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  1. Bob Hirst .. yes 60s was like a pocket rocket!! Great under the high ball superb tackler ... ran hard and low .. and used to take the long range penalty goal kicks loads of power .. suspect accuracy!! You just felt safe when he was one on one!!
  2. Well that's one way to get out of the job!!
  3. If you go to Gateshead .. I think you will miss the game .... I'm pretty sure that Newcastle play at Kingston Park ...near the big Tesco on the other side of the city!
  4. If the Royal suite is being used for hospitality ..... where do we get a beer from? The bailey bar is only usually accessible from outside the ground...... what about the toilets?? For me it would be easier to close the open terrace and leave the South stand and the Amber Ribbon bar open ... I would guess the terrace will need a similar amount of stewards as the South stand ( actually sometimes I wonder why that terrace was developed) ... turnstiles are usually manned by volunteers .. I really don't get it.. where really is the significant cost saving? .... Plus entertainment should be focussed on what the customers want and costs should be budgeted and controlled accordingly.... the majority of 'customers' at the Rams choose the South stand! If my local shop stopped stocking beer and wine I would go to a different shop! If it rains the North stand protection from the rain only really applies to the seats at the back and the boxes ... at least the South stand affords good protection from the weather .... so we all get soaked and the best stand with a cover goes unused!! Classic!! I don't have access or knowledge of the details so I can only speculate .. but from my perspective I don't see the significant cost benefits .... Now if the South stand and the terrace were both closed then that would make sense ... but they are not !!
  5. I stand corrected from someone with much more knowledge and insight than I !!
  6. Hmm ... Sanctuary .. comes to mind!! ... from my perspective anyway! ( no knowledge or assumptions being made of the BSJ family)
  7. Yep .... I know just what you mean!!!
  8. Its probably a bit early..... I think we play them next Wednesday!
  9. Another postponement feared!!
  10. From where I was stood it appeared that Speakman was trying to get a quick ptb ... but was being pulled down .. he tried to pull clear but was prevented from doing so .... in trying to pull clear I think he kneed Grix who retaliated!! The ref had the best view and probably saw what he saw ... but in context they were down a man ( maybe 2 ) and were trying to slow the PTB with us in a very attacking position .. why would Speakman deliberately end the threat ... frustration at not being allowed the get up and ptb ... well that's how I saw it .... in context!!
  11. Its not often that a DR player puts a shift in like Matty Gee did for us tonight!! ... Was Tony Smith there watching??? Nail biting stuff but great to see we didn't blow it in the last 2 minutes!! .... Well done lads!!
  12. Game off ..... looking to reschedule on Tuesday night!
  13. My head predicts either a postponement or a mud bath!!
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