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  1. I suspect RFL will find a reason for them not to be accepted!!! I also suspect Fev will also have a few hoops to jump through even if they beat Leigh!!
  2. Optimism required!! Sheffield without Thacks ... like a car without a steering wheel!!
  3. I would like to thank all those unsung heroes who are the members of squadbuilder ... your contributions made the signing of Reiss possible!! In a season where the budgets will be tighter than ever initiatives like Squadbuilder can make a real positive difference!! ... Thank you!!
  4. Knowing our luck it will be in March!!
  5. Well it likely to be competitive!!
  6. 150 miles .... 2 O clock kick off .... if the roads are quiet .. might give it a go!! ... anyone else thinking of going .... Ryder ... MacGowan and maybe Fergie .... might get to see a decent game !!
  7. Shaun Rider?? ... are we playing on a Monday ??
  8. Squad list looks interesting .... I see Aiden McGowan is back ..... only played a couple of games but gave us some of the best entertainment in a rams shirt all season!!
  9. Didn't get to see too much rugby ... the real challenge was drinking San Miguel out of paper cups... who ever thought that would work!!! .... Anyway will Dale Ferguson ever play for us again??
  10. Why hasn't Leon Pryce been mentioned?
  11. Hmmm and who do we think the next coach will be???
  12. I disagree .. in my opinion all the last 3 coaches had their qualities and all had at least one decent (ish) season ... the problem we have is that with the lack of finance available to strengthen the squad we are left with the motivational ability of the coach ... as their tenure progresses they lose their drive and the motivational tactics they initially used with success no longer work... then its just a cycle of failure ....
  13. Actually Ben Thaler is a very sociable chap!! .... whatever the result on Sunday I think he will be in the bar after the game!! .. How many refs do that?? Back on topic though .. I await the squad announcement with interest!
  14. When does his contract end? ... My guess is Mark will not want to pay his contract up .. but certainly won't be renewing it!!
  15. I thought the team were excellent today McGowan and Kibula were clearly our best players... McGowans trys were superb and that pass from Kibula!!!! ... wow!! .. I don't think Kibula likes being at Bradford but whether they will let him stay with us for the rest of the season may depend on Mark Sawyers influence at the Bulls!! .. What did concern me was the after match presentations ... For the first time this season the team were really together in the Royal suite ... bantering and enjoying the experience as a team!! .....which was great to see..... But!!! completely ignoring the coaches presentation to the point of talking loudly over him!! .... So lets not paper over the cracks!!
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