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  1. Thanks Craig, we're putting plans in place to make Rovers TV even bigger and better in 2017
  2. I'm honoured to be hosting the Hall of Fame this Friday evening, where we'll see Harold Box, Mick Gibbins, and Cyril Kellett inducted. I'd love to hear your memories of these 3 great players, please reply on here with them or private message me,and I'll share them on the evening. Tickets still available by the way: £20 for meal, local singer Chelsea Radford, and interviews with inductees/representatives.
  3. 1 Roche 2 Griffin 3 Davies
  4. 1 Davies 2 Ellis 3 Abdull
  5. Abdull Roche Spears
  6. Anyone not able to get to the match can receive regular score updates by following @RoversRadio on Twitter