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  1. Well done Joanne Fitzpatrick

    Thanks for kind words 😘 😊, much appreciated. It's a dream job, talking a lot and doing it about the club I love! X
  2. Did Danny I play today ???

    His first training session was only Thursday night. He was at the game though. He possibly may get a hit out at Oldham next Sunday
  3. M.O.M. Rovers V Batley (H)

    Walters Taulapapa Thacks
  4. Daniel I to Fev

    No rod. I was replying to a question about how long I'd watched my club. Glad you've all got over it now ?
  5. Daniel I to Fev

    Only since 1979- Dewsbury anger not really come on my radar in those 38 years! I don't get why you're having a hissy fit about us signing a Castleford player
  6. Daniel I to Fev

    It's just part of the game- no need for all the angst!
  7. Daniel I to Fev

    Wow! I never knew Dewsbury fans had so much pent up anger towards my club. ?
  8. Off-field publicity etc

    Thank you ? The mix up came early on in first half where there was a number of factors causing it... Late change in positions compared to team sheet, their play being on far side so difficult to see numbers, and the fact they look similar. Hopefully it was rectified by second half when the were playing near to where we commentated from. We will have less mix ups as we get to know new players better ?
  9. Off-field publicity etc

    Thank you for your feedback, I'm overwhelmed with how positive it's all been. I'm the 'Fev lass' on the commentary and we've worked really hard with the club in off season to improve the Rovers TV output. We do our homework on both sides as I believe we should be putting it out to all audiences. What the highlights don't show is where either of us get the player wrong the other commentator usually corrects them. Always a challenge in a fast flowing game like Sunday ?
  10. Hall of Fame Friday 28th October

    Thanks Craig, we're putting plans in place to make Rovers TV even bigger and better in 2017
  11. I'm honoured to be hosting the Hall of Fame this Friday evening, where we'll see Harold Box, Mick Gibbins, and Cyril Kellett inducted. I'd love to hear your memories of these 3 great players, please reply on here with them or private message me,and I'll share them on the evening. Tickets still available by the way: £20 for meal, local singer Chelsea Radford, and interviews with inductees/representatives.
  12. M.O.M Rovers V Dewsbury (A)

    1 Roche 2 Griffin 3 Davies
  13. M.O.M Rovers v London (H)

    1 Davies 2 Ellis 3 Abdull
  14. M.O.M. Rovers V Whitehaven (A)

    Abdull Roche Spears
  15. Anyone not able to get to the match can receive regular score updates by following @RoversRadio on Twitter