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  1. Well worth £22! Not just the win, but to hear the comments of The Bulls fans after the game. End of the world to lose to like Dewsbury apparently. Even more chip shouldered than Huddersfield Giant's fans. Great defence from The Rams, a bit of luck as well and top kicking from Sykes.
  2. I actually thought Dewsbury were very poor with the ball. Constantly turning over possession very cheaply and also allowing Wigan to offload when they had the ball. Only having two props doesn't help either, although the injury situation is bad. Dewsbury did tighten up later in the game, which gave a better looking score line. Good day to be out though. Plenty of drink consumed. The club is a winner on this front. Bigger things ahead though, as we seek to avoid relegation.
  3. I wonder what they put in The Ram's half time cup of tea? LOL
  4. Batley's forwards also offloaded the ball a lot in the first half. Derby games are never easy though.
  5. Another great win up at The Mount. Good second half performance and great goal kicking from Morton. Best wishes to Jonny Campbell.
  6. Great win today. Playing with twelve men, a bent ref and equally bent touch judge, we were still the better side.
  7. Or losing at home to London Skolars
  8. Not great to put it mildly. However at least we won. All there is to say really.
  9. Comfortable win after a very shaky first fifteen minutes. Decent crowd too.
  10. Great defence won it. Very solid throughout in tricky conditions. The Rams were deserved winners. When we keep hold of the ball, we can do some serious damage to the opposition.
  11. Hard fought win against a useful Thunder team. Good crowd with a few down from the North East, including their one man singing section.
  12. Pryce is the scapegoat for a few Rams fans. I actually think he is reliable at catching and holding on to the ball. Basic stuff maybe, but its essential. I am more disappointed with Dale Morton. Nowhere near the player he was the season before last.
  13. Haven not landing kicks was the main difference.
  14. Hard fought win in difficult conditions. Despite Haven's lowly league position, they have some good players in their team. I am thinking they are DR? Either way it was win. It could have gone either way, but their failure to land a goal probably sealed their fate in the end. Strangely enough all their tries were out wide. It was a forward battle for most of the match. I thought there were some decent displays despite a few around me not being too happy about the performance. Thackeray again showed what a fine player he is. Not a stand out performance by him, but he can turn it on in an instant. Well done to The Rams. I will never be unhappy with a win!
  15. Excellent win for The Rams. Very close game in fairness. Good crowd too ( even a fox turned up). I enjoyed tonight, even though I am not a fan of Friday night games. Well done to all who turned up, despite the weather not being too kind. Its been a very long time since we beat Sheffield. The stadium is looking good now as well. Happy times.