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  1. For me it would be; Weekend 1 Eng v Aus - Wembley Nz - Sco - The Den Weekend 2 Eng v Sco - St James Nz vs Aus - DW Stadium Weekend 3 Eng vs NZ - Elland Road Sco vs Aus - Pittodrie (Aberdeen) Weekend 4 Final - Old Trafford/Ethihad
  2. My prediction; Games won in Red St Helens (1st): Leeds Rhinos (a), Warrington Wolves (h), Huddersfield Giants (a) - 38 points Wigan Warriors (2nd): Widnes Vikings (a), Leeds Rhinos (h), Warrington Wolves (h) - 37 Points Leeds Rhinos (3rd): St Helens (h), Wigan Warriors (a), Hull FC (a) - 36 points Warrington Wolves (4th): Huddersfield Giants (h), St Helens (a), Wigan Warriors (a) - 36 points Castleford Tigers (5th): Bradford Bulls (h), Wakefield Trinity Wildcats (h), Catalan Dragons (a) - 38 Points Huddersfield Giants (6th): Warrington Wolves (a), Hull FC (h), St Helens (h) - 36 points 1 - Cas 2 - Saints 3 - Wigan 4 - Leeds 5 - Warrington 6 - Hudds
  3. That's for 69 live AP games per season, as well as a new European competition. IIRC the split was £100m for the AP solely, and up to £52m for the European Competition depending on structure, size and geographical spread.
  4. Current Deal is £22.5m per year over 14 teams - £1.61m each New Deal of £40m over 24 teams - £1.66m each. This is actual a gamechanger for RL. I know it won't be split equally, but it goes to show the value of it. This could give each of the 12 SL teams £2m each - an additional £400k per year, the 12 Championship teams £1m each and still have £4m quid a year for parachute payments, prize funds etc...
  5. Wow - that's nearly double what we get at the moment for Superleague. £40m per year - extraordinary. Well done RFL
  6. You would hope there had been a significant increase from the current deal to forego a potential bid by BT and Premier Sports. I would love to know the details but looking at previous deals (from the Watkins report) the current superleague deal is worth £22.5m per year - a £5m-£6m increase per year from the last deal. As this new deal takes into account the championship as well I would hope that this deal is worth at least £30m per year - or £150m for the 5 years. If we got close to the £200m mark then that would be amazing, but not out of the question given the current broadcasting market and the increase in games Sky will be showing
  7. I don't think anyone holds the players views in contempt, are everyone is quite happy to listen to the players. What the gripe is, is that players saying they would leave to go elsewhere has been reported as a player exodus fear. It is not a fear, it's the players saying they want more money. Too right. Everyone wants more money. What would have been interesting would be a follow up question - have you been approached by RU or the NRL within the past 3 years. if a high percentage said yes, coupled with the above question, then there is a legitimate right to be fearful of an exodus. However, I am more than confident to state that the majority of SL have never been approached by RU or the NRL, therefore regardless of whether they would move for more money, they couldn't. Therefore no fear of an exodus. The timing could have been done better. Why not a Monday? Why today? As mentioned on a previous post I think it was in an effort to piggy back on Salford's news, and it make one eague three look amateurish at best.
  8. Couldn't agree more. I would have loved to find out why the players think as a sport we cannot attract more sponsorship/money so they can get better paid, and what they think needs to change. Unfortunately we are treated to false headlines and a RL beat up.
  9. Is there a player exodus fear? Normal people see that 75% of players would move elsewhere for more money. Why wasn't the headline "RL players want more money" RLW see this as a player exodus. Terrible sensationalist journalism perpetuated by a negative spin. There is a lot of positivity that could have been reported, but instead they made something up.
  10. I disagree - I think it's good to get views from players. However, the timing is atrocious and counter-productive and the poor RL writers we seem to have we only make sensationalist headlines and try to make everything seem doom and gloom- see title thread. There is no exodus fears - 1 in ten SL player will get offered more money to play in the NRL or Union. 75% might want to go somewhere else for more money (v.surprised its not 100%), but that doesn't mean they will do. You can spin these figures however you want - 25% of current players would never leave the superleague regardless of the riches on offer. 75% want to be better paid - this is not a player exodus. You get better journalism from the sunday sport.
  11. You'd think wouldn't you... Potential Sponsor: "What's all the hub-bub with Salford, whats going on there then? Marketeer: "Well, this time last year they were about to go bust, then this great new investor has come in, shaking things up, about to undergo a massive relaunch, has signed some of the best players available, and is investing lots of money" Potential Sponsor: "Wow, that sounds like something I want to be involved with and get my name associated with" Marketeer: " Oh, hang on, I've just got something else through saying that 75% of their players want to leave to go to Union or Australia" Potential Sponsor: "Lets sponsor that instead then" Morons, the lot of them
  12. Cant really see this having any shocks - it will highlight what we, as fans, think and with regards to players leaving the competition why is this such a surprise? If someone offered to pay me twice as much to do the same job in Australia, I'd go. If someone offered to pay me twice as much to do a similar job in this country, i'd go. Why are sportsmen any different. The only way to combat this is to get more money in the game, which only works by improved perception and people wanting to be associated with the game, which will never happen if articles come out saying 75% of the players want to leave the game, especially 7 weeks before the biggest tournament in its history. Good job no-one is dumb enough to do this..... oh
  13. Given the 23 man squad is going to consist of 6 props, 5 backrowers, 2 hookers and 10 backs I think there is room, and they will be there on merit. S. Burgess will prob not be classed as a prop. WC Props G. Burgess T. Burgess L. Burgess J. Graham E. Crabtree L. Mossop With Sam as cover would be a great forward line up and I can't think of anyone who would be an automatic selection ahead of these boys. This leaves Sam, Ellis, westwood, O'Loughlin and ANOther as the back row.
  14. Like you Martyn I've dealt with a number of senior partners at the Top 4 and don't see my faith in them as naive, just the reality that if they didn't know what they were doing they wouldn't be the size and success they are. The NFL is essentially a national sport - they don't need the extra income - they get billions through endorsements, sponsorship, customers etc... They also don't have an international scene, so on your thinking we should scrap the World Cup??. They don't have P&R and franchise everything - is that your suggestion? In fact, they have consulted Managament Consultancies in the past to advise on maximising revenues - the suggestions that came back obviously weren't the same as for the RFL i.e. additional fixtures. If a restaurant owner saw that by opening 24hrs would increase their bottom line they would do however there isn't the custom 24hrs a day. By using that as an analogy you are suggesting that no-one would pay to see these extra games? I disagree. Finally, I assume, like you said, if our stadium are not bulging at the seams and we don't win the WC in 2017 then these proposals have failed? Tough call for the likes of Huddersfield who need to quadruple their fan base within 4 years. I assume you have spoken to Ken Davy and told him your proposals to fill out the John Smiths Stadium on a regular basis? Maybe he just isn't smart enough to know these things.
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