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  1. It's almost as if they all know there is a good chance of doing the same breaches...
  2. I can understand why fans are upset at inconsistency. But they should aim their ire at their own club who came up with the punishments.
  3. Fullback - Wing - Johnson Centre - Utility Back - Half back - Hewitt Prop - Hooker - Second Row - Langtree Loose Forward -  Squad = 3
  4. Fullback - Wing - Centre - Utility Back - Half back - Prop - Hooker - Second Row - Loose Forward -  Squad = 0
  5. From memory they will go back to 're film' those types of shots. The hunt is all a bit set up anyway, they don't have access to CCTV, ANPR, bank accounts and the rest. The face recognition stuff is overblown. The 'hunted' have rules to follow too, or else they might actually just go off grid, they have to keep moving and have a target to make their way towards, which forces them into certain areas. It's a bit of fun at the end of the day and needs to be entertaining. Someone hiding in a attic for 2 weeks probably wouldn't be that interesting!
  6. Turns out, there is crowd racism in the UK. Who knew?
  7. I have turned my central heating on for the first time since spring.
  8. Difficult for the club, do you sign him up on Championship or Champ 1 wages? Can't blame a player for getting things and money sorted as soon as possible, its a short precarious career!
  9. McComb to Sheffield, officially.
  10. Paul Weller and Richard Hawley. I should like them, going off what things I do like, but never really got either of them.
  11. The RFL would have propped things up for a while with schools visits/training etc. When they went (due to money), there was not much left.
  12. I remember on the community forum a few years ago, people involved in the amateur game deriding the RFL for spending money on touch/tag rugby, because 'it did nothing to help produce super league players'. The only participation that mattered was boys/men. They would point to the increases in RU or athletics participation as examples to hit the RFL with. Any suggestions that growth in RFU/athletics was driven by female or social activity was dismissed. Any money spent on tag/touch/female/wheelchair was a waste (LDRL and PDRL weren't around then I don't think.). Sad that such ideas hold us back.
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