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  1. From where I was stood it appeared that Speakman was trying to get a quick ptb ... but was being pulled down .. he tried to pull clear but was prevented from doing so .... in trying to pull clear I think he kneed Grix who retaliated!! The ref had the best view and probably saw what he saw ... but in context they were down a man ( maybe 2 ) and were trying to slow the PTB with us in a very attacking position .. why would Speakman deliberately end the threat ... frustration at not being allowed the get up and ptb ... well that's how I saw it .... in context!!
  2. Its not often that a DR player puts a shift in like Matty Gee did for us tonight!! ... Was Tony Smith there watching??? Nail biting stuff but great to see we didn't blow it in the last 2 minutes!! .... Well done lads!!
  3. Game off ..... looking to reschedule on Tuesday night!
  4. My head predicts either a postponement or a mud bath!!
  5. Who will not make the final 17??? This weekend the Rams take on the Swinton Lions at Haywood Road. Here is Lee Greenwood’s squad for this match. Chris Annakin Sam Day Davey Dixon Sonny Esslemont Liam Finn Matty Fleming Andy Gabriel Matty Gee (Dual-Reg Hull KR) Liam Johnson Michael Knowles Jon Magrin Joe Martin Frazer Morris Luke Nelmes Will Oakes (Loan Hull KR) Morgan Punchard Martyn Reilly Adam Ryder Connor Scott Dom Speakman Paul Sykes I would guess Punchard , Dixon ( if Gabes is fit ) and a couple of forwards ..2 from Scott Morriss and Nelmes
  6. Leeds are marketing it as a 2 for the price of one! Where does it say the Toronto and has fans will be kicked out?
  7. Its on the web site this year! .... hopefully they will keep it updated!
  8. Here is your Dewsbury Rams squad to face Bradford Bulls on Sunday. Annakin Brierley Davies Day Dixon Esslemont Finn Fleming Gabriel Johnson Magrin Martin Moorhouse Morris Nelmes Oakes Punchard Reilly Ryder Scott Speakman Sykes Thornton I see Finn is in the squad ...... but no Knowles again ( he missed last week also ) ... is he injured?
  9. Just watched the highlights ..... It might be the camera angle but the pass to Muranka for that last try did look suspiciously forward to me!
  10. HKR have more half backs than we have 2nd rowers!! So I guess that's when DR might work in our favour!!
  11. I read that Our League are showing a series of games for the upcoming season .... to date i think Bradford are the only team to announce this, but the press release says it will involve most teams. The concerning issue for me is the change to kick off times ..... Bradford games have been changed to 1815 kick off time which will undoubtedly mean that some fans will not be able to attend ..... if you have bought a season ticket will Our League refund the price ... I doubt it! Does anyone know if any of our games are affected? I fully understand the need for the Championship to develop its own TV deals ... but again it does feel that it has been a last minute strategy and without much consideration to the long suffering fans!
  12. Get his head right and he's a good player ..... athletic strong and a fair turn of pace!! BUT!!!! allegedly a complete liability in the dressing room .... bad attitude doesn't turn up for training ... thinks he's better than the team doesn't always turn up for games ... gives away silly penalties ... short fuse!! I could go on but Cas let him go Fev let him go Sheffield let him go and we let him go twice!!! .... as I said if Diskin can sort him he's a really good player ... but Diskin won't sort him! ..... of course this is just my opinion!
  13. I see Regan Grace has been named the fastest player in Super League ..... I can't find any stats for the Championship as I guess there isn't the technology to measure the players ..... So subjectively who might be the fastest players outside Super League? I would think that at his peak Rob Worrincy would have been a contender and there are a couple of fast players at Toulouse ....
  14. Oh stop it and post about Rugby ......
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