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  1. bulldogs17

    Why oh Why

    Thanks for respecting my opinion and adding so much positivity to this forum. From Kevins posts we seem to have learnt from our mistakes with DR but you’ll probably just blame Diskin anyway.
  2. bulldogs17

    Why oh Why

    Think everyone is jumping the gun here. Until a deal is confirmed it's difficult to say how good/bad it would be. Some clubs use it well, others don't. The Leeds/Fev agreement on the whole works. Rochdale benefited from the Wire agreement. It'd be silly of us to not at least look at all opportunities available when player prices are going up but our attendances aren't.
  3. bulldogs17

    Fitness Coach

    Not seen anything to suggest he has.........but we certainly looked fitter than a full time team in the last 20 mins when going uphill last weekend! Maybe the ballet sessions is the secret to it all (see twitter/facebook if you haven't already)!
  4. bulldogs17

    Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Walker Brown Manning
  5. bulldogs17


    You read the BN online for free? I'm sure news on JC will be announced when the club feel they are in a position to do so.
  6. bulldogs17

    Rochdale match thread

    I agree with the idea of this Phil, but from what I've seen in the 4 games so far Farrell isn't better than what we have currently. At Keighley where he and Hemmingway had an opportunity to impress, it was Tom that stood out. I know if he doesn't play and we get beat you'll glorify Farrell as the next Luke Gale and want a statue of him built next to the wind turbine, but for me Patch and Dom have earned the right to start the season as 6&7. If we have a few bad performances that's when we need to think about changing it.
  7. bulldogs17

    Rochdale match thread

    For me and what I've seen pre-season Farrell isn't anywhere near the quality of Patch at 6. In terms of pre-season he's probably our 4th choice half back with Hemmingway above him in the pecking order too. I'm sure his time will come when the weather improves and we need more speed, but I'd be very surprised if he was on the pitch on Sunday when the kicking game will be so vital.
  8. bulldogs17

    He is back

    Think this topic's been covered enough. Let's just give the lad a chance to show what he can do in 2018 and judge him 10 games into next season.
  9. bulldogs17

    Tommy Holland

    But it's not just one style of play or one coach that didn't rate Cain. JK dropped him playing forwards rugby while Diskin played a more expansive style and still he wasn't deemed good enough. I don't think we've ever seen anything in a dogs shirt to suggest him at 6 was the answer. When we rested Dom and Patch at the end of last year it said a lot that Diskin still didn't pick him. Ive learnt to judge players by what they do in a dogs shirt rather than before or after so Hemingway will be given that same opportunity in 2018.
  10. bulldogs17

    Tommy Holland

    I think the issue is that there isn't anyone available who's better than Patch to play 6 unless you are willing to break the bank. This means you either; 1. Break the bank and risk financial security. 2. Sign a cover player (Hemmingway) and use Patch and Dom as first choice. I don't think we've got the wrong end of the stick, it's just the people value having a club to support over risking our financial future (unless someone has a spare £100k?).
  11. bulldogs17

    Tommy Holland

    But Billy it takes us back to the question of who is available and within our budget. The problem with RL in general is there's no rumors, most signings break before the clubs announce them. This leads to the bigger clubs (with bigger budgets) being able to poach anyone they like. Over the last 3-5 years how many players have been coming to us, only to head for a bigger team on more money? If Hemmingway is available, within budget and the best we can get without breaking the bank then I'm happy with that. No doubt Kevin, Paul, Matt and the rest of the board are doing their best to get additions in. I'd rather do that than pay a certain Fev half back who's available what he's rumored to be on at Fev and it putting the club's future at risk.
  12. bulldogs17

    Tommy Holland

    Agree regarding Cain. He was unlucky in that you could see he had a good rugby brain, but every attribute he had just wasn't quite there, e.g. you could see he could spot gaps but just wasn't quick enough to get through them at our level. I think if he were a yard quicker and a foot taller he'd be playing SL. IMO he'll be terrific for Hunslet though.
  13. bulldogs17

    Tommy Holland

    Not sure why some people are moaning about having too many props. At the end of last season didn't we have Chandler and Cowling at prop for one game? I'm please we appear to be going without DP and are building a competitive squad that is within our budget. As Nick07 says we'll have overachieved to come 6th next year. I think we'll be in a mini league from 7th-9th with Dewsbury and a couple of other clubs. The half position is a problem for most clubs. Think the only way you can go about it is to take a punt on one of the kids from a super league academy.
  14. bulldogs17


    Didn't we beat them 28-0 about 5-6 years ago at home? Think it was Jordan Tansey's first game for them and we didn't look interested all game.
  15. bulldogs17

    Challenge cup match thread

    I know BB, like when you saw the team in Manchester on the way back from Toulouse!