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  1. I know BB, like when you saw the team in Manchester on the way back from Toulouse!
  2. Which one of those three job roles do you think are responsible for producing your Squad list? And can you tell me the Dewsbury squad for tomorrows games seeing you checked every club for squad lists? At least you can now add me to the list of things you like to moan about.......
  3. Our club is run by volunteers, and we're making big strides off the pitch with the community work, improvements to facilities, links to the local community, having the pink weekend, securing our better players to long term contracts. If this all takes priority over me seeing a list of 19 players 2 days before a game then I'm fine with that as it makes no difference to whether I'm attending. Also, I'm pretty sure Dewsbury haven't given a list for the last few games so we aren't last. I'm sure if it's such a big deal to you, the club would welcome you volunteering to produce the list each week.
  4. Squad just been announced on social media. Im sure you can now move your negativity from there being no squad announcement to now the players selected in the squad.
  5. In your opinion of course billybulldog!
  6. It was all over Twitter though. Whilst the website is down I do think it's work checking news on there (although I do appreciate you don't like it as a perminsnt solution!)
  7. Didn't we score 2 try with kicks to the corner last Friday? I don't think it's particularly been 'found out' yet.
  8. Completely agree, love the way he throws himself into tackes with no regard for his own safety. Disappointed he's not in the squad for Monday as I think our props of Rowe, Hirst, Brown and Lilycrop have been one of the limited highlights we've had this year!
  9. I'd imagine you could tell us seeing that you're close to Grayston and the squad will have already been told the team
  10. Was that the year we had Jay Duffy kicking??