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  1. During half time at the Raiders we have a different local dance group put on a performance each game. It can be anything from Bollywood to Irish dancing. It works quite well (not this year though).
  2. Once you’ve made the most of a no/low debt lifestyle, it’s easy to resist the temptation of a bigger mortgage because you don’t want your lifestyle to worsen. A good lifestyle beats a bigger home every time. My kids now have access to concerts, live theatre, sporting events, overseas holidays/student exchanges, music lessons, sports coaching, school tutoring etc. Most of my friends put all that money into their home.
  3. I chose number 2. I own my house with zero debt and my kids have lots of opportunities and experiences because of that. We’re in a high income bracket and we bought a small home in a cheaper area. I’ve never been materialistic anyway. I’m also heading for a mid-50s retirement. There’s no way I’d ever want to go into my 50s with a big mortgage. Quite a few of my friends have done this and each time they hear a story about someone getting ill or worse, they start to wonder if they’ve done the right thing.
  4. If it increases game income significantly or if sound research shows a significant reduction in injuries, then it should be done. If those two scenarios aren’t relevant then it should only be done if the weather is really hot.
  5. Look at this proposal for a new rectangular stadium in Adelaide. The pitch lifts to become a roof.
  6. And then he just kicks the ball away....
  7. Josh Papalii 112kg 31km/h https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/canberra-raiders-prop-josh-papalii-puts-in-a-contender-for-trysaver-of-the-year-gold-coast-titans/a1f5b9fc-8b3d-470d-bf89-bc8c016c72cb
  8. Finally! A team that forum members can join.
  9. Language teaching in Australia is appalling. The kids only get a few hours a week in high school and the teachers sometimes struggle with the language. I studied Indonesian at university and also studied at an Indonesian university. My language skills are at a decent level. I’ve met Indonesian language teachers in Australia who learn the lesson themselves the night before they teach it! When I was attending high school open nights with my kids, if they had an Indonesian language teacher I’d just start chatting to them in Indonesian with no warning and watch their reaction. Only one guy was able to keep up... he still looked startled though. Fortunately I’m in a position where I can send my children overseas to the countries that use the language they are studying to help improve their fluency. I’m determined to ensure all my kids leave high school with a second language that they can use at a decent level.
  10. You’d think that internationally there’d be plenty of experience in teaching languages appropriately in a school environment that the Irish government could harness. To continually fail to achieve decent outcomes tells me they aren’t trying very hard.
  11. The Irish Club in Canberra offers free Irish language classes to anyone who is interested. I’m not sure how popular it is. An Irish family lives around the corner from me in Canberra and when I asked them if they could speak Irish they laughed and then said it was a stupid and pointless language. I was quite surprised by their response.
  12. I can easily debate it. In a debate you aren’t able to control all sides of it... and I guess that’s frustrating for some.
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