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  1. Much appreciated phone call today also. Thanks .
  2. Surely Watts must have a couple of fellow countrymen who fancy a crack over here. I thought with Willie gone last year there was maybe going to be a surprise addition coming over with Star and Watts not a non return of Star. Hope all goes well with his family and maybe something can be worked out for him to return when the warm sunny weather returns end of February!!!
  3. i know it is a question of funds but is there any plans to sort out the seating in the stand this season. Noticed the front however many rows are cordoned off still. I personally like to sit in that area and even if it's a short term thing would like to see them seats cleared out as it is an embarrasing eyesore. If cleared out I wouldn't mind standing on the front row as believe this would still give an optimum view for watching. Thoughts?
  4. No worries thought Tees looked ok other didn't see one in corner and theirs did look dubious.
  5. Will we be expecting a refereeing apology Monday for the forward passes 2 for us given 1 for them not. Thought 1 of ours looked good can't comment on other but there's did look forward. Could have been a different game!!!
  6. Was thinking more along a player coming back on loan!!!!
  7. What's the video on Facebook about? " The bulls are coming"?? Is it what I think it could be or wish?
  8. Think it's the announcement cameras there for the Bradford game online stream.
  9. How about Rangi Chase sign till end of season where I am sure a big club will snap him up!!
  10. Watched the video and pretty sure Hock wasn't mentioned at all who is monitoring his rehab?
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