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  1. South Wakefield Sharks

    France vs Jamaica

    Great news. Should be an interesting game. Be good to go and watch, if England aren't playing that weekend.
  2. South Wakefield Sharks

    May tests

    Should be a good weekend with some good matches. Looking forward to it. Especially if England win.
  3. South Wakefield Sharks

    Scotland, maybe?

    If the plan is to develop a club with ambitions to knock about in the top level of the community game or in League 1 then either the Borders or Aberdeen could do. If the plan is to eventually get to Super League, then it needs to be in either Edinburgh or Glasgow. Anywhere else and the market for the new club will be too small to generate the sort of revenue that will be required to succeed in Super League. I expect we'll see Toronto change the face of rugby league in the northern hemisphere and it'll soon become clear that
  4. South Wakefield Sharks

    Christmas Cracker: Brighouse Rangers v Toronto Wolfpack.

    It was a good afternoon out. Plenty of people there. Probably about 500 or so. Plenty of effort and determination from the trialists to come from behind to win. Very naive, but that was to be expected. They boggy pitch didn't really help the speedsters, but they did show a couple of glimpses in the second half once they had settled down. One try had some nice passing to put the winger in, and there were a couple of times when the trialists broke the line. You could see that one or two might become a project, if Toronto can look long-term.
  5. South Wakefield Sharks

    Another homesick Aussie goes back

    He's the sort of Aussie we should be pleased is not in Super League. He was pretty ordinary for Trinity and I'm not at all unhappy that we won't be paying him a wage in 2017. He came over with a good reputation. Didn't work out for him nor us, and both sides have managed to end the deal at the end of year one.
  6. South Wakefield Sharks

    RLWC 2017 Plans

    The structure of the tournament and the spread of games doesn't suit people like me who want to go to as many games as possible. I reckon I could do 9 games in four weeks in PNG, Oz & NZ, but that would cost about £2500 in flights alone. I went to loads of games in 2000 & 2013 and quite a lot in 2008 too, but might stop at home this time and watch them on TV, rather than spend several grand to be in Oz and watch most of it on TV there instead. In 2013, I think I saw 17 matches live in the first 17 days of the World Cup and only missed three matches in total. Can't see that being repeated in 2017!
  7. South Wakefield Sharks

    Toronto Wolfpack names 18 finalists from “Last Tackle” tryout

    Presumably it is this bunch of lads who will be playing Brighouse on Saturday. Should be an interesting way to spend the afternoon.
  8. South Wakefield Sharks

    England fixtures 2018-2020

    I'd love to see us copy union and have some nations tour Britain in the autumn, rather than us always play Australia and NZ for some kind of trophy. Have a few nations tour round Britain and France building up to England v either Australia or NZ (whichever one it was who toured). That way we'd get some variety, get some unpredictability, and still get a chance to play the best. Something like this over four consecutive weeks: England v PNG Scotland v Samoa Wales v Fiji France v Australia Ireland bye England v Samoa Scotland v Fiji Wales v Australia France bye Ireland v PNG England v Fiji Scotland v Australia Wales bye France v PNG Ireland v Samoa England v Australia Scotland bye Wales v PNG France v Samoa Ireland v Fiji
  9. About the same as the year before.
  10. South Wakefield Sharks

    Polls about Toronto

    It's in the interests of the RFL to maintain as many English sides as deserve to be in SL. We don't currently have an even fixture list (ie everyone home and away once), so the number of fixtures played does not have to increase if the number of teams in SL increases. At the moment we don't have 12 clubs good enough to be in SL, but any less and we'd get even more fed up with repeat fixtures, to get in the number of games TV requires and which some clubs need to generate the corporate/sponsorship income that they can only get from a home fixture.
  11. I don't really see any reason why SL should be much different this year to last year. There should be lots of excitement and coverage for the game outside SL. Hull KR will be a good story, and if Toulouse are competitive (I have my doubts) then that will be a very good story. Toronto being on TV each week will add a new dimension, and hopefully it is done a bit like S4C did when Celtic Crusaders first came on the scene. Hope for an increase in the buzz in SL could come from the England v Samoa mid-season international, though expect the RL public to come out and slag it off. That weekend Wire play St Helens, so rather than focus on the opportunity that the absence of Hill and Clark and Percival and Lomax give to a young Wire or Saints' player, we'll focus on how bad it is that they have to play without their star players. The fact that the Thursday night games for the 23 normal rounds have already been picked and only 5 of them are cross-pennine matches is a plus. It'll remove one excuse from those who like to justify why they don't go to games. If Leigh can get off to a decent start, that could add a little extra too, but it'll probably all come down to whether Hull, Wire & Cas can improve yet again.
  12. Wow! I'd say this forum is very unrepresentative of RL fans in general. In my experience, the vast majority of RL fans care only about their local side who they think are victimised by everyone else, are mostly ignorant of anything happening in the game outside their immediate locality, and think travelling to one end of the M62 or the other makes them some kind of explorer. On here, whilst there's the usual mix of folk who would argue black was white or folk who've never set foot outside the village they were born in, most folk tend to have a wider understanding of the sport and consider the interests of the game as a whole, rather than just their own club's interests.
  13. They are indeed a very good, small town club. However it is unlikely that they will supply many players to the national side, or win the World Club Challenge in my lifetime.
  14. South Wakefield Sharks

    Polls about Toronto

    Of the current 12 SL clubs, no more than half of them are elite sporting clubs, the rest are only in there because we don't have anything better. If (and it's a very big IF), clubs like Toronto and Toulouse got to Super League and replaced some of the weaker clubs, that would be good for the British game. SL would be stronger, and the current SL clubs who dropped out would raise the standard in the Championship.
  15. Bear in mind, we don't yet know if Toronto can deliver on any of their talk, but .... They appear to have a very professional approach to what they do. From the original rumours, to the launch, to the media interviews in the UK, to the American recruitment trials, their Twitter feed, the Premier Sports TV deal, it all seems very professional. If they can bring that level of professionalism, and international vision that they have, to the game in the UK, it could be very significant for the game outside Australasia. There are very few, truly professional clubs outside the NRL, ie clubs where the whole operation feels like your're part of a top class business. If rugby league in the northern hemisphere is ever to make significant progress, like it has in Australasia, it needs to move away from the parochial, semi-professional world it's been in for the last 100+ years. Toronto look like they aspire to do that, by modelling themselves more on Brisbane than Batley.