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  1. PooingDog

    A Song for Roughyeds

  2. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rochdale-rename-spotland-part-new-11719694
  3. PooingDog

    Spotland purchase complete

  4. PooingDog

    Killer's prematch views

    Coach's views for tomorrow.
  5. PooingDog

    Who's up for the Law cup then?.

    Let's pray for better weather. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rochdale-hornets-oldham-roughyeds-agree-10754894 Bring it on.
  6. PooingDog

    Law Cup.

    Good news I think http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rochdale-hornets-oldham-roughyeds-agree-10754894
  7. PooingDog

    Hornets v Salford.

    Alan Kilshaw's post match comments from Rochdale Hornets' first hit-out of 2016 against Super League side Salford Red Devils.
  8. PooingDog

    Hornets v Salford.

    There's a novelty! A biff that can count to 21. A skill like that'll come in handy son, it's the number of bus changes you've got to make to get to...........errrr where is you play at now?
  9. PooingDog

    Hornets v Salford.

    Good one eyed report here as usual. just like they should be. http://theseladscanrunfor80mins.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/impressive-hornets-hit-ground-running.html?m=1 "Interestingly, while Hornets were acquitting themselves admirably against Super League competition, newly promoted Oldham were going down 16-8 at ‘unpromoted’ Keighley. Indeed, Hornets scored more points against a Super League side than Oldham did against a team in the league below them. Did anyone mention that it’s the Law Cup next week? On this showing, it could be very interesting."
  10. PooingDog

    Who's up for the Law cup then?.

    The Flying Horse opposite the Town Hall is a good alternative.
  11. PooingDog

    Alan Kilshaw

    Aye, a big warm welcome and goodluck to Alan both on and off the field. A wealth of experience and proven talent.
  12. PooingDog

    Stadium Shares

    Not from the office pal but from the the Dale fans forum and the Observer.
  13. PooingDog

    Stadium Shares

    AFAIK a deal "in principle" has been done between the RFL and RAFC but it has stalled because RMBC as co-owners have vetoed the deal for now. Again AFAIK they were asked to write off a large part of a loan that they either made to RAFC or Denehurst Park Ltd and were unwilling to do so.
  14. PooingDog

    Stadium Shares

    Hornet's members voted to support the RFL in their proposed sale of their stadium shares to RAFC. A 25 year lease was/is offered, along with substancially reduced anual rent, members did actually vote to support the RFL. It's recorded in the minutes. Head/sand/osterich
  15. PooingDog

    Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

    What's the point of someone having an opinion, whether it's a positive or negative one, when all they do is shout it into a corner or an empty room, and that's what this forum is basically. No one's going to listen to it. There's fans of a club not too far from us who've been asking for a meeting with their club for years so they can give their opinions and not been able to. It beggars belief that some who may not be happy or would rather see things run another way wouldn't make that known to those that could change things. That's my opinion.