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  1. Salford abandon Academy

    Presumably there are players in recent seasons who have come through Salford's Academy into the first team.
  2. Mr. Davey now turns on the RFL

    If you look at my first post on this thread I did refer to this aspect.
  3. Mr. Davey now turns on the RFL

    If you look at my first post on this thread I did refer to this aspect.
  4. Mr. Davey now turns on the RFL

    But someone has got to end up in 9th, 10th and 11th positions and then for them it's the 7 game scenario with all its faults. Far fairer to relegate the club finishing bottom over a season of games.
  5. Mr. Davey now turns on the RFL

    In fairness no other sport to my knowledge has the equivalent of the middle 8's. In essence a club's future depends on 7 games. in such a few games an injury crisis could be disastrous as could a loss of form. Relegation of the bottom club over all games in a season would not have the same problems. Obviously if there were a play off system to decide which club was to be promoted similar arguments could be put forward.
  6. The three Widnes players injured against Catalans Dean, Hanbury and Marsh are out of Widnes squad because of concussion. Apparently there may have been a chance that one or more could have played but for the short turnround.
  7. Leigh to spend full SL Cap

    Didn't he buy a Maserati?
  8. Salford were fined £10,000. They appealed the decision. The fine was reduced to £5000 but a 2 point penalty was also imposed.
  9. Perhaps as they were "linesmen" they were more used to officiating at football matches.
  10. Seem to recall Cahill missing most of a game at HJ a couple of years ago.
  11. Will Widnes do a Leicester?

    There's no proper comparison between the two. For most of last season Leicester looked as though they would be relegated which makes their present position even more remarkable.
  12. Vikings sign Houston

    The article in Monday's League Express says "He was one of the Knights' most consistent players in 2015, making only three errors in 22 game sand finishing the season with a 95 per-cent tackle accuracy while making 1,743 metres from 196 carries." The website www.totalfootystats, shows in 2015 he made an average of 36.5 tackles a game equating to 0.64 a minute.
  13. Bottom four 2016

    From what I can see the criticism regarding your post about Widnes "sneaking" into 8th place was not of a grammatical error but rather a spurious interpretation of the facts.
  14. Bottom four 2016

    Fair point. Parky will be telling us next that if Widnes had not conceded a try in the last 20 seconds away to Warrington they would have finished 8th this year. I looked it up. It was as close as that.
  15. Jack Owens

    Fair point. It would probably be true to say that Owens and Craven in particular have been "fully blooded" in terms of the Widnes first team but for whatever reasons have been found wanting by their coach. So presumably whatever the circumstances eg no promotion and relegation or no fear of relegation etc the players would still be in the same position in respect of their first team game time and their position in the "pecking order" at the club.