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  1. I posted this on the rams forum page some time ago ...... but didn't really believe it However with passing time and what is happening at the Bulls ..... who knows? Is it a bad idea or is it the future of our game? ..... something has to change if RL is to be sustainable! Well its the off season and always a good time for the conspiracy theories!! I was reflecting on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Rams and the Bulls! The Rams are well managed, financially stable with a decent ground that they own and maintain ..... but no fan base to develop! The Bulls are badly managed, financially unstable with no ground...... but a massive fan base!! In the business world its a no brainer the relative strengths and weaknesses and potential synergies would suggest some sort of merger would be good for business! So a conversation might be how do we maximise the opportunity? Well lets play both teams at Dewsbury for a couple of seasons and see how many fans we can attract from Bradford, after all many Bulls fans will live in the Odsal, Low Moor and Cleckheaton areas with the 606 and the 62 giving easy and quick access to Owl Lane .... might be worth a punt! lets give it a go and also muddy the ownership situation so that the stability of the Rams ownership could endear itself to the Bulls Faithful ... who have been badly treated for years! ... So we have 2 clubs playing out of the same ground with integrated ownership .... after a couple of years we might be able to form a new club dropping the Dewsbury and Bradford tags and create a franchise called the Rambulls!! .... very 2021 ready and would undoubtedly be a SL contender! Maybe we could also get the owners of the Top House to buy the Barracks ... sorry Royal Oak! Well if I was a business consultant!!! I think I might make this pitch to the respective owners of these 2 clubs where the strengths and weaknesses of both clubs could be consolidated and a sustainable and successful club developed ..... who knows if it works perhaps a brand new stadium share with Cleckheaton RUFC ... great location and lots of available land to build on!! ... and even more synergies! But of course these are just the musings of a fan missing his Sunday afternoon fix! Roll on the new season!!
  2. Is this ambition or fake news? Batley eye ambitious Sammut move Batley Bulldogs coach Craig Lingard, having lost half-back Reece Dean to the oil rigs, is busy looking for a replacement half-back or two, report League Weekly. He would like Wigan Warriors playmaker Jarrod Sammut on board but has yet to agree terms with the Malta international, according to League Weekly.
  3. Agreed!!! ...... Paradigm shift!!! ... What if the deal that we have been offered at Leeds gives us more net income than playing at home? What if it gives us more than the Bulls playing at ours? 10% of a lot is better than 100% of nowt!! We really need to trust that MS will not make decisions that are not in the Rams best interests!!
  4. So the better of two evils!! ... For me its just unnecessary tinkering which could create an unintended imbalance and consequence! .... however I am of an age that could be deemed traditionalist and change averse!!
  5. So am I reading this correctly 2 points for a win 1 point for a draw ...... plus another point for the golden point ? ..... so 2 points for a winning draw! They must have been on the bottle!! Oh and a Friday night in january to start the season!!
  6. Looking at the business we have done .... it could be spectacular ..... Annakin is a fantastic signing !!..... Walton if fit is a fantastic signing!! ...we have kept the core of last years squad that with a bit of luck could have won at least 5 more games!! if just one of the "punts" turns out to be a Tom Garrett ..... well who knows!! I hear the squad is 24 or 25 which means we still have a couple more signings to announce! Roll on Boxing day!
  7. Gabriel,,, Dixon and who else? Plus the titchy tiny pitch didn't stop Worrincy from scoring a few spectacular ones!! ... I like my team to have a real entertaining finisher .. its adds an extra dimension to being a speccie!
  8. Well if he wants to change his mind .... and we haven't signed another winger ... then lets take him back!! Surely a contract has a cooling off clause!! Any ideas who the mystery winger is? ...... I wonder. looking at his quotes about facilities if Greg Johnson got us mixed up with Bradford and he's signed for the wrong club!!
  9. Of course MA makes all his players better!!!! ..... actually he probably does!
  10. He played really well for Rochdale against us at their place ..... I thought he could have benefitted from the space Finn makes and also learned a lot from Sykesie ... with Paul playing at centre ... but hey ho not to be!!
  11. Has Mason Caton Brown found a club yet? .... he'd be a good signing .... but probably too expensive! or Rob Massam ... looked really good for Rochdale .... then I think he went to Wales!
  12. Mark did say there was plenty left in the pot if Lee found what he wanted! .... What do you think we need to complete the squad? .... I would be looking at backs as we have no cover other than what we might get from HKR on DR
  13. So i think this is it to date!! 1 Joe Martin 2 Andy Gabriel 3 Jason Walton 4 Adam Ryder 5 Davy Dixon 6 Paul Sykes 7 Liam Finn 8 Tom Garratt 9. Dom Speakman 10 Martyn Reilly 11 Chris Annakin 12 Michael Knowles 13 Sonny Esslemont 14 Sam Day 15 Joe Magrin 16 Luke Nelmes 17 Fraser Morris 18 Sam Moorhouse 19 James Thornton 20 Liam Johnson 21 Connor Scott
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