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  1. This is what happened Sunday.

    I thought a good idea was at Leeds with the 2 pint plastic glasses surely this is an easy idea to keep queues down maybe £5 a glass?
  2. Whitehaven

    Right let's get the ball rolling how to get 2000+ next week. What did York do with their Twitter campaign? Can't be as easy as # BarrowvsWhitehaven was it. Any ideas? Family tickets, free beer ?? Presume its next Sunday so no time to waste get on it board and everybody 2000+ surely is an easily achievable figure considering 1500+ at Whitehaven in the league!
  3. york game

    Curiosity what did York do promotion wise for the Toronto game I believe attendance was over 2500 can we do something similar.
  4. Toulouse v Barrow

    Just cut out where has it gone football on now!!!!
  5. I am a season ticket holder and welcome initiatives like this gutted I missed it because was going to get missus to try a game and bring our little lad but unsure if he would last the full game so if I took him I would miss the 2nd half.
  6. Raiders v Halifax

    Semi irrelevant but is the football on at 1:30 might indulge in a pint or 2 in the bar before match starts.
  7. Keighley game

    No worries appreciate the reply just thought the 1st match was included. Looking forward to the game.
  8. Keighley game

    Forgot to phone the shop to ask but can you use season ticket for this rounds Challenge Cup?
  9. JB testimonial match

    Did half time draw take place?
  10. Coach tomorrow

    Any space or cancellations on the coach going up tomorrow? Need 2 seats.