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  1. Although I went for a 5 miler the other week and managed to strain/inflame some tendons/ligaments in the top of my foot, which still hurt. 5 miles would normally be a short walk, but the week or 2 of nothing beforehand probably didn't help.
  2. I haven't but I'm going to try and get back into the habit. Even 3-4 miles a day will help.
  3. The same advice on driving has been given by some government ministers and the cabinet office. Others have interpreted the rules differently and say you can’t drive.
  4. It would become a ghost ship (no really). There are a few floating round, and unless they become a danger to navigation or they are worth something decent, they are left to float about. Now in the case of a container ship, the salvage is worth doing.
  5. No not at the moment. Which is part of the problem. The basic symptoms are the same as colds or flu. There will be better tests soon.
  6. Turns out it is redundancy, with advanced redundancy payment and immediate gardening leave.
  7. Looks like Chris Whitty has probably got it too.
  8. Some of my colleagues are here on a sponsored visas. No job means they have to go home. Borders are shut. Devastated for them.
  9. Having seen the brutal efficiency of US employment law last week (they ‘let go’ some of the US team), I have learnt that we do not want to copy them. It’s swift and instant.
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