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  1. Bit more in this now with a chance of getting 2nd for Wire. I'll go 40-16 to Wire
  2. Always more confident playing saints away than at home. Wire to win but not by much
  3. Twice in a month it was like nrl v suoerleague. Wire are on a different planet to wigan, despite the 16 v 17 after lineham went off
  4. Sorry Widnes you are going to get battered
  5. Well played Widnes easily the best team. Despite the video ref, despite silverwood. Bateman you typify why Wigan are hated so much. Grub shithouse with no class
  6. Opportunity for Wire to win their first 6 games for the first time since 1950. I think Wire will have enough but not by a cricket score. 34-18
  7. Pretty much agree with Old Frightful here
  8. Luke Robinson to retire

    Sorry to hear this. Good luck for the future.