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  1. Its not going well ... we are getting well beaten!! Come on get voting!!
  2. Quarter final today ..... we are up against G.B .... going to be tough!! Starts around mid day!
  3. Agreed Tansey was dreadful ... Hallett played well when Gaz Moore was firing on all cylinders .... but did nowt when Gaz Moore wasn't around ... and lets face it he wasn't around most of his contract!
  4. I think you can ... try clicking on the link .. where it says vote on twitter. I am not signed into twitter but it took me to the site. Worth a try ... I think we will need about 600 votes to win.
  5. It looks like twitter are releasing the matches one at a time .... just Fulham v The Bulls on at the moment ... we are 6th up!!
  6. Cas v Fev ... might be interesting!!
  7. NEWS | TICKETS | FIXTURES | OURLEAGUE As we continue to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our great sport, we asked you to help us find the most iconic Rugby League kit of all-time. The rules were simple – it could be any kit from your club or country and in any season. Your votes have since been counted and 16 kits have successfully qualified for the finals… So it’s time for the #RFL125 World Cup of Kits and you can vote your favourite through the last 16, quarter finals and semi-finals, before we reach the final and crown our winner. With some cracking contenders like the GB Lions kit from 1988 and Bradford’s from their 2003 double -winning season, it’s sure to be a closely run contest. VOTE ON TWITTER
  8. Well we made the last 16 .... but have been drawn agains Leeds!! I guess they have more fans so will probably beat us!! Lets all get together and do a 1973!!!
  9. Even before then ..... the main maternity hospital was Moorlands at DGH until it closed
  10. Did Colin North ever play for Dewsbury? ... I seem to think he was at Keighley for ever! I am pretty sure he's Dewsbury born
  11. Really hard to look past Bob Haigh Les Holliday Joe Whittington But contenders and honourable mentions to David Blakeley.. John Clarke had a couple of good seasons at 13 .. Bernard Watson ... and in a completely different style Aaron Brown gave us some entertainment!
  12. This one is really difficult because the hookers role has changed so much ..... for me the best hooker ( ball winner by a mile ) was Peter Mullins .... then of course Mick Stephenson was the cross over .. not the best ball winner ..but great in the loose .. would still have been a great in todays game! Struggling with my 3rd choice!! .... but for try scoring and craft Sam Day must be worth a mention!! ..... I always thought Finny played more like a hooker than a half back!! ...Ray Price was pretty good as was Roy Firth as was Ned .. Godwin was past his best when we had him ...... anyway need to think about No 3 so.. 1. Mick Stephenson 2. Peter Mullins 3. ???? ... watch this space!
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