground and may have to be ordered.
  4. BA would only give us credit for a future flight within the next 12 months. That’s over $4000.
  5. In one week roughly 1 in 10 working Australians have lost their job. It’s shocking.
  6. similar things are happening all over Australia. Companies doing at cost or better deals to produce what we might need over the coming months.
  7. This will have an interesting affect on many people who abuse drugs. Limited supplies will cause withdrawals.
  8. Australia has banned international travel. No more than 5 people in total at a wedding. No more than 10 at a funeral plus many other things
  9. We get kangaroo as a regular meat in many of our supermarkets .. mostly steak or mince. I like it. I went to a restaurant in Thailand that had a bear in a cage and a pit of spitting cobras..... that was weird. Not sure what was gonna happen to the bear. I’d previously eaten black bear in the US.
  10. Bandung. I’ve had some great buffalo in Sulawesi, satay horse in Java and all sorts of mystery meats elsewhere..
  11. Goreng means “fried”. So monyet goreng means fried monkey. It was nowhere near any tourist trail. It was a locals only place. They’d just had a live python delivered and it was in a bag in the middle of the restaurant.
  12. I’ve had whisky mixed with some goo squeezed out of a cobra. A bit gross really. This is the menu on the wall of a Chinese restaurant in Indonesia.. it has python, monkey, monitor lizard, bat plus a few other things. Snakes were killed fresh in front of the customer. 20,000 rupiah is roughly £1. So fried cobra is £1. £3.4 for the fried monkey.
  13. My partner is in a senior position in a hospital. A lot of her staff are genuinely scared as they’ve had a lot of time to see on TV what’s coming and the possible consequences are now well known to them all. The local schools are still providing for our kids thanks to her job which gives some relief but to get that relief it also comes with being in a family at high risk of getting the virus. She’s already been tested once (negative) and we expect her to be tested again.
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