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  1. Given the number of pubs are brewery's going under, I don't think they are the ones raking it in at £5 a pint.
  2. Been back on it since June. The weight hit 179 (Kgs not lbs...). 14 Kgs lost in 14 weeks, so going OK so far. Have to confess I've lost my 'natty' card and I'm chemically assisted. Semaglutide works. It's not a miracle, you need to diet and of course exercise helps, but it definitely has taken the edge off. Will save the NHS millions.
  3. They all use it, but because of sponsors won’t openly say so. There are a couple who might claim to be natty, but 95% are on the full works.
  4. Yes….well…. For things like cocaine…. Other things….no….. juiced to the eyeballs….
  5. Sports I watch and follow Strongman (more than just Christmas!) Crossfit (no idea how...) Sports I watch but not follow closely Rugby Union (if its on, I might have it as background noise) Football Cricket (test matches, etc) American Football
  6. Hope you don't mind, I edited the title of the thread rather than make a new one.
  7. I hesitate to call them highlights.... but here they are...
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