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  1. Bradford have sold a lot of season tickets for the upcoming season .... I wonder where the money has gone and also if the club sale goes ahead will those tickets be honoured? Also if the clubs debts are hampering the sale and the club then folds and then relaunches debt free ..... again will they honour the season tickets already sold!! Either way I don't think its a good time to buy a bulls season ticket!!
  2. Thats a big strong set of forward!!! with Finn Martin and Ryder!! Hope we announce a back tonight!
  3. Not just a tent!! A marquee asset (also referred to as a "flagship asset" or "crown jewel") is a company's most prized advantage, one that is a highly visible symbol of its success and often the biggest contributor to its bottom line. Incidentally I also will be getting my season ticket come what may!!
  4. I suspect that most of the squad have been identified and signed already ..... and the drip feed communication is a strategy to increase interest and social media following!! However in the interest of season ticket sales we could do with a marquee type back signing announced!! Annakin is a great signing for the forwards now we need to hear of a similar quality signing in the backs .... then get on with the drip feed of re-signings!!
  5. I hope its not an overly high percentage ..... Social media following is very easy to manipulate!! If I had the time and desire I could increase twitter and Our league representation significantly by myself in less than a day!
  6. I really enjoyed my trip to Toronto .... was hoping to go again!! .....Hmm Whitehaven ....
  7. Needs a proper centre!! .... Id take Sykes at centre and a younger pacey 6 to make the best of anything that Finn might have to offer ..... or Sykes at 6 and another Adam Ryder at 3! .... either way we need some incision somewhere in the backs!
  8. Well that's another one on the Halifax mini bus!! ... Joe Martin just signed on for a year! ... if this carries on we will need a bigger bus! .... decent signing though! Luke Nelmes next I guess!
  9. Well we just need Joe Martin to sign and then then we will need a mini bus from Halifax to bring them to training ... should save a few bob!!
  10. My guess will be another re-signing!! .... probably Joe Martin, Luke Nelmes or Fraser Morriss!! ... I personally would like to hear of a new signing .... or if a re-signing then Paul Sykes would be good!! ..... or Rob Worrincy ... I know he has his critics, but he is still an amazing try scorer, still got fantastic pace... a great entertainer and a good ambassador for the game
  11. Is that code for San Miguel or a nice Rioja???
  12. I am assuming you mean Joe Martin.... but has he re-signed? ... It has not been confirmed yet ... perhaps tomorrow at 2020!!...
  13. Grumpy!!! is that a case of mistaken identity or a comment on my demeanour ??
  14. Agreed ... especially if the Ward rumour is to be believed! ... Still Dom is a great utility player and I am delighted he has signed for us!
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