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  1. Think I read somewhere Horn is a centre. Previously from Dewsbury Moor and was at Keighley last year.
  2. Think everyone is agreed that’s the biggest concern with the current players we have signed up. From what I here the club are talking to at least 2 players who would help with this. Guess it’s a waiting game to see if they sign.
  3. How could the club know that this would happen when they signed them? Should we have turned them down because there was a chance this could happen? Just seems to me that certain people on this forum want to shoot the club down at every opportunity.
  4. I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with this post? One is a trialist so was never guaranteed to be in the squad. The other two both have good job opportunities outside rugby. I think we're all realistic to know that most blokes in the Championship aren't on mega-money and that their primary career will take priority. It also isn't the clubs fault when this happens. It's easy to criticise but you really do have no idea what is going on behind the scenes with regard to potential players coming in and who the club have been talking to.
  5. Problem these days are the 'real' derbys are played far too often. Playing the Rams now has no real significance when there's a minimum 4 games per season, the Bash game should be against someone else!
  6. He will be able to this year seeing Coote is in the Great Britain squad!
  7. Have you forgotten about Karl Harrison's involvement with the coaching setup?
  8. At our level coaches seem to work at different clubs. Look at Karl Harrison, loved by us but not so loved by the time he left Fax. Diskin made a few mistakes with us early on that he never really recovered from, one example being isolating himself from the fans. This created a big gap between the two where as we'd always been used a coach who was the centre of the club (in Harrison and Kear) that pulled everyone together. He probably learnt a massive amount from his spell with us so you'd like to think he'll take the learnings to you.
  9. You mean apart from Joufrett?
  10. Phil, have you thought that maybe our club has been held back slightly by the passing of our Chairman's wife and the events with Archie Bruce? We're all passionate but sometimes there's things more important that rugby.
  11. How come Tom can't have an opinion on Jack but you can have one after watching 3 games in a Fev shirt where you played him out of position on the wing? The Leeds coaches say Broadbent and Newman on a fairly even path. It says a lot about how highly they rate Jack that he was one of the 19s captains before he came to us. It all depends on how they develop (look at ainscough, unbelievable at first in SL then came to nothing against a Chris Hill who didn't play SL until his mid 20s). For both it's far too early to start having arguments about what they'll be doing in 6 years time!
  12. Genuine question - does your budget include the DR/loan players or are they excluded?
  13. You can get the episodes on Youtube instead. RL Backchat has it's own channel (that's how I watched it).
  14. Needs a new venue for me does Summer Bash. Think Blackpool is a decent place but after a few years it starts to get a bit stale. (it's also be good if one year we didn't have to play the Rams). Hopefully we'll do the same as Good Friday and shut their attack out but with 13 men on the pitch this time.
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