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  1. Cumbria Storm

    Hi All Quick update regarding the Cumbria Storm Academy for you all Under 16's They have now played two games, beating the North East and narrowly losing to the Midlands in the last minute last Saturday. Under 18's Again they have played two games winning both against the North East and Midlands. On Sunday they play Sheffield Eagles at Whitehaven. This should have been a curtain raiser to the Whitehaven v Barrow game but it looks like our match will now be played at a different venue. I will keep you posted with all the development at the Storm Cheers Steve Hartle .
  2. Cumbria Scholarship

    Hi All Saturday see the first of two scholarship games being played at Craven Park this month. This Saturday we play the Midlands Scholarship kick off 2:30.Admission is £3 for Adults. Thursday 25th,we play St Helens Scholarship.I will confirm the kick off time at a later date. Hope to see you all there Saturday. Steve
  3. I know there is another thread going on this but I wanted to but this on from me. I really hope you finish the job off tomorrow and win the grand final,you have been the best team in the comp and you deserve the win. We had a fantastic day last year, but do be carefull the pubs round the ground semm to run very loow on beer and in the ground they ran out, NITEMARE LOL. Rover for a day Raiders forever All the best Ste
  4. Well Done

    Just thought I would offer my congratulations on winning the League Leaders Shield.I was at the game yesterday and as a Barrow fan it was hard to watch at times.But we were beaten by a team that is playing for each other and want to win for the team and the fans.It was good to see.I thought everytime you had the ball you were going to score. I really do believe you will go on and win the Grand Final now.You have been Head and Shoulders above everyone this season and deserve to go on and win at Warrington. Daryel Powell is an excellent coach and has really got you firing.he also seems a top bloke aswell.Both myself and two other Raiders fans spoke and shook hands with him on your lap of honour.Not many rival coaches would do that. Well done on a cracking season,I would love to say we would meet you in the Grand Final,but I really can't see that happening If we don't get there I reckon I'm gona be a Rover for the day,BUT a Raider forever. Cheers Steven Barrow Raiders Fans
  5. great win

    From a Barrow fan all I can say is that you totally outclassed us tonite.Well done!!!!!
  6. Just to let you know that Hindpool Tigers are playing at home today and the bar is open.The beer is cheap and it's only 100 yards away from the ground and the Ambrose. Lager is