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  1. Pointless fact

    So basically the 31 out of 100 people not clever enough to dodge someone doing a survey knows that there is 13 player in a RL team?
  2. Unbelievable news, 60 innocent dogs have been murdered by a 14 year kid, who probably needs a psych evaluation and very close supervision for life. Donations have now reached nearly £500K plus a contractor has offered to rebuild the home FOC. It's amazing how people get together when stuff like this happens.
  3. The TV Thread

    Also, you would have thought that the actors would at least try to attempt a proper Yorkshire accent. There is too much of the clichéd t'ward, t'nurse and t'shop.
  4. Obituary Corner

    Great actor and very funny stand up comedian. He was brilliant in Good Will Hunting, one of a few films that leaves you gutted that it has finished and could have watched another 2 hours of. Hopefully this will be another step towards taking depression seriously as an illness, something that we just can seem to do!
  5. The TV Thread

    Worth a try, good thing about Netflix is that you can watch a few episodes in one night an get a feel for it.
  6. The TV Thread

    Just started watching Orange is the new Black on Netflix, very well structured and very funny. Fargo, the TV series is in danger of destroying it's earlier promise with too many filler episodes and the producers obvious desire to be 'kooky'.
  7. The TV Thread

    It's hard going, not because of the story line but the 2 main characters are very intense. I am about 1/2 way through and going to keep on with it.
  8. Tina Turner and Rugby League

    The Sky Sports ad with Mark Webber was better than both of those.
  9. The TV Thread

    Started watching House of Cards on Netflix, it's great to watch an American TV show with no ad breaks and being able to choose wether or not to watch the next episode and not having to wait a week. Been watching Line of Duty and having a 7 day gap after each cliff hanger is not great.
  10. The TV Thread

    Line of Duty was good, don't know what the hell they did to the very lovely Keeley Hawes to make her look so dowdy. The other girl in it, with the full on Nottingham accent is very nice as well.
  11. The TV Thread

    The producers have been clever in introducing new characters at the right time. The writing is brilliant and Jim Parson is a great comedic actor, hard to believe he is 40 years old.
  12. I would give London a bigger share to ensure their future and market the club.
  13. The TV Thread

    Duplicate post
  14. The TV Thread

    There are a few jobs which the best way to get into is to work for free and get experience, PR, Acting, Interior Design, Broadcasting etc. Not many people can afford to live for free, especially in London. It helps to have wealthy (and supportive) parents who can finance you through the work experience. I am sure there is plenty of talent out there that given half a chance would be amazing actors, designers etc.
  15. The TV Thread

    They could do with speeding it up a little though.