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  1. I am sure Mark Sawyer mentioned this, in his presentation, after the game on Sunday!
  2. Tyler Dupree .. is their class act!! ... unfortunately he is going to Widnes!! ... he would have been the ideal Tom G .. replacement!!
  3. Just seen the squad for Sunday ..... Anyone know who Harry Copley is?
  4. Michael Knowles has been and still is one of the unsung heroes of our game... 100% effort on and off the field!! He deserves all our support to make his testimonial a success!
  5. The Sheffield web page states that tickets are not available on the day .... that they can only be bought on line! Does anyone know if this is correct... or is the web page a bit behind?
  6. It felt like the Gallowgate!! .. love the geordie passion!!.... Guessing about 30 of them but they made a lot of noise!!
  7. This is just how I feel!! Raw emotion .. I will probably delete this post in the morning!! ... I have no inside information .. I don't really know what's going on!! I just see what I saw!! .. I speculate!! .. Something is very wrong!! .. Has there been a fall out? ... the difference between the togetherness at the Widnes game ... the full on effort at Fev last week even in defeat!! .. and the abject capitulation today ... something has happened ... What??? .... I have no idea!! .. but as I said .. I speculate... it looks like some of the senior players and the coach might be on different pages ... what other possible explanation can there be for what, for me, was the worst performance of the season ... In my opinion the team were not a team today!! .. the other possibility might be whilst other teams are announcing contracts for next season .. we are not!! ... Is it ambition ..is it apathy.. is it leadership and motivation... or is it a lack of vision and direction??? I will be there next week and the week after .. but many others will not! ... I really, really care!!! ... I have supported this team since 1964 through good and bad .. all I expect is 100% effort .. I did not see that today!!
  8. Yes we lost heavy today .... but scored the best try!! I thought Gabes was quick ... but that was really impressive!!
  9. Disappointing... but unfortunately predictable!! Sykes and Finn have been great servants to the game and our club...and still have something to give to the team ...... but not together!!!... I would still keep Sykes and pair him with a nippy 7 ..... or if Sykes wasn't fit I'd play Finn with a nippy 6 .... but not on the same team at the same time!! .. they just don't complement each others styles .. in fact they contradict each other!! Surely I cant be the only one thinking this!! .... but I am not the coach!!!!
  10. Squad posted on RFL website .... includes Sonny Esselmont, Keenan Tomlinson .... and Paul Sykes!! ... hopefully all fit!!
  11. Stansted £4.99 return!!! .... worth a punt!!
  12. I only asked ... with Hall Chisholm and Brown ... who kicks?? ... not pointless to me interested in opinions!!
  13. I note Gilmore, Morton and Hooley in squad for this one .... who kicks?
  14. I thought Smith was excellent today .... but for me Tom Garrett .. is our man of the season so far!! .. His stamina is amazing .. he did 75 mins today and never took a backward step!! .... I also think we missed a trick..Jason Walton should have run more at Ford... he is class but not the best in defence... still wasn't it great to be back watching the game and seeing friends that we haven't seen for ages!! ... great idea putting the tables out at the Amber Ribbon bar ... the beer and chat after the game.... priceless!!
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