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  1. Once I've got through the things on my watchlist (Some are things I've seen before), I doubt I will keep it tbh. Unless they start producing lots of new stuff.
  2. Some of it isn't new, its been speculated for a while - We are still learning and turning speculation into robust research.
  3. O2 are offering free Disney plus for 6 months and £5.99 after that (you can cancel anytime). Thats a pretty good deal if you are on O2! Hamilton or Star wars first?
  4. They have been going on all over, how many raves with 1000’s of attendees round the north west. The police don’t even try and stop those.
  5. I haven’t weighed in this week, hopefully it’s not 200kgs....!
  6. The major asked and pleaded with fans not to gather. He did it weeks ago and this week. He has zero powers to stop fans deciding he is wrong. He does have power over some schools.
  7. And were abused by Liverpool fans for even suggesting that other fans might gather to celebrate.
  8. And you can use a lot of the same content on all of them, just chop it up differently, or focus on other areas.
  9. Clubs should be pushing everywhere they can, twitter, insta, tik tok, youtube, maybe even LinkedIn!
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