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  1. 149.8. Next week will be a struggle as I'm away with work on expenses.... so 'free' breakfasts and restaurant every night. I know you don't have to eat the menu... but when someone else is paying....
  2. There has been a push to get it included on the curriculum, its as important as many other subjects I feel.
  3. I've tried the capsules on and off for a few months, not 100% convinced its anything more than placebo for me. Little aches and pains do seem to be less, and my base mood has improved. Its a bit of a wild west though with every ailment known allegedly cured....
  4. Fullback - Abram Wing - Johnson, Kay, Aaronson Centre - Worthington, Leeming, Hutchings Utility Back - Half back - Hewitt, Charnock, Brook Prop - Spencer, Sheriffe, Joy, Davies, Igbinedion Hooker - Owen, Wilkinson Second Row - Langtree, Bridge, Smith, Fletcher Loose Forward - Bent  Squad = 22
  5. I think he's very lucky to be getting another chance in the semi-pro game. (if its the same guy).
  6. It's almost like it was predictable, and things should be done to stop it happening?
  7. Off to Sintra in Portugal with work in January. Hopefully I'll have time to look around.
  8. Arson will be a major cause, some accidental and some lightning. The climate deniers are pushing the arson aspect heavily right now (along with blaming the greens). It isn't climate change that started the fires, therefore climate change isn't the problem.
  9. I heard episode 8 of the Mandalorean was good, but my friend says his usual place to watch was in french for some reason. I'm sure he'd like to see it for himself.
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