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  1. The old saying " As strong as the weakest link" In our case as far as I can see and many others is the lack of a 6,7 combination. Its no good having forwards who can get you up the park then have no creativity on getting over the line. The only set play I seem to see week in week out is kicking wide to Stack, which does work well, but we need a lot more. Who's to blame? I don't know enough of the structure behind the scenes to comment.
  2. We beat Batley away first game out and must have thought we would walk into a mid table position. ( we all did to be fair) Bullmania dead right about Swinton and Rochdale! All teams have injury woes, a fair excuse but never the ultimate excuse. From the games i've seen we sometimes lack focus. I cant help thinking, on paper we look good enough! but we don't play on paper! C'mon Raiders lets get this turned around, starting next against Fev.
  3. bwa


    I was at Rochdale and we could have won comfortably but we were lacking in desire. We came out in the second half all guns blazing but it lasted about 10mins. There seems to be no 'want' and when we get close to the line we have a mental block, I have noticed that in all our games as most of our touch downs are coming from kicks! I thought we might have learnt something from the York game. There speed at the ruck just demolished us. I don't think its fitness, its so annoying! Lets hope we don't let Widnes run away on Sunday.
  4. bwa


    He's the double of his Dad, Darren ( He holds a few titles for goal kicking and points scoring) Lets hope he can carry on the family tradition.
  5. Excellent replies. Nice to be on an informative Forum Barrow 's entrance fee was expected to go up, Its been £15 for quite a few years. I thought every club did free kids with an adult but obviously not.
  6. Nobody picked up on the Batley £20 entrance fee! What is it at Barrow this year? Have other clubs upped there's
  7. bwa

    Gareth Hock

    Maybe next year we should have a tiddledywinks bout to raise cash!
  8. you might not upset many Donny fans but the Dalton ones wont be very happy lol !!!
  9. If its not bust why try and fix it as they say! Can't be a problem with Blackpool hosting it otherwise it wouldn't be on the list. I guess it doesn't matter where it is held but surely not at a CH clubs home ground. Blackpool takes a lot of beating as its a great playground for the fans. It makes a great family weekend away! can't imagine having as good a weekend away at the other places! with the exception maybe of Newcastle. Trouble there is the fans would get swallowed up in that Stadium ( Assuming they mean St.James's Park as the Falcons ground is in the middle of nowhere)
  10. Have we stopped having the Xmas/New year friendlies? One over the New Year holiday should draw a good crowd!
  11. bwa

    Ground share

    Surely if push came to shove and the football ended up in trouble they could just pay us fee to play. No ground share or complicated structures in place just a clear cut lease arrangement that benefits both parties and possibly in the future if that worked out we could look to consolidate. I am sure if we had difficulties we would consider such a move, as Holker St is the only other place we could play, otherwise as a club we could disappear! I think we should always keep 'in touch' with the football. We may need each other one day!
  12. bwa

    Ground share

    IF football and RL was new to the town. I.E. we started over, would we build separate stadia. I doubt it. To the fans our respective grounds are like a cozy jumper we have had for years and however worn it gets we want to keep hold of it!!
  13. bwa

    Ground share

    Nobody has mentioned the pitch condition through winter! Remember our home tie with Toronto! Cant imagine any football team playing on that surface!
  14. bwa

    New Signings

    All excellent news! We need a bit of player rotation to keep everyone fresh and on their toes! And, keep the fans coming through the turnstiles! Congrats to all concerned, keep up the good work through the off season and beyond.
  15. Great idea! where is this promotion advertised?
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