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  1. Regarding a squad list I am happy to pin it if someone has the time and motivation to maintain it .... I will also be happy to protect it from the usual culprits!!!
  2. I see Flemming has re- signed ... squad shaping up nicely!
  3. Bayley Liu.... prefers to play centre!!
  4. Does this mean Flemming is not re signing?
  5. well he was 3 years above me at school ... so I guess he is around 70 now .. which makes him 33 in 1983!!
  6. Well if true that's both of the Rampage team gone!! ... What is it about the Rampage ... Trout left last year!! Please don't let Tom Garrett and Adam Ryder anywhere near it!!
  7. Oh come on stop it!! He was our captain at the greatest time in our history ... ( well in my life time anyway ) ... He led from the front ... he inspired a team ... a real team greater than the sum of its parts!! ...So I vote with emotion!!! .. What about you??
  8. Today is the day!! Vote for Mick Stephenson ..... currently he is just in the lead!!
  9. NEWS | TICKETS | FIXTURES | OURLEAGUE Following our Twitter tournaments to identify the greatest Stadiums, Kits and Mascots, we're continuing to celebrate the 125 years of our great sport, but this time it’s the turn of the on-pitch general… Rugby League Greatest Captain! We’re once again enlisting your help to nominate a list of Rugby League’s outstanding leaders down the years for any club in any era. Simply click the link below and enter your choice. SUBMIT YOUR CHOICE As with the previous #RFL125 World Cups we’ll be collating the 16 most popular choices into a voting tournament on Twitter, where fans will be able to vote their favourites through the last 16, quarter finals and semi-finals before we reach the final and find out which is your greatest ever #RFL125 captain of all time!
  10. I wonder what Syksie will do!! ... I think this was meant to be his last season as a player ... he won't want to go out like this!! Might his "old" body take another year .... maybe migrate from player coach ....more to coach!!
  11. Hopefully the majority of players includes Ryder and Garrett!!
  12. And it should be easy to cross reference with season ticket holders!!!!!
  13. Yes ... a season ticket holder ... a contributor to squad builder ... and a proud South stander!!!
  14. Really pleased to hear this .... where's my email??
  15. twice I think although he got let off one of them!! Still hell of a power player with a great offload!
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