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  1. Widnes KO Time

    If any Widnes fans wanted to watch the footy and then get to Fev then the ko time would have to be a wee bit later than 6pm.
  2. Kirk Netherton

    You could do with borrowing some fans.
  3. todays results

    QUOTE (Mark B @ Apr 25 2010, 08:00 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Believe me you are streets ahead of Widnes , Batley didnt turn up in the 1st half and 18 nil down after 9 minutes was about as bad as it could get , you have nothing to worry about with Widnes , they are not as good as you by a 'country mile ' oh hang on :rolleyes: To be fair to Widnes they had the following missing: Dave Allen Richard Varkulis Gareth Haggerty Steve Pickersgill Matt Strong Dean Gaskell Daniel Heckenberg Liam Farrell Chris Dean Dean Thompson Mark Smith Thomas Coyle Only Matt Strong and Dean Thompson wouldn't normally be in our starting seventeen. Then you also factor that two of our players today are straight from the u18s and made their debuts this week and Dave Houghton played with a broken hand. It was also a quick turnaround from Thursday night against Lezignan. Given our current predicament and Fevs form I would be happy with a bonus point on Friday (well not happy but you know what I mean).