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  1. bulldogs17

    Dual reg

    Personally DR provides a short term fix for clubs but lacks any strategic planning. Not long ago SL clubs wanted a larger share of the TV deal which was widely condemned by all Championship fans. To me DR is one of the contributing factors to SL clubs not valuing the Championship competition. If I were a SL owner and I was sending 4 players to a club each week then the Championship team wanted more money on top of that I'd be questioning why. Until Championship clubs prove they can stand alone and not be reliant on SL, the SL owners/chairman will always think they should get a bigger share of the pot. No other sport has/required a system like this. Loans should remain as an option (minimum 1 month before recall).
  2. Thought you played well on Sunday and with that side won't be far off a top 4 place. Good pack, clever play makers and speed out in the backs. Both Smith's in the pack and Turner at full back look good additions. Day will be good for you - he scores more tries that people give him credit for, we're missing him. King reminds me of Higham at Leigh a couple of years ago, he seems to be 3 plays in front of anyone else on the field.
  3. bulldogs17

    Fev V Bulldogs MOM thread

    1. Campbell 2. Dickinson 3. Ward
  4. bulldogs17

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    Not sure if Batley fans count but for you I thought; 1. Cam Smith 2. King 3. Whichever Boas is no. 7
  5. bulldogs17

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    Disappointing afternoon. Fev looked good - credit where it's due - and if this keep that 17 for the rest of the season won't be far off the top 4. Cam Smith a real handful and the hooker both too good for this level. Day got the try that we also knew was going to happen too. We did make it easy for them though with some soft defence especially on the two half backs. For us Campbell tried his best, Brierley did OK after coming on and Dickinson/Ward the pick of the props. We haven't overcome our inability to break teams down yet that was there all pre-season. With Manning, Downs, Everett, Gledhill all starting there's a lot of steady players who take the ball in without offering much else. We really lack a Cropper/Rowe who break through tackles early on. Onto Fax where a similar result looks likely (based on current form).
  6. bulldogs17

    Season opener v Barrow

    Bad day at the office for us. Tomlinson was a wasted spot on the bench and struggling to see what Tiara offers other than being a penalty machine. Worrying for us that we've played two sides who use spoiling tactics (Bradford through Flanagan and yesterday) and we've struggled massively. Would like to see Yates and Brierley come in next week. Also feel Brown needs to start to try and get us on the front foot immediately rather than 20 mins in. Barrow good value for the win. Once they got in front we never looked like coming back. Their left hand side of Jono Smith and no 4 (Spedding?) look to be very good players. Attendance was disappointing too. Wonder if this was price or weather or a combination of the two. Too many people overreacting on social media after a good pre-season. We don't become a bad team over night. Let's see where we are after 5 games...
  7. bulldogs17

    Batley v barrow predictions

    I think it'll be tight. We've looked good defensively but struggled to put points on the board at times during pre-season. Think we'll win 20-12.
  8. bulldogs17

    Why oh Why

    Thanks for respecting my opinion and adding so much positivity to this forum. From Kevins posts we seem to have learnt from our mistakes with DR but you’ll probably just blame Diskin anyway.
  9. bulldogs17

    Why oh Why

    Think everyone is jumping the gun here. Until a deal is confirmed it's difficult to say how good/bad it would be. Some clubs use it well, others don't. The Leeds/Fev agreement on the whole works. Rochdale benefited from the Wire agreement. It'd be silly of us to not at least look at all opportunities available when player prices are going up but our attendances aren't.
  10. bulldogs17

    Fitness Coach

    Not seen anything to suggest he has.........but we certainly looked fitter than a full time team in the last 20 mins when going uphill last weekend! Maybe the ballet sessions is the secret to it all (see twitter/facebook if you haven't already)!
  11. bulldogs17

    Bulldogs V Rams MOM thread

    Walker Brown Manning
  12. bulldogs17


    You read the BN online for free? I'm sure news on JC will be announced when the club feel they are in a position to do so.
  13. bulldogs17

    Rochdale match thread

    I agree with the idea of this Phil, but from what I've seen in the 4 games so far Farrell isn't better than what we have currently. At Keighley where he and Hemmingway had an opportunity to impress, it was Tom that stood out. I know if he doesn't play and we get beat you'll glorify Farrell as the next Luke Gale and want a statue of him built next to the wind turbine, but for me Patch and Dom have earned the right to start the season as 6&7. If we have a few bad performances that's when we need to think about changing it.
  14. bulldogs17

    Rochdale match thread

    For me and what I've seen pre-season Farrell isn't anywhere near the quality of Patch at 6. In terms of pre-season he's probably our 4th choice half back with Hemmingway above him in the pecking order too. I'm sure his time will come when the weather improves and we need more speed, but I'd be very surprised if he was on the pitch on Sunday when the kicking game will be so vital.
  15. bulldogs17

    He is back

    Think this topic's been covered enough. Let's just give the lad a chance to show what he can do in 2018 and judge him 10 games into next season.