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  1. Rochdale Mayfield vs Barrow
  2. Hahaha com on, this has got to be the best 'April Fool' ive heard lol
  3. Me too!! bringing 8 newbies, hope they get hooked! should be a good crowd, weather forecast looks good as well
  4. Lady GaGa
  5. whats done is done, lets move on. Why not organise a game at the END of the season. We finish ours at the begining of Sept. (4th Oct if we reach the Final) That gives us plenty of scope for a match at seasons end when the conditions are still ideal. Thoughts!!!
  6. Why don't we use the entrance to the pitch at the 30/40 mtr section at the end if the stand like we have in the past. and give the traditional entrace a rest. besides its closer to the players changing rooms and doesnt mess up the area for visiting board members and guests etc who use the board room under the stand. ps can't remember if its still accessible or its been bricled up!!
  7. How did we manage with the pitch for all those years of 'Winter' Rugby? Surely it was worse then. Half the season would have been 'unplayable' so far this winter. Any groundsmen in those days must have been pulling their hair out! We do an option now with Summer rugby and that is to pre season train elsewhere and save the pitch for the main season and a couple of home friendlies. The answer, I know is always the same unfortunately. Money,Money Money!