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  1. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    At the Challenge Cup game earlier in the season, a few Trinity fans were adamant that they would be playing at The Tetley's Stadium next season. A lot of ###### has been spoken over the years from that lot.
  2. Sheffield Eagles

    Another great second half showing against a decent team. Ned has really turned things round. As for today's ref, I know its not an easy job, but it is about being consistant. Sadly he lacked it today.
  3. New signings

    Oh the days of Gregoire and Bloor
  4. Toulouse predictions

    People talk of a depleted Toulouse team! How depleted have Dewsbury Rams been all season? Toulouse looked more than capable at times. Rams were second from bottom before the game, but put in a fine performance against a top four side.
  5. Shameful South Stand behaviour......

    You mention The South Stand! Does this mean all of the above is acceptable in The North Stand? Those nasty Northstanders!
  6. Shameful South Stand behaviour......

    To be fair, most of the stewards are not English and would not understand the nature of the comments. Therefore to say they turned a blind eye or deaf ear to it is a bit unfair.Rugby League is alien to them.
  7. Toulouse predictions

    Great second half performance! I thought Dale Morton was excellent taking the ball forward. My Man Of The Match. Things are starting to look a bit more rosey now. Effectively eleven games to play against the bottom eight teams, which gives The Rams a good chance to avoid the drop.
  8. Bradford Bulls game

    Well worth £22! Not just the win, but to hear the comments of The Bulls fans after the game. End of the world to lose to like Dewsbury apparently. Even more chip shouldered than Huddersfield Giant's fans. Great defence from The Rams, a bit of luck as well and top kicking from Sykes.
  9. Wigan Game

    I actually thought Dewsbury were very poor with the ball. Constantly turning over possession very cheaply and also allowing Wigan to offload when they had the ball. Only having two props doesn't help either, although the injury situation is bad. Dewsbury did tighten up later in the game, which gave a better looking score line. Good day to be out though. Plenty of drink consumed. The club is a winner on this front. Bigger things ahead though, as we seek to avoid relegation.
  10. Workington predictions

    I wonder what they put in The Ram's half time cup of tea? LOL
  11. Championship Shield: Batley 22 Dewsbury 28

    Batley's forwards also offloaded the ball a lot in the first half. Derby games are never easy though.
  12. Championship Shield: Batley 22 Dewsbury 28

    Another great win up at The Mount. Good second half performance and great goal kicking from Morton. Best wishes to Jonny Campbell.
  13. Great win today. Playing with twelve men, a bent ref and equally bent touch judge, we were still the better side.
  14. Or losing at home to London Skolars