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  1. The golden point is not suited to our game, not one single supporter on this forum or either fans after the game thought it was a good wat to end the season. There is little chance of the RFL listening to us fans though so it looks like we will have to put up with the rule.
  2. Blue Army, Blue Army. All 15 buses in convoy. Looks amazing . Come on Boys
  3. NOT impressed, 2 hrs sleep n Santa never even turned up. Maybe the Mighty Featherstone Rovers will have a famous win today instead. Now where is that pro plus
  4. Totally agree Rob ,its gonna be fantastic. 2more sleeps, 2more sleeps, 2more sleeps is wot i ve been singing all day n one of my sleeps is only 4hrs after night shift tonight but 1 n half sleeps to go dont rhyme
  5. Either wave yr hands in the air like ya just dont care in front of us to get our attention or use Bluebeard to do it. Would be great if Bluebeard could help with getting the fans singing on Sunday and at home games also next season .
  6. Hi, Could someone please forward me the contact details for Ian Large who has done the flat capper T shirts. Contacted the club but there is nobody there at the moment who has his contact details. Thanks
  7. We certainly are taking a choir , its called "Daryl Powells Barmy Army". O thats another song to the list n Barmy Army will be another.
  8. Just spoken to the club and they told me that the next batch of flat caps will be on sale from 5pm till 7pm tonight
  9. Every new song that is introduced takes some learning by the fans , just takes someone with a big gob to get it started. A shortened chorus is very easy to remember and is as always upto the individual if they wanna sing as with the "Should I Be Rovers, Should I Be C*s" song(surely the longest song we sing) Are We Human, Or Are We Rovers, Our Time For Winning, Is Here And Now, So Be Loud N Proud, Lets Hear Ya Singing. Are We Human , Or Are We Rovers Doesnt matter what we sing as long as we sing loudly together and cheer the lads on to a fantastic victory ONLY 5 MORE SLEEPS :D
  10. There is also " You ve Been Tonkered, Youve Been Tonkered when steam rollers em all. Sometime during the day we must pay tribute to our captain marvel Stu, think the song I did went "Theres Only One Stuart Dickens, One Stuart Dickens, Steaming Along, Till The Rovers Have Won, Captain Of The Rovers Super Team" and another must -: There only one Garreth Swift. One Garreth Swift Shame we all didnt learn a few lyrics to "Are We Human, Or are We Rovers" would have gone down well at the final
  11. Just ordered a Union Jack and a Navy blue n white cequered flag 5ftx 3ft from www.flagsandbuntingstore.co.uk Will need to add Fev Rovers on the union jack but that should be easy. Next day delivery and cheaper 4 day delivery option so plenty of time to arrive for Sunday
  12. Wigan 34-20 Rovers. Cant see Wigan making the same mistake twice in 1 week
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