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  1. Yeah like we won't need to waste money on floodlights.
  2. stand closed at game!

    at the play off final at warrington last year a bloke i know wanted a fag about twenty mins into the game so when he went to toilet he noticed a fire exit open with stewards guarding it, he asked if it were ok for him to just stand outside the exit whilst he has a smoke, steward said yes, goes out has a smoke then is refused re entry, WTF is all that about. I think warrington need to look at who they employ and drum some common sense into the stewards. Dont get me wrong , some of them were spot on, we were joking with a few of them after the game had finished when the players were doing lap of honour but we noticed another steward just down from us trying to stop a small child getting lifted over the advertising boards for a pic with brett mc, it was just for a pic and the steward wasn't having this at all, brett just lifted the kid over for the pic and fair play to him for doing so.
  3. Warrington V Fev .Sun 18th 1600

    I got same bet on but got fev with 42 start. Good luck with the game, i think it will be a real challenge to pull a win off there but the pressure is on the wire to perform so fev have nothing to lose.