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  1. ANDO

    Glenn Riley

    Another good signing. Welcome to the club Glenn. Well done Cresta & BOD. Keep them coming!
  2. ANDO


    Gutted to hear this news. Dave and Dawn have both done fantastic work for the club in difficult times and along with the other board members and the coaching staff now have Barrow RLFC heading in the right direction once again. Thanks Dave for all you have done for the club.
  3. ANDO

    Barrow v Rochdale

    I see Barrow AFC's game has been called off. With all the rain today and more forecast all day tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if the rugby is off as well.
  4. ANDO

    Barrow v Rochdale

    Barrow 18 Rochdale 14 Attendance 926 MoM Bullock
  5. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    Final score Rochdale 48 Barrow 12!
  6. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    Make that 16!
  7. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    That's 15 penalties now!
  8. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    Rochdale now 48 Raiders 12 looking poor away from home, why?
  9. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    Barrow given away 12 penalties now, too many!
  10. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    Now Rochdale 44 - 12 barrow, poor defence!
  11. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    38 - 6 to Rochdale with 20mins to play. What happens to us away from home? Frustrating!
  12. ANDO

    Tonight's game

    It's on radio Cumbria. getting beat 28 - 6 at half time. Doesn't sound like we are playing well at all!
  13. ANDO

    Raiders v Halifax

    Totally agree with you Baaarrow. The guy's an idiot and should stick to pushing shopping trolleys round the Supermarket car park!
  14. ANDO

    We've Won Something!

    Very well deserved. Well done lads, lets have more of the same next week against Whitehaven!
  15. I see that Keighley are the latest Championship club to pair up with paul March saying. "We cannot afford to be left behind!" "We’re not just going to bring in some of their under-20s squad, it’s going to be people out of their first-team squad. Hopefully it will make a difference and we can start competing with some of these teams who have already started bringing in Super League players." So it continues, not many of us left now!