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  1. OK!! .. this might not read as intended .. but .... Kudos to Fax!! .. they have selected their first choice team to play us!! ( wish they had at least rested Murrell) .. but look at the Saints team to play London!! ... So ... are they worried about maybe losing to Fax!! ( imo No!! ) or do they prefer to give London the win! ( imo ..yes!! ) Of course this is only the opinion of someone who looks for all the potential conspiracies in RL ... hey ho!!
  2. I thought Dom was on holiday!!! ... now that's commitment!! ... I hope Mrs Dom is understanding!!
  3. Well one thing is for sure ... neither of Dewsbury or Batley would be able to afford it on the current allocations vs costs ... So??
  4. I think we must have stayed in the same block!! that is exactly the view I had from my bedroom ... the Concord building on Wharf street! ..... I hope your lounge view was better than ours!!
  5. I can wholeheartedly endorse this !!! Excellent beers and the brisket dinner is fantastic! ... get a table on the balcony and enjoy the view!
  6. Its good to know people in the know!! .... I hope you had a good holiday!! .... You going to Sheffield?
  7. Is Chris Annakin still with us?? .... he gives us a real edge in the forwards .... Has Dom signed on or is he on loan from Widnes? .... hoping he has signed.. he made a real difference last week and pushed Paul Sykes all the way for MOM! I also really liked Connor McGrath .. did we only have him for the one game whilst Gabriel was suspended? I think Finn should be taking the kicks to protect Sykes's leg ..... Sykes is too important to nearly everything we do!
  8. Yes we absolutely have to beat Barrow and I guess that does you a favour too .... for us... as you and Swinton are on the same points it doesn't really matter who wins... and as our points diff is competitive a Swinton Batley draw would be interesting ... especially if we beat Rochdale away!! ...... all 3 of us on the same points and hopefully a few points clear of Barrow and Rochdale.
  9. Yep ... with Yvonnes 'amber ribbon' bus and Steve and his trains!!.... we represent well at away games!! .... We really need that spirit at home this week!!
  10. Hopefully we will avoid the drop this year ..... but what would be the cost of relegation? .......... less central funding ... how much? I am guessing about 30k .... just an uneducated guess! .. loss of some very promising players that wouldn't want to play in championship 1 on the wages we could offer in championship 1!! So weigh this against say paying 10k for the rest of the season for a class stand off ( say Rangi Chase, or maybe Kevin Brown at Warry might need to get match fit following his injury ) ... and playing Sykes at centre would really tighten the defence. So what would you do .... carry on as we are and hope for the best or spend a few bob ( less than we would lose through relegation ) to significantly improve our chances of survival??
  11. Such a big game and not many comments!!!! Might Annakin be back for this one? ..... and what's the hooker situation, are Day and Ward fit and available?
  12. Friendly warning .... Stop the abuse .... friendly banter is one thing but this is likely to degenerate to unacceptable levels. So stop it now and I won't have to take any further action!
  13. you just have to believe!! ....' Well alright' its a sort of Blind Faith!!
  14. Its really easy to sort the problems when its not your job!! Kelly should shut his mouth .. he is partly responsible for the mess we are in!!!! ...... I also worry about the motivation of our squad ... I really think we have a stronger team than last season .. but for some reason they are inconsistent and are fragile in confidence! ..... who's job is that!! However my point is emotionally motivated and also from a wider perspective .. I have supported my team since 1964 ....... we have had bad times .. OK times and the odd great time!! .. the problem is now we are having a bad time when the game is also having a bad time!! .. this is not good for sustainability ... Swintons directors have a strategy .... this year their plan is to ensure no relegation... they have recruited smartly recently ... and then to build a plan for the future from a Championship base in readiness for what might happen when Sky ditch the Championship!! .... We have to be in the Championship next year!! .... I see absolutely no strategy from our board ( incidentally who are our board? ) ..From my perspective I have never been so dispondant and disillusioned with my club and rugby league in general.... its a ticking bomb!! ... what's the plan when Sky ditch the championship?? I really want there to be a Dewsbury but am very concerned with the complete lack of a strategic plan we are just aimlessly drifting to extinction!! ...... might Wakefield trinity ultimately be a trinity of Wakey us and the dogs??
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