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  1. Anyone in the West Yorks area (Hudds/Dews/Fax) might fancy a preseason game after Xmas against a developing mid level team who play in the NWC please give me a shout and I'll put you in touch with the fixture man Cheers Kev
  2. Why work-out when you can play .......

    Anyone in the Oldham area considering this?
  3. England to wear poppy shirts

    Knew Damian years back when he got the game started in the RAF He's got a book out about it!
  4. Rich has always been one to ref with a smile on his face
  5. Didn't know that bit about the temporary stand, sounds a very good idea. What Owlerton does have is superb corporate facilities and certainly compared to many clubs in the Championship and below
  6. Every football club locally has been approached and given a negative response. There is nowhere else suitable in the city, or in Rotherham etc. Owlerton is a run down (aside from the great corporate facilities designed for the dogs) stadium that even provides a pretty poor viewing platform for it's other uses, Stock Cars and Speedway. The back straight terrace was condemned several years ago. The only seating is in the restaurant or bars that are on the bends. There is good terracing, undercover at either end, but the view is obscured by the greyhound track/speedway track lighting and in that it's shallow and low down. On the home straight, where the restaurant is, there is no terracing and you're virtually on ground level with the pitch and looking through the barriers across both tracks. It would also need, I reckon, a complete new playing surface as it's been cut up by cars running off.
  7. Sad news - Terry Newton

    I haven't posted on here for months, but I think this is an event worth commenting on. Terry was someone who gave everything to the game, possibly sometimes he put too much into it. Whatever, happened, it shouldn't have ended this way. RIP Terry, you'll be missed.